204 Social Media Essay Topics, Examples, & Titles

Millions of people worldwide are using Facebook right now. Isn’t this fascinating? Social media platforms allow us to share information, learn new things, be entertained, and make connections in a click. That’s why digital media is an exciting issue to explore.

If you’re looking for social media argumentative essay topics, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve collected catchy titles about social media, together with top paper examples and questions that might be used for your essay, speech, or presentation.

📝 Social Media Essay Titles & Examples

  1. Digital Marketing in Tourism Industry of the UAE
    This essay on digital marketing in tourism industry considers the case of UAE. It focuses on the issues of marketing and communication in the sphere of hospitality and tourism in Dubai.
  2. Social Networking Phenomenon
    Social networking is a pervasive phenomenon. Millions of Internet users around the globe have at least one social network profile.
  3. Google Company Social Media
    This paper looks at the usage and impact of social media on Google Company in the United States. It also compares social and traditional media.
  4. Technology Development Influence on People’s Life
    Technology has its positive and negative influence on people, society and environment, however, its impact on our lives is determined by the way we use it.
  5. Social Media: Positive Aspects for Teenagers
    Many articles discuss the negative impacts of social media on children and society in which they live. This paper discusses that social media are good for teenagers.
  6. Technology Development Impacts
    The purpose of this paper is to carry out research to find out the positive effects and the negative effects of technology in the society.
  7. Are Human Addicted to Technology?
    New technologies are emerging daily as people continue to integrate technology into their lives for improved performance and efficiency.
  8. Social Media Usage for Advertising
    The use of social networking sites is a common trend in the world, and advertising on the sites comes with immense benefits to both marketers and the targeted audiences.
  9. Social Media Influence on Communication
    The following work is devoted to the investigation of the question of the influence of social media on intercultural communication and the possibilities of digital technologies and social networks.
  10. Pinterest: Social Media Analysis
    This report aims to provide information that will help the reader determine the utility of one of the most popular social media platforms, Pinterest.
  11. Social Media Censorship in China
    Millions of people depend on the internet. The Chinese government demonstrated its intolerance to social media by censoring Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube and many others.
  12. Social Networks and Relationships
    Social networks play a very significant role in romantic relationships. The main focus of this paper is Facebook as a social networking site and relationships.
  13. Politics and Power in the Social Media Era
    Social media is a form of electronic communication that involves the use of online technology and internet-based softwares to enable people to interact and exchange ideas, opinions and feelings.
  14. The Benefits of Social Media for Business Essay
    What are the benefits of social media for business? This essay answers the question. It focuses on positive and negative impact of social media on business.
  15. Social and Political Issues in the Social Media
    In this study, the researcher will evaluate the ways through which political and social issues are represented in the social media. The case study will focus on USA and China.
  16. The Role of Social Media in Globalization Essay
    What is the role of social media in globalization? This essay answers the question and explains the importance and interdependence between globalization and social media.
  17. Internet and Social Media Technology in the Family Context
    Our generation lives in the age of unprecedented technologic development. The heavy use of the internet by children and adolescents is a serious issue for the modern families.
  18. Modern Technology's Influence on Our Minds
    It is imperative to mention that the impact of modern technologies on minds of the population is a topic that has been actively discussed over the last few years.
  19. Big Data and Cloud Computing Management
    Big data is the use of improved and efficient approaches to handle and manage information. Cloud computing involves the sharing of resources without the use of local servers or devices.
  20. Social Media and Dubai Public Sector Communication
    The study explores whether there is a relationship between the approach to using social media and changes in internal communication in Dubai's public sector.
  21. Interpersonal Communication and Technology
    Technology has changed the concept of communication, since most people prefer to use virtual means of interaction instead of face-to-face interaction.
  22. The Role of Digital Media in Higher Education Provision
    The paper aims to examine several forms of digital media in the context of higher education, resulting in the concise analysis of advantages and disadvantages of digital media.
  23. Major Social Media Ethical Issues: Privacy and Accountability
    The history of social media can be traced back to 1969 when CompuServe became the first major public commercial internet service provider in the US.
  24. Social Media and Its Side Effects on Teens
    Social media is one of the most fruitful products of the recent technological progress of our society. At the same time it has negative and dangerous sides.
  25. The Effects of Social Media on Egyptian Revolution of 2011
    This paper investigates the effects of social media on the Egyptian revolution in 2011. It starts with an introduction, which indicates the social, economic and political conditions in Egypt.
  26. WeChat Users' Motivations, Satisfaction, Loyalty
    This study uses the quantitative research approach to collect the necessary data and information on WeChat users' motivation, loyalty, and satisfaction.
  27. Not Everything You See on Social Media Is True
    Is everything on social media true? Find the answer in this social media essay example! It focuses on the fact that not everything you see on social media is true.
  28. Social Media Usage Limitation
    The use of the Internet has immense addictive potential. It should also be noted that addictions of any kind usually correlate with the development of mental disorders.
  29. Social Media, Its Pros and Cons
    Contemporary society has been ushered into an era where virtually all people have secured Internet-enabled gadgets that can facilitate their interaction.
  30. Social Media and Knowledge Management
    This literature review focuses on social media and knowledge management. It explores the key studies on the topic, including the analysis of Starbucks knowledge management.

👍 Good Social Media Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Social Media and Identity Construction Essay
    This essay explains how social media shapes our identity. Get inspired by the paper if you need to explore the issue of social media and identity construction.
  2. Social Media Usage and Impact on Society
    Modern society is highly resourced with a variety of technological advances that facilitate interaction between people and ease the busy lifestyle.
  3. Social Media Influence on the UAE Political Processes
    The research was aimed at the determination of the extent of influence of the social media on the political process in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Social Media Networks in Law, Society and Education
    One benefit of social media is the assistance it has given to law enforcement. Law enforcers have turned the tables on criminals by using social networking sites.
  5. Are Social Networking Media Bad for Business?
    Many businesses are turning their attention to SNS media for marketing their products. This paper will discuss the suitability of social networking sites in carrying out business.
  6. Social Media Networks and Human Individuality
    Technology is mostly beneficial when looking at mass production and products and services that are made with the help of advanced technology.
  7. Sociality Through Social Network Sites
    The research focuses on the topic of social media use in classroom learning and students' perceptions towards it.
  8. Social Media Use in a Business Environment
    Based on data-driven evidence, it is possible to conclude that social media networking systems constitute a major factor of change in consumer behavior.
  9. Social Media in Human Resource Management Aspect
    This paper critically evaluates the role of social media in contemporary organisations, especially from an HR perspective.
  10. Social Media for Social Change - the Case of Facebook
    This social change essay focuses on Facebook as a platform for promoting social justice. It explains the strengths and weaknesses of social media for social change.
  11. Should We Limit Our Use of Social Media?
    The role of social media is impressive, and millions of people just cannot avoid or stop using such sources as the Internet, email, Facebook, or YouTube.
  12. How Has Technology Impacted the Development of International Business and the Countries’ Economic Growth Over the Last 20 Years?
    There has been huge technological growth in the 20th and 21st centuries. Informational technology (IT) has changed the global business and started the global economic development.
  13. Social Media and Interactions Among Teenagers
    Social media can be a useful tool in improving one's life and social relationships, but its overuse can lead to the degradation of social skills and mental stability.
  14. Civil Rights and #BlackLivesMatter Social Movements
    The Civil Rights Movement was the iconic example of a social movement in the mid-20th century, while in recent years, the #BlackLivesMatter Movement emerged.
  15. Facebook: Virtual Community and Social Media
    Facebook sites have many advantages such as social networking and marketing products but ways of controlling bad consequences should be developed.
  16. Mapping Digital Media in the UAE
    The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the Middle East that have experienced massive development in information technology over the recent past.
  17. Nestlé: Use of Social Media
    This company analysis seeks to understand the usage of social media by Nestlé, and the strategy adopted to attract and handle customers through its proper usage.
  18. Social Media and Young People: Controversial Influence
    Social media is an integral part of modern society because it unites many young people. As everything in the world, this phenomenon is dual, providing both advantages and disadvantages.
  19. Social Networks Influence in Two Articles
    The two articles tackle the issue of social change brought about as a result of the revolutionized social media networks through which people interact.
  20. The Issue of the Homogenization of the “Ideal Woman”
    The issue of the homogenization of the “ideal woman” image is also affecting women. These issues lead to more women seeking plastic surgery.
  21. Violence in Social Media and Its Impact on Society
    The paper provides the definition of violence, discusses the causes of violence within the state, and shows the crucial role of social media in spreading it.
  22. Social Media and Equal Opportunity
    People benefit from the use of social media but suffer from the provision of unequal opportunities and the distorted perceptions instilled by it.
  23. Everyday Communication Surrounding Climate Change
    This paper will argue that political ideology and economy, public engagement and emotions, and media largely impact the polarization of views on climate change.
  24. Facebook Case Study: Online Violence
    In this paper, journal articles and reports from trustworthy agencies will be used to investigate the relationship between violence and Facebook posts among young people.
  25. Benefits of Social Media for Their Users
    Social media have entered people’s lives straightforwardly and confidently, causing changes in everyone’s routine and bringing a variety of advantages for their users.
  26. Teenage and Issues Associated with Social Media Use
    The current essay aims to address those issues associated with the adolescence period and social media networks.
  27. Media, Learning, and Social Change
    The paper includes a brief description of a workshop that can be helpful in terms of media literacy education.
  28. Children and the Use of the Internet: Risks and Gains
    This paper contains a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and risks of Internet use among children and the measures various can implement to safeguard minors against the drawbacks.
  29. Social Media Impact on Youth: Benefits & Drawbacks
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of social media on the younger generation of users in terms of benefits and disadvantages.
  30. Internet Security: Threats and Protection Methods
    To prevent themselves from falling victim to cyber crimes, people should exercise caution and discretion when sharing information on the internet.

🏆 Best Social Media Essay Titles

  1. Using Social Media Impact on Online Courses
    This paper uses past research to explore how social media can be utilized by online courses, and analyze what are the benefits and drawbacks of online learning.
  2. Social Networking and Privacy
    Research on privacy and social networking sites has shown that internet users express very strong concerns about the privacy of their personal information.
  3. Ethics, Social Media and Cell Phone Use in Schools
    This essay explores cell phones and social media in facilitating learning and examines the ethical issues surrounding technology consumption.
  4. Internet as Social Media: Connectivity and Immediacy
    The case study of United Breaks Guitars depicts that, a mere person can utilize social media and cause serious ruin in a business environment.
  5. Influencer Marketing Impact on Consumer Behaviour
    It is crucial to study the topic of influencer marketing because the subject is relatively new, which means that available studies are also recent.
  6. Adolescents Using Social Media, Social Networking
    Social media is now an integral part of people’s lives, especially adolescents. Its effects on one’s development and wellbeing can be both beneficial and detrimental.
  7. Restricting Children’s Access to Social Media
    The paper argues partially limiting children's access to social media is an objective solution to protect the younger generation from negative psychological influences.
  8. Social Media Platforms Compared
    The paper aims to assess and discuss factors that might affect African Americans’ career development and biases and assumptions that might impede the process of career counseling.
  9. How Logos Change the Perception of a Brand
    Companies choose to eliminate logos from their brands because of market dynamics as they strive to increase sales.
  10. Privacy and Security of Online Networks
    The digitalization of main data storage medias and their wide usage in everyday life could not but give rise to numerous concerns related to security.
  11. The Role of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism
    In recent decades, the scope of services, shape, and external orientation of tourism and hospitality industry have notably changed.
  12. Impact of Technology on Social Change
    Technology has had a significant impact on social change. It has impacted the growth of industries that employ human beings to operate machines.
  13. Modern Trends in Information Technology
    The paper discusses five modern software applications which enable solving specific tasks; hardware devices and IT products, and social and legal relations.
  14. Social Networks, Self-Esteem, and Individual Responsibility
    The paper argues it is not recommended to allow children and teenagers to use their social media accounts on a daily basis.
  15. Tendencies in Social Media and the Evolution of Social Media
    This paper aims to research tendencies in social media and to analyze the evolution of social media standards and practices, as well as ethical concerns.
  16. Social Media: The Rise of Depression and Anxiety
    The increased use of social media in contemporary society adversely affects individuals resulting in depression and anxiety, particularly in those who use it regularly.
  17. The iGen’ers and Social Media
    The development of smartphones and digital platforms for socialization has influenced lifestyle, behavior, and communication worldwide.
  18. Social Media Streaming Against Viewer’s Rage
    The paper discusses how streaming services bring us perpetual anxieties, impatience, and rage that we must deal with.
  19. Dangers of Social Media in the Context of Media Ethics
    This paper argues that social media became a dangerous and unethical place because of being used for hazardous purposes by society members in uncontrolled ways.
  20. Discussion of Social Media Influence
    Social media serves many purposes to its users which may have both negative and positive implications depending on how people use it.
  21. Impact of Social Media on Tourism Sector
    The study is devoted to the investigation of social media and its impact on the tourism sector by using China as the framework for research.
  22. Use of Social Media Profiles v. Ethical Recruitment
    This essay explores the topic of utilizing social media profiles and information and whether it hinders ethical recruitment and selection processes.
  23. Should Free Speech Be Regulated on Social Media?
    Freedom of speech in a democratic world is a crucial feature of society. This paper will discuss why free speech on social media should be regulated.
  24. Does Social Media Promote the Pursuit of the Thin Ideal Amongst Teens?
    Rachel Rodgers aimed at presenting a concept for comprehending the behaviors and associated experiences of the body image that originates from the emphasis on weight management.
  25. Social Media Effect on Young People
    Social media has become an integral part of everyday human life. Undoubtedly, social media contribute to alleviating communication and information searching.
  26. What Effect Does Social Media Have on Real-Life Communication?
    This paper aims at examining how exactly social media affect face-to-face conversations today, focusing on the negative factors.
  27. Teens, Technology and Social Media
    Enforcing a rule that allows social media platforms to be used by teenagers above 18 years old prepares them for the negative impacts linked with social media.
  28. The Influence of Social Media on Sociableness of Modern Youth
    The purpose of the paper is to prove that there is a strong correlation between the use of social networks and the youth's level of loneliness.
  29. Social Media Dramatically Influences Social Identity
    The origin of social media usage and the initiatives leading a modern man to be a part of it have complex content and will be researched from each side.
  30. How Social Media Platforms Divide Society More Than Equalize It
    In addition to exploring the effects of specific sites such as Facebook and Instagram, this paper will also provide evidence as to why social media can't equalize society.
  31. The Social Construction of the Self in the Era of Social Media
    Technology has changed how individuals engage in the social construction of the self. It has facilitated the modification of the functions of self-reflection, memory.

💡 Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. History and Development of Instagram Social Network
  2. Information Technology With Social Media Prospective
  3. UAE Privacy Laws’ Impact on Conduct of Media
    In this reflective paper, the role of privacy laws in the UAE on the functioning of media and private individuals will be explored and reviewed.
  4. Innovative Marketing for SMEs Using Social Media
  5. Integrating Social Media Into the Classroom Curriculum
  6. Media’s Inclusive Representation of Criminal Justice
    The question of whether the media represents the Criminal Justice System exclusively as a successful institution is answered through the discussion in this paper.
  7. Sexual Violence Against Women’s Social Media
  8. Information From Social Media Information
  9. Nurses’ Professionalism and Social Media
    Writing thoughtful posts on health workers’ pages is the key to a successful professional activity and a peaceful personal life.
  10. New Social Media Tools for Photographers
  11. Digital Forensic Investigation Methodology for Social Media
  12. Nursing Career Enhancement Through Social Media
    Proper social media usage allows advancing professionally, enabling more reliable connections with colleagues and patients, and publicly sharing one’s knowledge or opinion.
  13. Human-Centered Images and Its Impact on Social Media
  14. Integrating Social Media Into Traditional Marketing
  15. Evaluating Social Media Marketing
  16. Enhancing Student Relationship Management With Social Media
  17. Impacts of Social Media on Democracy
    The research seeks to outline and discuss various statements arguing that social media is a good component of democracy.
  18. The Influence of Instagram User Generated Contents on Tourism Sites Branding
  19. Human Capital Management Through Social Media
  20. Regulation of Social Media Platforms as Public Utilities
    This paper discusses the speech laws and approaches employed by the United States to prevent the restriction of individuals’ freedom of speech on social media platforms.
  21. Choosing the Right Social Media Channels
  22. Reminiscence Through the Lens of Social Media
  23. Politics and Social Movement: Race, Ethnicity, and the Use of Social Media
    Social movements and politics of race, gender, and class became hotly debated and intertwined in modern times.
  24. Black Milk Clothing Social Media Marketing
  25. Applying the Social Interactionism Paradigm to Facebook
  26. Social Media Lowers Students’ Concentration
    An analysis of the available evidence on the use of social media in school settings illustrates the detrimental effects of social networking on students’ concentration.
  27. Marketing Through Social Media
  28. College Admissions Using Social Media
  29. Social Media and Student Academic Performance
    Social media sites impact academic performance positively by enabling students to develop collaborative activities and participate in group discussions.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Social Media

  1. Cyber-Bullying Through Anonymous Social Media
  2. Big Data and Trust in Social Media Analytics
  3. Social Media Impact on English Language Learning
    This is a proposal of the research on the role of social networking websites and social media websites in motivating the student’s progress in learning the English language.
  4. Integrity Displayed Through Social Media
  5. Overcoming Social Media Procrastination
  6. Social Media and Mental Health
    Ferguson discusses the impact of social media on the wellness of users, including topics such as online gaming, eating disorders, online pornography, and cyberbullying.
  7. Sexual Harassment and Its Effects on Social Media
  8. College Students and the Evolution of Social Media
  9. “Mindfulness and the Social Media” Researching
    The article “Mindfulness and the Social Media” discusses how the concept of mindfulness can be used in the treatment of social media addiction.
  10. Integrating Social Media Into Marketing Strategy
  11. Instagram Marketing Strategy Evaluation
  12. Social Media and Intelligent Systems in Today’s Business
    The following paper will describe different uses of social media and intelligent systems in organizations for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.
  13. Instagram Popularity and Its Impact on Society
  14. Replacing Real Connection With Social Media
  15. The Impact of Social Media on an Organization
    Social media has the potential of increasing the performance of an organization due to its influence on operations. It is a vital resource for any organization.
  16. Information Communications Technologies and Social Media
  17. Exchanging Information Through Social Media
  18. Netflix Company’s Digital and Social Media Marketing
    This paper analyzes the strategic environment in which Netflix operates and develops a blue ocean idea to help it increase its market share.
  19. Expanding Social Media Into the Chinese Market
  20. Marketing Communication Through Online Social Media
  21. Key Concepts of the Social Media Marketing
    For the social media strategy to be successful, it should be based on the results of a situation analysis and social media listening for adequate goal setting.
  22. Instagram as the Most Commonly Denied Addiction
  23. Information Technology Adoption and Social Media
  24. Ways in Which Snapchat and Instagram Are Sharing Video
  25. Social Media Policy to Control and Monitor Employee Online Behaviors
    The following paper will describe different uses of social media and intelligent systems in organizations for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.
  26. Consumer Behaviour for Social Media and Internet
  27. Consumer Life and User Generated Content in the Age of Social Media
  28. The Effects of False Representations and Unrealistic Standards in Instagram on People

🖋 Social Media Topics of Discussion

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Society: A Comprehensive Analysis
  2. Social Media as a Political Power Tool: How It’s Changing Democracy
  3. The Effects of Social Media on Real-Life Communication
  4. Social Media and Cyberbullying: Addressing Online Harassment
  5. How to Overcome Social Media Addiction
  6. Social Media Addiction: Understanding the Phenomenon
  7. The Role of Social Media in Our Life
  8. Importance of Social Media in Today’s World
  9. The Influence of Social Media on Body Image and Self-Esteem
  10. Social Media and Pop Culture: Positive and Negative Effects
  11. The Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Social Media
  12. Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Business Success
  13. The Role of Social Media in Decision Making
  14. How the Power of Social Media Influenced Brand Activism
  15. The Role of Social Media in Community Development
  16. Social Media Influencers: The Power and Responsibility
  17. Trolls: Fake Social Media Accounts Crisis
  18. Social Media Importance: Why It’s Vital for Business
  19. How Social Media Impacted Human Rights in Developing Countries
  20. Social Media and Elections: Political Influence and Manipulation
  21. The Growing Importance of Social Media Marketing
  22. Social Media and the Spread of Misinformation During Crises
  23. Virtual Reality and Its Potential Impact on Social Media
  24. Social Media and Online Dating: Changing the Landscape of Romance
  25. Battling Misinformation and Fake News on Social Media
  26. Social Media Advertising: How It Works and Tips for Success
  27. The Intersection of Social Media and Journalism
  28. Social Media and Politics: Combating Disinformation
  29. Achieving Customer Engagement Through Social Media
  30. Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Advertising

❓ Social Media Topics & Questions

  1. Our Social Media Sites Keep Our Information Safe?
  2. Can Social Media Increase Voter Turnout?
  3. Are Social Media Policies Legal?
  4. Why Should Children Not Use Facebook?
  5. Does Social Media Affect the Self Esteem?
  6. How and Why Should We Use Instagram?
  7. Are Social Media Beneficial?
  8. How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?
  9. How Your Business Can Start Using Instagram Stories?
  10. Does Social Media Cause Psychological Problems?
  11. Why Facebook Acquired WhatsApp?
  12. How Can You Make Money Using Instagram?
  13. Does Social Media Affect Teens Positive or Negatively?
  14. Can Social Media Improve Literacy and Communication Skills?
  15. What Was the First Social Media Platform?
  16. Can Social Media Sway Everyday Communication?
  17. Which Companies Own Social Media Platforms?
  18. Are Social Media Violators Putting Children and Teenagers to Danger?
  19. What Are the Positives of Using Social Media?
  20. How Will Social Media Impact the Future?
  21. What’s the Fastest-Growing Social Media Platform?
  22. Does Social Media Work for B2B?
  23. Are There Any Social Networks Especially Beneficial for Small Businesses?
  24. Should Social Media Be Limited to the Marketing Department?
  25. How Much Time Does a Social Media Strategy Require?
  26. Our Social Media Management Tools Worthwhile?

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