American Revolution and Declaration of Independence


America was colonized during the early period of imperialism by Britain. The process of colonization of America began with the exploration activities which were conducted by the European explorers. The explorers always informed their governments about the resources in America.

This encouraged the Europeans to have much interest in commercial and agricultural activities in America. Native Americans were among the early people who lived in America. Their population was seriously affected by wars and epidemic diseases which were prevalent during 16th century. Migration facilitated the emergence of other societies in America. For example Afro Americans emerged as result of slavery. American Indians also formed part of this society.

Colonization of America

In 1607 the British brought many drastic changes in the American society. The Europeans interfered with the American civilization. Apart from Britain, other European powers such Sweden and France also attempted to obtain colonies in America. The major aim behind colonization was the need to gain resources from America. During the British rule in the American colonies, many changes occurred and they were not in favor of the Americans’ interests. Slavery which had begun during the ancient period now became worse.

The American society increasingly became stratified during the British rule. This led to the development of inequalities which really affected many inhabitants of the American colony. These social injustices prepared the ground for the American Revolution.

The American Revolution

The revolution started in 1763 when the ‘French and Indian war’ came to an end. The British government wanted the Americans to provide the financial resources for maintaining the colonies. The British colonialists wielded their power by charging high taxes on their subjects. The Americans did not accept those policies. Many Americans also felt that the British rule was illegal since they were not having representatives in the British government. They therefore protested against the British.

Causes of the American Revolution

American Enlightenment

This was a lobby group that facilitated the spread ideas like republicanism and democracy. These ideologies enabled them to gain political consciousness. Republicanism inspired many people and it was instrumental in advancing the course of the revolution. According to this ideology, the national interest should come first. They were therefore committed in fighting for self governance.


Religion was very significant during the American Revolution because it gave the citizens moral encouragement to resist colonialism. During the Revolution church leaders took leadership roles in political organizations like committees of correspondence. Some of them even participated in arms resistance.

Controversial British Legislation

The Americans rejected most of the punitive acts that were enacted by the British government. For example they enacted navigation acts. Through these acts the colonial government was able to dominate the economic system and the Americans really suffered. This made them to fight against oppression.

American Political Opposition

Opposition of the British rule was also done through correspondence committees which served in various capacities in the colonial government. Members of these committees also led the Americans during the protests.

Role of Women

Even though women were not part of the major political activities throughout the revolution, they also played a role in facilitating the revolution. They provided intelligence by simply spying on the British activities. Women also provided food and other logistics to the soldiers.

Declaration of Independence

The Americans finally regained their freedom after a serious struggle through military protests. Independence was finally granted to the American colonies in 1776. After independence the people of America started making constitutional changes that would enable them to develop their country.


The struggle for independence was very difficult for the Americans. However, through a concerted effort they managed to dislodge the British from their territory. This marked the beginning of their prosperity. The revolution was successful because of the above explained factors. Republicanism still remains an important political ideology in US.

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