Anthropogenic: Global Warming


Global warming can be defined as a rise in the mean global temperature particularly a sustained rise high enough to bring about adjustment in the earth’s climate. It is brought about by the enhancement of the greenhouse effect, basically by air pollution. Various hypotheses have come about to give an explanation to the phenomenon of global warming. The anthropogenic global warming theory explains global warming to result from man activities, which are likely to destroy the entire world.

There is a belief among many people that the fossil fuel burning is bringing about global warming but this belief is not supported by all the people. Many scientists have a belief that the contribution by the human beings to the current global warming is quite significant and must not be ignored. The outcome that results from global warming poses a great danger. In the consideration of the importance of the issue, it is quite vital to consider this issue more seriously to determine whether global warming is coming about naturally or whether brought about by the activities carried out by human beings to a significant level and this is what this study has sought to do.


The information in this report was obtained from online search together with the library search as well as holding discussions with other students. The results obtained in this report and a discussion concerning these results has been conducted out to give out the meaning of these results that deals with the issue of anthropogenic global warming.


According to Anon. (Anthropogenic global warming propaganda, 2009), the theory of anthropogenic global warming has penetrated in all the areas of the modern society. In the cause of the last several years, the marketers, politicians as well as all those people who love the earth for varied causes have used propaganda methods to give a boost to the theory of anthropogenic global warming and in the course of this, they have sought to cut down the knowledge of the true facts so as to derive benefits from the anxiety people have about global warming (Peden, 2009).

The anxiety about the increasing global temperature is based on the earth’s temperature averages in course of the last ten decades, with special concern revolving around the last ten years. In the course of the nineteenth century, the mean temperature on the earth’s surface kept varying but was just nearly -4 degrees. Today, this temperature stands at about four degree Celsius, this gives a difference of about eight degrees Celsius, and this has raised alarm among many people and resulted in some people carrying out investigations about the causes of the increase in the perceived temperature (Kondratoev, Krapivin, & Varotsos, 2006).

The human activity has brought about an intense blame for the risen global temperatures. The IPPC – set up by the United Nations – associates most of global warming with the human activity. Human activity refers to such actions as emissions production from transportation and industries and land clearing among others which bring about an increase in aerosols and greenhouse gases.

This main promoter of anthropogenic global warming, IPCC, made discovery which showed that the basic cause of the risen temperatures in the world is the emissions of carbon dioxide that is related to the human activity, that is, the emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels.

According to Anon. (Anthropogenic global warming propaganda, 2009), the IPCC published global climate predictions in the recent past based on the calculations conducted on global warming. While on one hand those who are in for the anthropogenic global warming theory normally cite other sources, on the other hand the IPCC in general terms is identified as the greatest reliable organization on this matter. The report they presented gives a conclusion that the rising worldwide temperatures will bring about the rise in the levels of oceans and as well causing the water in these oceans to turn out to be acidic.


Farley (2008), asserts that the global climate is under control of various factors and among these factors i.e. Volcanoes, the greenhouse effect among others. All these factors except the greenhouse effect are absolutely natural factors. Nevertheless, activities by man are not the only contributor to the greenhouse effect. Just until the last one hundred years, the human activity had an effect on the world climate that was not significant and the climate changes were coming about completely as a result of the natural factors. There were climate changes that were very big and these were coming about as a result of natural factors in over the last one thousand years (Townes, 2007).

Farley (2008) presents some arguments made by Alexander Cockburns about anthropogenic global warming. One of the arguments is that, in the course of the Great Depression that occurred in the 1930s, the fossil fuel burning fell by 30 percent but the carbon dioxide concentration found in the atmosphere didn’t come down. He therefore made a conclusion that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere do not result from fossil fuel burning.

The next argument is that it is water vapor that is the major greenhouse gas and not carbon dioxide and thus the part of global warming associated with carbon dioxide is very small. More so, there is also an argument that at the time when the earth came up from the ice age a thousand decades ago, the earth’s temperature increased as well as the concentration of carbon dioxide, but the increase in temperature came before the increase in the carbon dioxide concentration and not the other way round. This warming came about as a result of a small change in the motion of the earth. Another argument is that the rising concentration of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere is a result of the carbon dioxide originating from the oceans and not as a result of the fossil fuel burning. This implies that the carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere comes about as a result of natural factors and not due to the human activity (anthropogenic). More so, carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for about only a year and then this gas dissolves in the oceans. This argument turns out to give support to the argument that the atmospheric carbon dioxide originates from the oceans. The last argument presented is that anthropogenic global warming predictions are based entirely on the computer models results.

According to Farley (2008), Cockburn proceeds with the argument that those who model computers make proclamations of the predictions that are not justified in order to keep on receiving the grant funds. Cockburn also puts it that the industry of the nuclear power is in for the global warming hysteria so as to give a boost to the nuclear power. This presents a big Propaganda concerning this issue.


Basing on the discussion, it can be concluded that global warming does not primarily result from the human activities but comes about basically as a result of natural factors. Scientists should be realistic and honest to reach an agreement over this issue and clearly identify the actual factors that are contributing to the issue of global warming which is a great danger to the world in order to provide a clear avenue that leads to solving this problem.


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