69 Racism Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Racism Research Papers Examples

  1. Asian Americans and Racism
    This paper aims to look back at historical incidents of racism on Asian Americans and how they have struggled to gain their place in society.
  2. Racism and Racial Profiling as Social Problems
    In the United States, violence against minorities still exists within our midst and it acts as a termite in our society that eats away the rights of all people of color.
  3. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain: Injustice of Slavery and Racism
    Twain depicts the gross injustice of slavery and racism by portraying the relationship between a young white boy and a black slave.
  4. Racism in "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain
    In "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," Mark Twain, by picturing the hypocrisy of slavery, reveals how racism deforms the tormenters as much as it does those who are coerced.
  5. Theme of Racism in the Movie ‘Crash’: Psychological Significance
    The film "Crash" reflects the sad tale of the modern society where racism is no longer openly accepted, yet, is harbored in the minds and hearts of the people.
  6. "Othello" by William Shakespeare: Racism Problem
    "Othello" by William Shakespeare presents a battle between the black and the white. It puts the symbol of black against white.
  7. Racism in "A Different Mirror" by R.Takaki
    Takaki’s work claims that racism cannot be alienated from the American way of life and offers a solution in education, where the curriculum should be revised.
  8. Racism: Black Lives Matter Movement
    The Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement is gaining its popularity as it fights against color-blind racism, tries to change the criminal justice system in society.

💡 Essay Ideas on Racism

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  1. The Relationship Between Ideology and Racism
  2. Systematic Racism and the Unfair Treatment of Prisoners
  3. Southern Baptist Church Burnings and Racism
  4. Human Rights Role in Eradicating Racism
  5. The Link Between Nationalism and Racism
  6. Police Brutality and Racism Against African Americans
  7. Small Town Mentality Contributes to Racism
  8. American Racism During the Second World War
  9. The National Anti Racism Strategy
  10. The Holocaust: Racism and the Triumph of the Human Spirit
  11. Systemic Racism and the US Health Care
  12. Racism Towards Native Aboriginal People of Australia
  13. Implementing Racism Policies in the Workplace
  14. The Impact and Influence of Films on Racism Attitudes in America
  15. Diversity and Exclusion, Anti Black Racism and the Challenges
  16. The Relationship Between African Americans and Racism
  17. Taking the Lid off Racism: Introspecting About Race
  18. Social and Behavioral Science of Racism
  19. Defining Racism and the Difficulties of Proving Discrimination
  20. The Role of Racism in the Death Penalty
  21. American Racism Against Japanese Before World War II
  22. Struggling Against Racism With Realism and Hope
  23. Institutional Racism and Its Effects on Latino Students
  24. The Link Between Racism and The Attachment Theory
  25. Institutional Racism and Police Brutality in Education System
  26. The Impact Misogyny and Racism Have on the Hip Hop
  27. The Roots and History of Racism in America
  28. Understanding Racism, Prejudice, and White Privilege
  29. The Artificial Nigger Truths Behind Racism
  30. The Impact of White Racism on American History
  31. Imperialism: Social Darwinism and Racism
  32. The Practices and Processes Shaping Racism in British Society
  33. The Rosewood Massacre: Racism in the 1900’s
  34. Interconnection Between Racism and Black Poverty in the 20th Century
  35. The Consequences of Aboriginal Racism in Australia
  36. Finding The Roots of European Racism in The Transatlantic Slave Trade
  37. Afro Native Identity, Racism, and Preservation
  38. Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on the Fight Against Racism
  39. Huckleberry Finn: Friendships Despite Racism and Slavery
  40. Defining Racism and the Difficulties Proving Discrimination

❓Racism Research Questions

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  1. What Role Did Tribalism and Racism Play in Ancient Greece?
  2. Does Racism Still Occur Today and Why People Can’t a Change?
  3. How Does Racism Affect the Indigenous Community?
  4. Why do Slavery and Racism Issues Still Affect America Today?
  5. How Are American-Born Chinese Faced Racism in America?
  6. How Does Racism Affect Urbanization in America?
  7. How James Baldwin Views the Fear and Love of Racism?
  8. Why Is Racism a Silent Killer?
  9. Will Racism Eventually Disappear on Its Own?
  10. Is the Difference in Skin Color the Cause of Racism in the Western World?
  11. Can Racism Lead to Another World War?
  12. Can the Government Put Effective Measures in Place to Stop Its Citizens From Promoting Racism?
  13. Can Cultural Diversity Breed Racism?
  14. Is Racism a Bigger Threat to the Human Race?
  15. Should Schools Teach Students to Stand Against Racism?
  16. Can Dialogue Resolve the Issue of Racism?
  17. Can Movements Such as Black Lives Matter Stop Racism in America?
  18. Is Racism Still a Current Issue in America?
  19. Can the American Government Do Anything to Stop Racism?
  20. Is Racism a Form of Mental Illness?
  21. What Are the Types of Racism?

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