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Suitable for response papers, research papers, and analytical essays
e.g. Anorexia is one of the deadliest illnesses
e.g. It increases the odds of suicide by up to 32 times
e.g. Medicine has made great progress in treating eating disorders
e.g. It increases the odds of suicide by up to 32 times
Topic 1 (e.g. A democracy)
Topic 2 (e.g. A dictatorship)
(e.g. Are political regimes)
Topic 1 (e.g. A democracy respects civil rights)
Topic 2 (e.g. A dictatorship suppresses freedom of speech and expression)
Result for analytical thesis statement

Research showed that anorexia is one of the deadliest illnesses: it increases the odds of suicide by up to 32 times, it causes structural changes in one's brain, and it leads to dehydration.

🎓 Thesis Helper: The Benefits

How much time do you spend producing that single thesis statement sentence at the end of your introductory paragraph? Most likely, it takes half as long as the entire main body. Would you like to get a tailor-made thesis statement for free?

The Thesis Helper is a handy online tool for anyone writing an essay. And here’s why:

😃 Suitable for anyoneFollow the prompts to get effective thesis help.
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In other words:

  • This thesis statement helper will do even for a novice. You can always look through the Thesis Statement Helper examples while working with the software.
  • The tool generates a custom-made thesis. The generated thesis will fit any research paper, considering all the details.
  • The thesis helper is simple and intuitive. You’ll only need internet access to use the thesis generator.
  • No registration is required. It means that you don’t have to pay to access the full scope of the tool’s features.

👓 How Does a Thesis Help the Writer and the Reader?

A thesis is necessary, not just for the reader. It is an excellent opportunity for the author to structure their thoughts, build the text composition, and sharpen the strategic focus. If you still wonder why you need to make up this argumentative sentence, consider the following benefits:

📃 Benefits for the reader✍️ Benefits for the writer
  • A thesis shows how you interpret the significance of the studied problem;
  • It becomes their road map;
  • It shows them what to expect from the writing.
  • A thesis is your direct answer to the question;
  • It reflects your perception of the subject matter. Thus, it personalizes your creation;
  • It makes a disputable claim, making the readers more involved in the reading;
  • It is a great chance to understand what you want to tell your readers.

🤓 Making a Thesis: Help & Steps

Step #1: Choose the Best Topic

The paper’s thesis statement is your interpretation of the topic. For this reason, you cannot brainstorm this sentence without having a ready-made title. Here are a couple of tips for selecting the best option:

  • Pick the topic that raises your genuine interest. Even if you don’t have a profound knowledge of the issue, you will be driven by a passion for new information.
  • Narrow down the topic to avoid vague and too generalized statements. It will help you control the paper length.
  • Check the availability of sources beforehand to avoid changing the topic in the midst of writing.

Step #2: Formulate the Topic as a Question and Answer It

This point is necessary even if the final version of the paper’s title won’t be interrogative. It is easier to answer a question than to brainstorm a new sentence from scratch. Write it down as it occurs to you. It is only the pilot version.

Step #3: Refine the Result

The first attempt is never perfect. You have to revise, edit, and add the missing points. Here are several tips:

  • If what you want to say doesn’t fit into a single sentence, break it in two. Still, the first sentence should contain the essentials.
  • Use strong language and avoid ambiguity. However, it doesn’t mean you should go into detail.
  • Mention the subtopics or key arguments you plan to introduce in the main body.
  • Ask someone to read your thesis statement. Then ask them what they think the paper is about. If the answer is correct, you’ve succeeded!

🔖 Thesis Statement Examples

Various essay types require different approaches. You cannot use the same thesis statement for an informative and persuasive essay, even when the topic is equal. Below you’ll find the disambiguation.

Informative Thesis Statement

An informative essay aims to provide the reader with the most true-to-life facts on a specific topic. The thesis template for this essay genre looks as follows:

Conclusion + Main Argument

It summarizes the main points and sets the stage for the take-home message you would like to leave for your readers. We recommend you write this sentence after the entire paper is ready.

Informative thesis statement examples:

  • John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men demonstrates the need for close bonds with others through George’s and Lennie’s friendship.
  • This essay intends to review the history of ecology and trace its barriers.
  • College education provides a multidimensional and comprehensive preparation for a future career that would be impossible to perform on-site.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

This essay genre differs from the previous one by the arguments and counterarguments the writer considers to reach objectivity. Argumentative topics are always debatable and rarely have a single solution.

That’s why, whichever side you take, the thesis statement should clearly indicate it:

Conclusion + Main Argument for + Main Argument against

For example:

  • This essay explains why despite the vulgar opinion that children in gay marriages can follow the example of their parents, the available research indicates the contrary.
  • This paper argues that gambling is as addictive as drugs and should be treated in medical institutions, although many people quit the habit without external help.
  • Public libraries should come to an end because the modern world offers faster research methods, and nostalgic people can keep private libraries.

Analytical Thesis Statement

The definition of an analytical essay is very close to the argumentative one. It presents a claim (or argument) about the analyzed subject. You will have to break the topic into constituents and critically explore each to reach a reasoned conclusion.

The thesis statement for this essay type will look as follows:

Conclusion + Main Issues under Analysis

For example:

  • William Golding demonstrates the various types of fear, exploring the boys’ reactions to life situations in The Lord of the Flies.
  • The narcissistic personality disorder is almost incurable since the affected person is satisfied with their character traits and does not open up to the therapist.
  • An economic depression should not be mixed with a recession, as their manifestations in demographic, industrial, and social decline are different.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

A compare and contrast essay highlights the similar and diverging features of personalities, phenomena, or events. As a rule, the compared items are related or have something in common (despite their apparent difference).

The formula for a compare and contrast thesis statement looks as follows:

Topic 1 + Topic 2 + Your Opinion (Similar/Different) + Main Similarity/Difference

For example:

  • This paper explores the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism in terms of their relation to social and moral issues.
  • The similar features of Evolutionism and Creationism are scarce but still present: unanswered questions, opinion about apes, and natural selection.
  • The success stories of Coca-Cola and Pepsi have many intersections, despite their being lifetime competitors.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope that this thesis helper is useful for you. You are welcome to try other free tools we offer: summarizer, word changer, title maker, and conclusion generator.

❓ Thesis Helper FAQ

How Long Should the Thesis Statement Be?

An ideal thesis statement shall be only one sentence long. The writer can sometimes make it two sentences long as an exception in a lengthy research paper. It should be placed at the end of the introduction. This sentence outlines the writer’s intentions throughout the essay without going into detail.

What Is the Main Goal of a Thesis Statement?

The main goal of a thesis statement is to explain what the author will say by their creation. It showcases the main arguments (without examples or reasoning). It also helps the writer structure their ideas and identify the most appropriate ones.

How Does a Thesis Statement Help the Reader?

A thesis statement is like a preview of the text for the reader. Without it, they won’t have a key to understanding the arguments the writer plans to provide throughout the essay. The reader can learn what it is all about by merely reading the thesis statement. This fact is helpful while looking for the source literature.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for Middle School?

Your thesis statement should make a point you plan to argue in your essay. Here’s how to write it:

  1. Write in the 1st person (“In my opinion…”);
  2. Avoid unclear language (“It seems…”);
  3. Include only one topic even if another one sounds related (and stick to it in the further paragraphs).

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