145 Racism Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Racism Research Papers Examples

  1. Asian Americans and Racism
    This paper aims to look back at historical incidents of racism on Asian Americans and how they have struggled to gain their place in society.
  2. "I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King
    Racism was a serious challenge in the United States before the close of the 20th century. The worst affected segments of the North American population were the African Americans.
  3. Wars in the USA after the World War II
    The end of the World War II saw the beginning of other wars in the USA such as the war against racial inequality, male dominance, and the Cold War.
  4. Discrimination of African-Americans
    To preserve the rights of people in a democratic nation, the United States can resolve to enhance the affirmative action as a set of policies that help redress racial discrimination and prejudice.
  5. Immigrant’s Experiences in America
    The essay presents the findings of the research on the immigrant’s experiences in terms of religion, adaptation, gender roles, racial discrimination, morality, education, marriage, and family.
  6. The 9/11 Attack and the Arab World
    The 9/11 attack led to the creation of the department of homeland security, which has become a big threat to the survival of Muslims and Arabs in the United States.
  7. Jewish Life in Nazi Germany
    This essay will expound on why the Jews were one of the victims of the Holocaust, why the holocaust occurred during this period, the role played by the local population and the victims.
  8. Sports-Related Problems and Conflicts
    Athlete behavior is often driven by different factors and the main task of coaches is to present techniques for teaching and coaching athletes in a more appropriate way.
  9. Social Issues and Effects of Immigration
    This paper explains why immigration is a social issue and how it affects both the host country and the immigrants. It also proposes how immigration can be a positive phenomenon.
  10. Prejudice and Discrimination: Types and Causes
    Discrimination refers to the act of behaving or acting negatively toward someone because of their sexual, racial, or social class affiliation.
  11. United Nations and International Human Rights Law
    The paper is focused on the United Nations, its problems, limitations, and effectiveness and provides when despite regulations human rights were not protected.
  12. Asian Americans and African Americans' Racial Conflicts
    In the last three decades, America has recorded a notable increase in the number of racial discrimination cases against African Americans as well as Asian Americans.
  13. Social Construction: Race and Gender
    The perpetrators use gender and race as the main features of discrimination. The essay discusses the social constructions of gender and race, and their impact on women of color.
  14. Human Rights, International Law and Violence
    Due to the economic inequality and diversity of humanity in terms of religious, legal, political, cultural and social aspects, the human rights should not always be universal, incontrovertible and subjective.
  15. Race Relations Specifics in the United States
    The modern social relations in the US are the results of the complex and prolonged social policy oriented to forming two opposite camps: the privileged white people and discriminated black people.
  16. Sociology as a Study of Human Society
    Sociology is a field that focuses on human society. It is not concerned with a particular aspect of the development of society.
  17. "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King Junior
    "I have a dream" was a speech delivered by Martin Luther King Junior on August 28, 1963, in Washington D.C. The speech inspired many changes in America.
  18. Socioeconomic Status in the U.S.
    Socioeconomic status (SES) is frequently determined using a mixture of factors such as education, earnings, as well as professions.
  19. African-American Studies: Black Suffrage in the US
    Black Suffrage refers to Blacks’ right to play an active role in the voting exercise. This paper observes black suffrage in the United States of America.
  20. Racial and Ethnic Relations in America
    In the US, in the 17th century, a series of laws made by the rulers of each colony led to the establishment of racial slavery. This gave rise to the idea of race and racial identities.
  21. Racism in Coming of Age in Mississippi
    This Coming of Age in Mississippi essay focuses on the issue of discrimination. In Anne Moody’s memoir, Coming of Age in Mississippi, racism was a key theme.
  22. Gender and Culture in Hurston's Anthropology Works
    Zora Neale Hurston lived an unusual life. Hurston discovered the idea of inner-race discrimination when class or gender become discriminating factors.
  23. Discrimination Against African Americans in the US
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the prevalence of discrimination against African Americans in the United States and how it can be eliminated.
  24. Martin Luther King, Jr. As the World’s Most Famous Civil Rights Activist
    Martin Luther King, Jr. was known for his activities and ardent speeches against racism and segregation. One of his most famous speeches, which was delivered on 28 August 1963, was called “I Have a Dream”.
  25. Racism and Racial Profiling as Social Problems
    In the United States, violence against minorities still exists within our midst and it acts as a termite in our society that eats away the rights of all people of color.
  26. Civil Rights and #BlackLivesMatter Social Movements
    The Civil Rights Movement was the iconic example of a social movement in the mid-20th century, while in recent years, the #BlackLivesMatter Movement emerged.
  27. Phenomenon of Critical Demography Analysis
    The phenomenon «critical demography» was discovered by American Professor of Sociology Dr. Hayward Derrick Horton.
  28. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain: Injustice of Slavery and Racism
    Twain depicts the gross injustice of slavery and racism by portraying the relationship between a young white boy and a black slave.
  29. Racism in Huckleberry Finn Essay
    This paper analyzes the theme of racism in Huckelberry Finn. It provides the novel’s summary and critical analysis. Get inspired to write your own racism in Huckleberry Finn essay by reading this sample.
  30. African American Studies. Negro Baseball League
    The history of African American baseball has benefited greatly from the recent popular interest in the vibrant Negro Leagues of the 1920s through the 1940s.
  31. I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King
    The problem of racism in the USA and throughout the whole world has always been considered to be central due to its globalism and influence on the sphere of social life.
  32. Germany in the World War II
    The World War II was neither political nor economic war. It was the war against people who did not meet the standards imposed by Hitler.
  33. The American Civil Rights Movement
    The American Civil Rights Movement denotes the reform movements in the United States claimed to abolish racial favouritism against African Americans and restoring suffrage in Southern states.
  34. Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States
    The nation that is today referred to as the United States of America has a varied population made up of different groups and individuals.
  35. Struggle of African Americans in America
    The history of African-Americans in America makes them aliens in the American continent. History says that the ancestors of African Americans were the slaves, who were enslaved from Africa.

👍 Good Racism Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Gender and Racial Disparity Analysis
    Racial Disparity can be seen as a practice whereby some people assert that they deserve more social power than another group based on their race or others asserting.
  2. African American Studies Analysis
    Origins of Black Capitalism can be observed in the lives of "Free Negroes" throughout periods of the American Enslavement.
  3. Martin Luther King: Leader in the American Civil Rights Movement
    Martin Luther King’s was an excellent US activist, having had some revolutionary social thoughts about advancement, liberty and civil rights of black Americans.
  4. Reasons for Race and Gender Changes
    Changes in race and gender hierarchy have resulted from the civil war and civil rights movement, which brought about changes in the American society.
  5. Crash Movie: Racism as a Theme
    Is Crash about racism? Find the answer here! This analysis essay explores Crash movie themes. It contains the movie’s summary and psychological analysis.
  6. Employment Discrimination
    There are basically two theories of discrimination that assist in determining the plight of the victim in racial employment discrimination cases.
  7. Race and Your Community: Problems and Issues
    I am an aboriginal from Southern Australia and race issue influences the way the people in my community relate with one another.
  8. Human Rights Liberty and Freedom
    Human rights have an agreed international standard though a country can increase them depending on its political, social and economic status.
  9. Differences in Women Based on Race
    Up to the end of the twentieth century the role of women in any society was insignificant and women’s rights were often violated.
  10. How Slavery Has Shaped the Lives of African Americans
    Slavery had cultural, political, social as well as economic effects on the lives of Africans. Those effects have consequently shaped the lives of African Americans up-to-date.
  11. Cold War and Civil Rights Movements
    The cold war is said to have began around 1947 when President Truman of the United States affirmed his policy against communism thereby provoking a cold war.
  12. Historical Progression of African Americans
    The paper describes the historical development of African Americans as a people forced to fight for liberation from the oppression to which they are subjected by white people.
  13. "Othello" by William Shakespeare: Racism Problem
    "Othello" by William Shakespeare presents a battle between the black and the white. It puts the symbol of black against white.
  14. Hostility and Discrimination Between Arabs and American
    The immigrants are discriminated depending on their race, religion, sex, and country of origin with Arab immigrants experiencing it most.
  15. Discrimination in the 21st Century for African Americans and Minorities
    USA as a country has made great steps in addressing the disparity and inequality among the various groups since the period of Civil Rights movements.
  16. Arguments for and Against Affirmative Action
    Affirmative action refers to the act of giving preference to the marginalized groups when admitting students to colleges and employment opportunities.
  17. Racism in "A Different Mirror" by R.Takaki
    Takaki’s work claims that racism cannot be alienated from the American way of life and offers a solution in education, where the curriculum should be revised.
  18. Racism: Black Lives Matter Movement
    The Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement is gaining its popularity as it fights against color-blind racism, tries to change the criminal justice system in society.
  19. The Uprising of Hip-Hop: Music History
    Hip-hop trends and musical innovations became a cultural trend that had a great impact on all aspects of cultural life. This paper analyzes the uprising of hip-hop.
  20. How Gangsta Rap and Rock Music Address Violence, Racism, and Social Issues
    This essay concentrates on how gangsta rap and rock music address violence, racism, and social issues in society.
  21. The Meaning of Civil Rights Era
    The “civil rights era” was between 1955 and 1968 when the social movement was extremely vocal. “Civil rights movement” is a sum of all activities.
  22. American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-1960s
    During the 1950s and 1960s, the United States experienced several movements, which included the civil rights movement.
  23. Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports Organizations
    The world today believes that companies have a responsibility to the markets in which they operate. Organizations have the power to influence and affect stakeholders’ lives.
  24. Problems of Being Black in America
    This study investigates and presents the current struggles and mistreatment of the Black part of American society because the reality of being a Black person is not changing fast.
  25. Racism and Policies Behind It: Racial Inequality
    Racism has been a major social issue in the world due to the adverse effects on the victims. It is triggered by the ethnic profiles defined by people in modern society.
  26. Discrimination Based on Race in the United States
    While the end of slavery and the Jim Crow era, and the election of Barack Obama, led some optimists to believe that racism had ended in the United States, it is far from reality.
  27. Multiracial Discrimination: Individuals and Society
    This paper examines the influence of multiracial discrimination on individuals and the impact of multiracial distinctions on society.
  28. Challenges of African American in Obtaining Education
    The purpose of this study is to determine and discuss the barriers and challenges that African American women can face when obtaining higher education.
  29. The Problem of Racism in the Series “Dear White People”
    This paper analyzes the comedy-drama TV series “Dear White People”. One of the most notable episodes is the scene where white students have a party where they dress up like blacks.
  30. Literary Techniques and Ethnicity Role in Screenwriting
    Modern screenwriting has become a highly complex task that stands on the border between art and academic science.
  31. Civil Rights Movement and Progressive Movement
    This assessment compares and analyzes Civil Rights Movement and Progressive Movement and their role in American history.
  32. Domestic Processes in the US During World War II
    During World War II in the United States there are various significant events that were a test for the nation and people of color, Japanese Americans.
  33. “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara: Diverse Social Classes
    "The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara powerfully portrays the inherent presence of diverse social classes and income distribution.
  34. Internal Opposition to Apartheid in South Africa Up to 1980
    South Africa's Apartheid regime racially separated and pitted white Afrikaners against blacks, and this essay will focus on opposition themes to the Apartheid regime.

💡 Essay Ideas on Racism

  1. The Relationship Between Ideology and Racism
  2. Systematic Racism and the Unfair Treatment of Prisoners
  3. Southern Baptist Church Burnings and Racism
  4. Human Rights Role in Eradicating Racism
  5. The Link Between Nationalism and Racism
  6. Police Brutality and Racism Against African Americans
  7. Racial Inequality and Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice
    Studies of victimization and offending patterns and societal factors that underpin and explain race/ethnic variations in statistics on major violent crimes have received much attention.
  8. Small Town Mentality Contributes to Racism
  9. American Racism During the Second World War
  10. Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice System
    The research proposal demonstrates the role race plays in the criminal justice system and helps to understand issues of cultural diversity that majorities may be familiar with.
  11. The National Anti Racism Strategy
  12. The Holocaust: Racism and the Triumph of the Human Spirit
  13. Multiculturalism in Corrections System
    Cultural diversity can be observed in different spheres of human life, and one of the most popular is the justice system. Multiculturalism is very close to the policy of tolerance.
  14. Systemic Racism and the US Health Care
  15. Racism Towards Native Aboriginal People of Australia
  16. Racial Discrimination in the Healthcare System
    This paper will discuss the history behind racial discrimination, and discuss how issues and the laws can manifest themselves within the healthcare system.
  17. Implementing Racism Policies in the Workplace
  18. The Impact and Influence of Films on Racism Attitudes in America
  19. Racism and Police Response
    Nowadays, racism must be judged as a manifestation of ignorance, and it violates the rights of another person; therefore, any demonstration of discrimination is unacceptable.
  20. Diversity and Exclusion, Anti Black Racism and the Challenges
  21. The Relationship Between African Americans and Racism
  22. Racism in the Criminal Justice System
    Racism is rampant throughout the criminal justice system. It starts with racial profiling and continues through the court prison and parole system.
  23. Taking the Lid off Racism: Introspecting About Race
  24. Social and Behavioral Science of Racism
  25. Situations Related to Racism and Intolerance in the Educational Setting
    Multicultural education has passed a century-long path of its development and arose due to ethnic discrimination of certain groups of the population.
  26. Defining Racism and the Difficulties of Proving Discrimination

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Racism

  1. The Role of Racism in the Death Penalty
  2. Existential Perspective Applied to Client Experiencing Racism
    The existential approach to therapy aims to help the client resolve an inner conflict and reduce anxiety through meaning-making, responsibility, and self-determination.
  3. American Racism Against Japanese Before World War II
  4. Struggling Against Racism With Realism and Hope
  5. Social Psychology with Respect to Racism Issue
    Socially constructed groups that were created by people based on race resulted in the formation of racist views and discriminatory attitudes.
  6. Institutional Racism and Its Effects on Latino Students
  7. The Link Between Racism and The Attachment Theory
  8. Racism in Business: Composition of the Employees
    The paper states that African Americans feel that the composition of the employees is predominantly White despite African American customers making 40% of our clientele.
  9. Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in Education System
  10. The Impact Misogyny and Racism Have on the Hip Hop
  11. Diversity Management Issues: Colonialism and Discrimination at Work
    In the paper, the impact of colonisation on the current New Zealand labour market will be estimated from the point of workplace diversity issue, its concepts, and theories.
  12. The Roots and History of Racism in America
  13. Understanding Racism, Prejudice, and White Privilege
  14. Discussion of “A More Perfect Union” Speech
    A More Perfect Union’ is a well-developed speech, following all necessary factors for persuading the audience.
  15. The Artificial Nigger Truths Behind Racism
  16. The Impact of White Racism on American History
  17. Hispanic Population: Culturally Competent Care’ Delivery
    Delivery of culturally competent care to members of the Hispanic population requires the eradication of several barriers.
  18. Imperialism: Social Darwinism and Racism
  19. The Practices and Processes Shaping Racism in British Society
  20. Criminal Justice System: Racial Disparities and Inequality
    The paper shows that racism and discrimination are acute problems of the American criminal justice system. It is certainly inhumane to make people suffer because of their race or ethnicity.
  21. The Rosewood Massacre: Racism in the 1900’s
  22. Interconnection Between Racism and Black Poverty in the 20th Century
  23. The Criminal Justice System: Racial Inequalities
    This research paper will discuss causes and impacts of racial inequalities in the Criminal Justice System to the society.
  24. The Consequences of Aboriginal Racism in Australia
  25. Finding The Roots of European Racism in The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  26. Afro Native Identity, Racism, and Preservation
  27. Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on the Fight Against Racism
  28. Huckleberry Finn: Friendships Despite Racism and Slavery
  29. Defining Racism and the Difficulties Proving Discrimination

❓Racism Research Questions

  1. What Role Did Tribalism and Racism Play in Ancient Greece?
  2. Does Racism Still Occur Today and Why People Can’t a Change?
  3. How Does Racism Affect the Indigenous Community?
  4. Why do Slavery and Racism Issues Still Affect America Today?
  5. How Are American-Born Chinese Faced Racism in America?
  6. How Does Racism Affect Urbanization in America?
  7. How James Baldwin Views the Fear and Love of Racism?
  8. Why Is Racism a Silent Killer?
  9. Will Racism Eventually Disappear on Its Own?
  10. Is the Difference in Skin Color the Cause of Racism in the Western World?
  11. Can Racism Lead to Another World War?
  12. Can the Government Put Effective Measures in Place to Stop Its Citizens From Promoting Racism?
  13. Can Cultural Diversity Breed Racism?
  14. Is Racism a Bigger Threat to the Human Race?
  15. Should Schools Teach Students to Stand Against Racism?
  16. Can Dialogue Resolve the Issue of Racism?
  17. Can Movements Such as Black Lives Matter Stop Racism in America?
  18. Is Racism Still a Current Issue in America?
  19. Can the American Government Do Anything to Stop Racism?
  20. Is Racism a Form of Mental Illness?
  21. What Are the Types of Racism?

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