148 Climate Change Essay Examples & Topics for Essay

The effects of global warming and climate change are already manifesting themselves and will get worse. Scholars argue that the temperature rise due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases will continue. That’s why climate change is one of the most exciting issues to explore.

If you’re looking for cause-and-solution or argumentative climate change essay topics, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected top climate change essay examples and questions together with the catchiest titles for your presentation or research paper on climate change and global warming.

📝 Climate Change Essay Examples

  1. Climate Change's Impacts on the Arab World
    In recent times, the Arab World has made considerable economic and social gains. The scourge of climate change remains a major threat to the poverty reduction and economic development efforts.
  2. Global Warming Problem
    The effects of global warming are felt not only in the environment, but also in the economy, transport systems and human health among other aspects of human and animal life.
  3. Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
    Research studies indicate that various factors influence the global climate. These factors are categorized into either natural climate changes or anthropogenic climate changes.
  4. Global Warming Causes
    Global warming has many adverse effects to all living things especially the depletion of agricultural crops and natural vegetation for wild animals.
  5. Renewable Energy Development: Drivers and Barriers
    One of the factors that force various governmental and non-governmental organizations to insist on the usage of renewable energy is the issue of climate change.
  6. Global Warming: Causes, Effects, Solutions
    Climate change and global warming are some of the topical issues that are currently dominating. This paper discusses issues concerning global warming, its effects and possible solutions.
  7. Oceans and Coasts Under Climate Change Impacts
    This essay explains the impacts of climate change (thermal expansion and melting of ice) on oceans and coastal regions and identifies the probable management actions.
  8. Transport Industry's Input to Global Warming
    The increasing emission of carbon from various sources has been cited as the main cause of average increased in the global temperatures.
  9. Offshore Wind Energy and Its Technological Development
    Offshore wind energy is one of the concepts, which are gaining rapid relevance in renewable energy production.
  10. Global Warming, Its Causes, Effects, Prevention
    One of the Earth’s greatest challenges is global warming. It is described as a constant increment in the earth’s average temperature.
  11. Climate Change Crisis and Ocean Threats
    Anthropogenic impacts on the environment are very severe and can potentially become even worse in the future as the amount of CO2 emissions and plastic litter increases.
  12. Climate Change Primary Causes and Consequences
    Climate change is a major global concern and leaders all over the world have now come to appreciate the need to combat it as a way of saving the planet Earth.
  13. Climate Change and Energy Efficiency in Architecture
    After the building is set in a particular environment, the internal layout of the building is adjusted accordingly. Buildings may be designed to fit the specific climate.
  14. Climate Change and Global Warming Debate
    This paper briefly explores the concept of global warming and climate change by critically revisiting the scientific evidence in place as well as the growing debate on this environmental issue.
  15. Extreme Weather Patterns and Climate Change
    This discussion will explore the relationship between global warming (and climate change) and extreme weather patterns.
  16. Climate Change and Politics of Doubt Expert Opinion
    Mostly, scientists claim that the problem of global warming is progressing and the climate is changing for the worse.
  17. Global Warming and Climate Change: Economic Aspects
    This paper analyzed the phenomenon of global warming, an issue that poses a serious threat to the global economy.
  18. Global Warming: Future Summers
    Global warming is a definition generally used to designate a hypothetically dramatic increase in the yearly average global surface temperature of the Earth.
  19. Global Warming: Realities, Challenges and Solutions
    Global warming is largely caused by humans. Each piece of coal and every liter of oil or gas we burn increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  20. Climate Change & Global Warming Universal Strategy
    All through the whole world, there has been a growing consensus towards a universal strategy for climate change and global warming.
  21. Environmental Problems in China
    While there are many examples of environmental problems around the world, this essay will focus on environmental issues in China and discuss how the example of this country applies to the entire world.
  22. Renewable Energy Sources Benefits
    Renewable energy sources present a great benefit for the environment because they contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions that may cause climate change.
  23. Definition of Weather and Climate
    The major concern of many scholars mostly climatologists is the rapid climate change. Many argue that green house gases are the primary cause of global warming.

👍 Good Climate Change Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Global Warming: A Review of the Evidence ‘Pro’ and ‘Con'
    The given work shows that interdisciplinary approach should be the core strategy in the process of global warming studies.
  2. Environmental Horticulture. Greenhouse Effect
    The greenhouse effect describes an increase in the average global temperature and is associated with global warming - the subject of great debate and concern worldwide.
  3. Anthropogenic: Global Warming
    The anthropogenic global warming theory explains global warming to result from man activities, which are likely to destroy the entire world.
  4. Changes in the Global Climate ModelGlobal Climate Model
    This paper describes the global climate model, the main focus is to describe the uncertainties surrounding global climate models and methods of its reduction.
  5. Global Warming: Definition, Causes, Effects
    This paper explores what global warming is, brings into consideration its impact and possible solutions to reduce its adversity.
  6. Global Warming and Climate Change Controversy
    This research will counter the line of argument by skeptics that there is no conclusive evidence that climate change is happening.
  7. Is Global Warming Real?
    Global warming is a serious and real matter which concerns the international community. There of scientific proofs which everyone can observe the consequence of global warming.
  8. Urban Sprawl and Technological Solutions
    Urban sprawl is a major factor contributing to economic growth globally, it could also be a hindrance towards the resolution of the negative effects brought about by urban sprawl.
  9. Main Causes of Global Warming
    The focus of this paper is to identify the causative factors that lead to rising in the average surface temperature.
  10. Causes of Global Climate Change
    A long-term alteration in weather conditions is called climate change. Climate change can be caused by both natural and human-cased processes.
  11. Technological Change and Global Food Security
    The contemporary world faces significant challenges in terms of food security due to numerous factors: growing population, poverty, conflicts, difficulty in food access, and climate change.
  12. Economic Effects of Global Change
    The major causes of climate change are deforestation and the use of fossil fuels. These factors raise the amount of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere.
  13. Everyday Communication Surrounding Climate Change
    This paper will argue that political ideology and economy, public engagement and emotions, and media largely impact the polarization of views on climate change.
  14. The Global Warming Phenomenon Debate
    Global warming is a phenomenon where the overall temperature of the planet is rising due to various human activities such as pollution and destruction of natural biodiversity.
  15. The Use of Sustainable Energy in School Buildings in Saudi Arabia
    The main aim of the study is to establish the sustainable energy strategies that can be used for the construction of a new school in KAUST.
  16. Explaining Climate Science in the Modern World
    Climate change has become a matter of increased concern. The Earth has experienced a 2-degree rise in global temperature since the pre-industrial era.
  17. Global Climate Change
    Contemporary dietary habits have a significant impact on environmental sustainability, as meat production industries are resource-intensive.
  18. Effects of Climate Change on Global Health
    The purpose of this paper is to identify how health professionals can help in reducing the impact of climate change on the health of everyone all over the world.
  19. How the Environment Affects Health and Why This Is an Important Global Health Policy Concern
    The paper has considered climate change as one of the environmental factors that pose negative effects on human health.
  20. Impact of Climate Change and Solutions
    Climate change is has been acknowledged to be a global environmental problem. This paper introduces the impact of climate change and solutions.
  21. The Impact of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in Sustainable Tourism
    The need for sustainable development of the Great Barrier Reef stems from the importance it holds both for the people living around it as well as Australia’s economy.
  22. Climate Change: Global Warming
    Global warming is a real threat to our survival. To tackle the problem effectively we need to collect all the available data which will aid our decisions making.
  23. Effect of Global Warming and Climate Change
    Global warming refers to an increase in estimated global temperature because of natural occurrences and human activities.

💡 Climate Change Essay Topics

  1. Climate Change Challenges for Central Banks and Financial Regulators
  2. Human-Induced Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
  3. Democracy and Climate Change Policies
  4. Analyzing Climate Change, Construction Safety, and Green Buildings
  5. “Climate Change” and Public Health
    The effects of air pollution on the health and well-being of people need to be combated, as they affect a major part of the population, impacting the overall quality of life.
  6. Climate Change Mitigation With Technology Spillovers
  7. Impacts of COVID-19 on Climate Change
  8. Benefit-Cost Analysis, Resilience and Climate Change
  9. Benchmark Forecasts for Climate Change
  10. Climate Change as Health Determinant: Policy Brief
    Different stakeholders such as politicians, administrators, and community members should collaborate to develop powerful plans to deal with the problem of climate change.
  11. The Case for Optimism on Climate Change
  12. Climate Change, Adaptation, and Economic Growth
  13. Risks in North Africa Related to Climate Change
  14. Carbon Tax and Climate Change Policy
  15. Hierarchical Global Governance and Climate Change
    Within the study, climate change, refugee and humanitarian events, and the involvement of intergovernmental organizations are observed through the lens of governance.
  16. Adaptations and Responses of Both Animals and Plants as a Result of Climate Change
  17. Discounting and Climate Change Policy
  18. Reason for the Seriousness of Climate Change
  19. Global Climate Change and the Funding of Adaptation
  20. The United States’ Withdrawal from the Kyoto Accord
    The Kyoto Accord was adopted in 1997 in Japan in response to global concerns about climate change. The accord was a multinational agreement.
  21. Climate Change and the Ever-Disappearing Rainforest
  22. Endangered Koalas Emphasize Consequences of Climate Change
  23. Climate Change in Oceans and Its Impacts
  24. Canadian Climate Change Foreign Policy Analysis
  25. Canada’s Commitment to the Paris Agreement
    Provincially, federally, and internationally, Canada is facing increasing challenges to its ability to enforce change based on economic policy.
  26. Climate Change Changing Our World
  27. Business Strategy Towards Climate Change

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Climate Change

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on People’s Habitat and Safety
  2. Climate Change Droughts and Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Environmental Public Policy, Ethics and Cultural Sensitivity
    Cultural sensitivity and ethics force the government to find a balance between addressing climate change and maintaining economic development.
  4. The Role of Carbon Dioxide in Climate Change
  5. The Health Risks Associated with Greenhouse Emissions and Climate Change
  6. Climate Change Policy Formation in Michigan
  7. Chinese Food Security and Climate Change
  8. Weather and Climate Components in Education
    The Weather and climate scientific approach helps enlighten students on basic principles such as dressing mode and type of food to take.
  9. Climate Change Adaptation Among Poultry Farmers
  10. The Car Industries Response Towards Climate Change Issues
  11. Beliefs About Climate Change in the Aftermath of Extreme Flooding
  12. The Supply Side Effects of Climate Change on Tourism
  13. Climate Change: How Exxon Misled the Public
    This paper concluded that global warming would be managed better if Exxon had presented the actual results of their findings.
  14. Discussing the Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
  15. Induced Innovations and Climate Change Policy
  16. The Surface Big Business and Climate Change
  17. Climate Change Policy Implementation
  18. Climate Change Impact on Business Activity in Malawi
    The agricultural sector is one of the key economic sectors in Malawi’s economy. It plays a very important role in Malawi’s economy by influencing the significant macroeconomic factors.
  19. Global Warming, Climate Change, Natural Disasters and the Correlation with Mental Illness
  20. Rapid Climate Change Events During the Period Between 10,000 Years Ago
  21. Climate Change, Adaptation, and China’s Grain Production
  22. Challenges Emerging From Climate Change
  23. Starbucks Change Management Analysis
    The paper argues there is a need for the Starbucks Company to address climate change to reduce the effects of climate change-related coffee production.

⚡ Discussion Topics for Climate Change

  1. The Science of Climate Change: Understanding the Basics
  2. Climate Change and Global Temperature Rise
  3. Energy Conservation as a Solution to Climate Change
  4. The Effect of Climate Change on Insect Populations
  5. Climate Change’s Role in the Recent Increase of Wildfires
  6. The Causes and Drivers of Climate Change
  7. Analyzing the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration
  8. The Role of Human Activities in Climate Change
  9. Deforestation as a Factor Influencing Climate Change
  10. Strategies for Combating the Negative Impact of Climate Change
  11. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  12. Exploring the Connection Between Overpopulation and Climate Change
  13. The Impact of Climate Change on Weather Patterns
  14. Marine Life Adaptation to the Challenges of Climate Change
  15. Climate Change and Its Implications for Public Health
  16. Effect of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities
  17. Climate Change and Its Impact on Food Security
  18. The Unexpected Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health
  19. Evaluating the Economic Costs of Climate Change
  20. The Link Between Climate Change and Ice Melt
  21. Climate Change and Its Effects on Biodiversity
  22. The Ozone Layer Contribution to Climate Change
  23. Extreme Events Occurred Due to Climate Change
  24. The Consequences of Climate Change on Sea Levels
  25. Ocean Acidification Promoting Climate Change
  26. The Role of International Agreements in Addressing Climate Change
  27. Ecosystem Collapse as an Effect of Climate Change
  28. The Transition to Renewable Energy Sources in Combating Climate Change
  29. Climate Change and Agriculture: Challenges and Solutions
  30. The Influence of Urban Forest on Climate Change

❓ Climate Change Essay Questions

  1. How China’s Farmers Adapt to Climate Change?
  2. Can Climate Change Mitigation Policy Benefit the Israeli Economy?
  3. What Does the World Say About Climate Change?
  4. Are Human Activities Contributing to Climate Change?
  5. Does Climate Change Drive Land-Use Conflicts in the Sahel?
  6. How Can the Society Address Climate Change?
  7. Does Risk Perception Limit the Climate Change Mitigation Behaviors?
  8. Can Aquatic Plants Keep Pace With Climate Change?
  9. Do Climate Change Influence People’s Migration Decisions in the Maldives?
  10. Why Should People Care for the Perceived Event of Climate Changes?
  11. Does Climate Change Affect Entrepreneurs?
  12. How Can African Agriculture Adapt to Climate Change?
  13. Are Humans Culpable for Global Climate Change?
  14. Why Recycling Helps Solve Climate Change Issues?
  15. Does Climate Change Bolster the Case for Fishery Reform in Asia?
  16. Can Green Power Save Us From Climate Change?
  17. Can the Kyoto Protocol Stop Climate Change?
  18. How Are Italian and Spanish Cities Tackling Climate Change?
  19. Can Renewable Energy Prevent Climate Change?
  20. Does Climate Change Have an Impact on National Security?
  21. What Can Wood Fuels Do to Mitigate Climate Change?
  22. How to Avoid Climate Change?

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