The Issue of the Homogenization of the “Ideal Woman”

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Objectification of Women in the Media

The media deeply affects the self-perception of women. Objectification is one of the main reasons the media creates idealized images. The issue of the homogenization of the “ideal woman” image is also affecting women. These issues lead to more women seeking plastic surgery.

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Overcoming Restrictions

Media portrays women in a very specific way. They are idealized and viewed as objects. The reason for the creation of idealized images is the drive to sell more cosmetic products and promote cosmetic surgeries.

Women seek perfect bodies to become happier. The media images reinforce the idea that beauty means happiness. The paragraph also presents the data on the number of teenager surgeries.

Psychological pressure also plays an important art in pushing young girls toward surgeries. The pressure to conform to the beauty standard is high. The media constantly contributes to that pressure.

Symbolic Messages in Advertisements

The modern media makes certain body parts central to the concept of beauty. The media insist that advertisements are purely symbolic. However, women believe the media images to a scale to measure attractiveness.

The media influence has caused women to focus more on specific parts of their bodies. Women failing to achieve the desired image feel insecure. That forces them to utilize cosmetic surgery.

Social Media and Physical Perfection

The person’s image on the social media websites is extremely important in the modern world. Women use comments from these sites to form their self-image. Getting negative feedback can push them towards surgery.

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Some women use editing tools to enhance their social media image. When they need to live up to that image, a problem arises. That can lead them to look for help from the surgeons.

A study by Klein demonstrates how social media contributes to eating disorders in women. The same factors can cause women to use the surgical services. As a result, more and more young women are seeking to improve their appearance through radical interventions.

The Media and the Psychologically Hostile Social Environment

In many cases, women undertake cosmetic surgeries to improve their self-esteem. The studies show that they are aware of their physical flaws and feel better when those are removed. The media further decreases female self-esteem by presenting idealized images.

Women constantly compare themselves to women in media. Women also sometimes openly confess to having their body parts altered further encouraging the media consumers. Media creates an image of woman as an object which can be reshaped any number of times.

Lips and noses are the most frequently changed body parts. These body parts often look perfect in movies. However, that is often a result of the image-altering software.

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The Artificial Woman

The modern media image of women is completely detached from reality. An ideal woman has no race or culture. She is just a set of ideal artificial body parts. That means that image is unattainable for most women without cosmetic surgery.


This paragraph summarizes the contents of the article. It recounts most of the previous arguments. Based on the evidence presented, it is concluded that media images have a profound impact on the self-esteem of women and can lead them to undergo plastic surgeries.

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