Definition of Weather and Climate

The major concern of many scholars mostly climatologists is the rapid climate change. Many argue that greenhouse gases are the primary cause of global warming. This is because they trap heat. This in turn regulates the earth’s temperature. My concern is are greenhouse gases the major Nonclimatic factors leaching to climate changes? According to the international panel on climatic change (IPPC) 2007 the atmospheric concentration of co2 in 2005 was 379 ppm3 compared to pre-industrial levels of 280ppm3. This is a justification that the atmosphere is greatly loaded with carbon dioxide than was in pre-industrial gases.

Several methods of study have been used to justify a climatic change. These methods include planetology (pollen analysis, beetles distribution, glacial geology, and historical methods. How can these methods be linked to the effect of the greenhouse as the major climatic change? My worry is these are only linked to natural factors leading to climatic change. For example, planetology involves the study of pollen grains in different regions. The amount of bog each contained. Will determine whether climate changes have occurred in that place or not can we link this to greenhouse gases?

If it is genuine that greenhouse gases are the primary cause of global warming; then what is the effect of trying to curb climate change through reducing global warming to the economies of developing countries? Most developing countries still use petroleum to power their engines, industries also are being developed day in day out and this leads to excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as stared before. These countries on the other hand need to be self-sufficient to be considered developed. However the more they increase industries the more the rate of global warming and climate change will continue both negatively and maybe positively.

Weather elements as temperature and precipitation are always used to give forecasts and updates on weather conditions of different cities. Other elements as sunshine pressure and winds are as focused on. On many occasions, explanations have been put toward to explain how latitude affects the intensity of solar radiation in different hemispheres. My concern is there any way in which the orbital variations affect the amount and intensity of solar radiation. According to the starter (1984) “during revolution the earth is always at an angle but this angle changes at different times of the year this might be the cause of the adverse situations as low or high temperatures”.

Natural occurrence as vulcanicity always emits some gases and ashes into the given atmosphere, how can these destabilize the pressure system of a given place? Generally, pressure is always about the weight exerted on the earth’s surface by the column of air above it. When these impurities and other gases are introduced into the atmosphere they have to change the weight of air mass. The extent may vary from place to place and can lead to adversity, so this can also be used to predict weather conditions. If these natural occurrences can be used to predict weather that only relying on temperature and precipitation.

Further considering various human activities like bulling and construction of a very tall building as a result of modernization. Wind movement is generally affected. Instead of the free flow of air, there are various directions of the wind. To what extent have these human activities interfered with the weather about the wind system?


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