146 Revolution Essay Topics & Examples

A revolution is an important and radical transformation that often involves a shift in power, societal norms, and values. Throughout history, revolutions have played a significant role in shaping the world we live in today. Political revolutions, industrial, and scientific revolutions have had far-reaching consequences and continue to be studied by scholars. In this article, we will explore various revolution essay topics. In the below sections, you will find a collection of paper ideas and discussion questions for an argumentative essay, thesis, or any other high school project. Revolution essay topics are a nice bonus. Go on reading to learn more!

📝 Revolution Essay Examples

  1. The American Revolutionary War - US Military History
    The American Revolutionary War transpired between 1775 and 1783. During this period, there were constant conflicts between the American states and the British Crown.
  2. Cold War Role in the Iranian Revolution
    The cold war between Russia, the United States and Britain played a major role in the onset of the 1953 Iranian coup that led to the subsequent downfall of the Shah Pahlavi’s government.
  3. American Revolution and Declaration of Independence
    The paper considers the topic of American history beginning from its colonization, American Revolution and ending with Declaration of independence.
  4. Economic Reasons for the American Revolution
    The American Revolution was one of the key events that took place in America during the second phase of eighteenth century.
  5. The Cultural Revolution in China - Causes and Effects
    This paper will look at the impact of the communist ideology on the Cultural Revolution that marked China from 1966 to 1976. Throughout the Cultural Revolution, Mao relied on the Chinese youth.
  6. Propaganda in the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong
    This paper argues that the propaganda utilized by the state under Mao Zedong was instrumental in creating and sustaining the Cultural Revolution despite its various drawbacks and ill-effects.
  7. The Effects of Social Media on Egyptian Revolution of 2011
    This paper investigates the effects of social media on the Egyptian revolution in 2011. It starts with an introduction, which indicates the social, economic and political conditions in Egypt.
  8. The Revolution of Women in Society
    The revolution had tremendous effects on the position of women in society. It redefined the definition of gender since the traditional society never appreciated the roles played by women society.
  9. American Revolution: The “History” and “Memory”.
    The American Revolution has been a major influence on the course of history that followed the period and much has been written about its significance in the world history.
  10. Heories of Revolution Revisited: American Revolution
    With revolution people’s modes of production, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods have changed. Technological evolution, evolution in culture and social evolution is the end result of a given economy.
  11. Why Britain Lost the War With the Colonies
    This discussion will briefly examine the causes that initiated Britain’s War with the Colonies but the focus is on the question that has fascinated historians for 250 years.
  12. French Indian War and American Revolution
    The French and Indian war presented the opportunity that led to the occurrence of the American Revolution which led to the independence of the United States of America.
  13. Jim Crow Laws Origins and End
    The essay describes the history of origins and abolishing of the Jim Crow Laws and their impact on American society.
  14. Revolutionary Change and Its Impact on Women
    Revolution has always been identified as the root cause for different changes in almost all the spheres of a society.
  15. The Origins of the American and French Revolution
    The writing analyzes the American and French revolutions and compares the origins of both nations and their outcomes.
  16. The French Revolution: Failed Democracy and Napoleon
    In the 19th century, the French Revolution has deemed in the perspective of Western history and the most critical influence on the political, idealistic, and rational life.
  17. American Revolutionary War, Its Causes & Effects
    This essay looks at the American Revolutionary War in relation to what caused it and the effects of the war; among, other interesting proceedings that took place.
  18. People's Role in the Revolutionary Period
    The role of people in the revolutionary involved interaction and development and which in turn affected their economic wellbeing.
  19. US War in Vietnam with the American Revolution
    Comparing and contrasting the United States’ war in Vietnam with the American Revolution. Both conflicts could be likened to Mao’s three phases of insurgency.
  20. History of the American Revolution
    The American Revolution contributed immensely to the success of America as a state. Compared to the early 1700s, the citizens fully enjoy their rights.
  21. The American Revolution in Red and Black
    The American Revolution is one of the most significant events in the history of the United States. Those events constituted the beginning of a new era of independence.
  22. Roots of the Revolution. History. Examples. Regulations
    The origin of the revolution was promoted by several reasons, mainly ideological reasons, and such a revolution had a strong influence on the entire subsequent history of the US.
  23. James Moor – Policy Vacuum
    Jobs opportunities have been created as a result of computer revolutions. We all need a computer but are some negative impacts which have been brought by computer revolutions.
  24. Super Crunchers by Ian Ayres: Information Technology Revolution
    The book super crunchers by Ian Ayres informs us of the application of simple statistical models to large data sets.
  25. Two Major Events In British History: the Industrial Revolution and the 1926 General Strike
    The paper asserts that the industrial revolution and the 1926 general strike constitute two key events in British history that radically affected the UK’s society locally.
  26. The Internet: Historical Viewpoint and Social Aspects
    The report discusses the history of the internet from the 1950s to date, its impact on globalisation and how it has contributed to revolution in the Middle East.
  27. The American Revolution: Causes and Origins
    This paper will present a discussion of the origins of the American Revolution and the views of the opposing sides.
  28. The American Revolution as a Social Revolution
    The rapid transformations in American society support the idea that the American Revolution was a social revolution.
  29. The Events That Led to the American Revolution
    The thesis statement for this paper is that the continuous increase in the oppression from the British Empire was a necessary factor for forging a strong nation.
  30. From Colonies to States and the American Revolution
    America had a rough patch on its journey to independence, marked by wars and being at loggerheads with the colonists who sought to control the Native Americans.
  31. Events That Led to Independence in America
    This essay discusses historical events that directly or indirectly led to the Revolution and independence in America between 1765 to 1776.
  32. The American Revolution: The USA History
    The American Revolution played a pivotal role in the history of the USA. The main stage of the revolution was the War for the Independence of the United States.
  33. Child Labor During Industrial Revolution
    Throughout human history, child labor has been practiced all over the world. Children have been working in harsh conditions and were used as apprentices and servants.
  34. The American Revolution and the Modern Political System
    The American Revolution is one of the pivotal events in the country's history, which has shaped the modern political system.
  35. The American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence
    The essay examines the Proclamation Act of 1763 and the Navigation Acts as the main causes of the American Revolution and the role of the Declaration of Independence in the event.
  36. Dangers of Social Media in the Context of Media Ethics
    This paper argues that social media became a dangerous and unethical place because of being used for hazardous purposes by society members in uncontrolled ways.

💡 Revolution Essay Topics

  1. Child Labor and England’s Industrial Revolution
  2. American Revolution and French Revolution
  3. Factors and Key Players in the American Revolution
  4. Industrial Revolution and the Crime Conundrum
  5. Battles That Changed the Outcome of the American Revolution
  6. Life During the Industrial Revolution
  7. American Revolution and Age of Revolution in North America
  8. Marjane’s Struggle During the Iranian Revolution
  9. American Colonists and the American Revolution
  10. Lenin’s Problems After the October Revolution
  11. Skocpol’s vs. Sewell’s Methodologies in Explaining Revolutions
    The philosophy of Marxism represents a complex amalgamation of interpretations of the conflict between the working class and the bourgeois.
  12. Great Britain and the Impact of the Industrial Revolution
  13. Britain and the First Industrial Revolution
  14. Behaviorism and the First American Psychological Revolution
  15. American Identity Before the Revolution
  16. Causality and the First Industrial Revolution
  17. Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution Characters
  18. Capitalism and Revolutionary Movements
    The capitalist ruling of the world has been criticized and condemned for a variety of reasons, but the violent pursuit of its goals has been at the forefront.
  19. Great Britain: The Root of the Industrial Revolution
  20. Economic Changes During Industrial Revolution
  21. Marijuana Horticultural Revolution Medical and Legal Battle

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Revolution

  1. Bastille Day and the French Revolution
  2. The American Revolution Against the British
  3. Advantages Towards the Industrial Revolution in Early Modern Europe Documents
  4. Company X: The Performance Management Revolution
    Performance appraisal is an essential part of performance management since it can help companies to track employees’ productivity and motivate them to achieve better.
  5. Factors That Aided the Industrial Revolution
  6. Boston Massacre Before the American Revolution
  7. Brand Names Before the Industrial Revolution
  8. Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution
  9. Factors That Caused the Industrial Revolution
  10. Technology During the Industrial Revolution
  11. Business Process Re-Engineering: Revolutionary Design
    Business process re-engineering is the embodiment of changes that every business needs to have to ensure modernization, time-cost-effectiveness, improvement of product quality.
  12. Arab Awakening and the Revolution in Egypt
  13. Christopher Hill: The Class Struggle of the English Revolution
  14. Factors and Forces That Led to the Russian Revolution
  15. Dehumanization During the Holocaust and Iranian Revolution
  16. Bahrain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  17. American Revolution and Mexican Independence
  18. Kodak Company Position in the Digital Revolution
    Kodak declared its bankruptcy in 2012 and since that time, this company sold many of its divisions to other enterprises.
  19. Kentucky and the Second American Revolution
  20. Causes and Effects Associated With the Russian Revolution
  21. Major Arguments Concerning the Neolithic Revolution
  22. Industrial Revolution and the Artists of Impressionism
  23. Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution
  24. American Revolution and the 19th Century

❓Revolution Questions to Explore

  1. Did Marie Antoinette Play a Decisive Role in the French Revolution?
  2. Has the Green Revolution Been Sustained?
  3. Does Marxism Adequately Explain the 1917 Russian Revolution?
  4. Did General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Start the Texas Revolution?
  5. What Caused the French, American, and Industrial Revolution?
  6. Did Milton Friedman’s Methodology License the Formalist Revolution?
  7. Did Napoleon Betray the Revolution?
  8. Did Anyone Benefit From the Cultural Revolution?
  9. Why Did the Industrial Revolution Begin in England Assignment?
  10. Why Did Nova Scotia Fail to Join the American Revolution?
  11. Did Napoleon Abuse the Ideas of the French Revolution?
  12. Why Can Orange Revolution Not Happen in Belarus?
  13. Has Green Revolution Bypassed Coarse Cereals?
  14. Was the French Revolution Necessary?
  15. How and Why Did the French Revolution Affect Ireland?
  16. Did the American Revolution Help Spur the French Revolution?
  17. Has the Industrial Revolution Been Crowded Out?
  18. Has the Information Revolution Benefited Society?
  19. Did English Factor Markets Fail During the Industrial Revolution?
  20. Has the ICT Revolution Run Its Course?
  21. How Did American Revolution Affect Natives?
  22. Did Stalin Betray the Russian Revolution?
  23. Why Has the Industrialization in the Nineteenth Century Been Described as a ‘Revolution’?
  24. Did America Undergoa Revolution?
  25. Why Stalin Launched His Second Revolution?
  26. Why Did the Revolution Occur in Russia in 1917?
  27. Did Napoleon Maintain the Aims of the Revolution?
  28. Has the Russian Revolution of 1991 Been a Success?
  29. Why the British Lead the Industrial Revolution?
  30. How and Why Did the Role of the British Government Increase During the Industrial Revolution?
  31. Why Did the Industrial Revolution Begin in Europe?

⚜️ French Revolution Essay Topics

  1. Causes of the French Revolution
  2. Enlightenment ideas and the French Revolution
  3. French monarchy and the First French Republic: compare and contrast
  4. The Reign of Terror and the Committee of Public Safety
  5. Women’s role in the French Revolution
  6. French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
  7. French Revolution in popular culture
  8. Enlightenment philosophers and the French Revolution
  9. Comparison of the French Revolution to other revolutions.

⚙️ Industrial Revolution Essay Topics

  1. Causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution
  2. Social and cultural changes of the Industrial Revolution
  3. The Revolution of Transportation Systems
    Wherever transportation infrastructures ensure access to resources as well as to answer mobility needs, there is the likelihood to realize a rise in economic opportunities.
  4. How is the Industrial Revolution related to colonialism?
  5. Environmental impact of the Industrial Revolution
  6. How Industrial Revolution Shaped Employment Relations
    The industrial revolution played a major role in shaping employment relations. This has been analyzed and justified by both the Marxist and the Pluralist theoretical perspectives.
  7. Women and children and their role in the Industrial Revolution
  8. Influence of the Industrial Revolution on global politics and relations

🗽 American Revolution Research Topics

  1. American Revolution and Enlightenment ideas
  2. The impact of the French and Indian War on the American Revolution
  3. Women in the Continental Army
  4. The role of African Americans in the American Revolution
  5. Researching of the American Revolution
    The American Revolution and the adoption of the Constitution created a strong central government capable of administering the state and had a certain status quo.
  6. The role of propaganda and popular culture in the American Revolution
  7. The American Revolution and the French Revolution: compare and contrast
  8. The impact of the American Revolution on modern American society.

🔬 Scientific Revolution Topics

  1. The role of the Scientific Method in the Scientific Revolution
  2. How did the Scientific Revolution influence religious beliefs?
  3. The Scientific Revolution in Human Resourse Management
    In our fast-paced world, Human resource management has to hire and maintain persons who are flexible, highly-skilled, innovative and committed.
  4. Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton: how did they contribute to the Scientific Revolution?
  5. The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment: what is the connection?
  6. Biometrics Revolution in Healthcare
    This work researches the influence of informatics on the workplace health care environment and the impact of biomedical equipment care.
  7. The Scientific Revolution and modern science and technology
  8. Scientific inquiry and skepticism
  9. The Scientific Revolution and the development of modern medicine

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