77 Topics on Judaism & Jewish Culture

Judaism is the world’s oldest monotheistic religion that is still popular today. The Torah, the holy scripture of the Jews, is known in Christianity as the Old Testament. The Jews are an ethnoreligious group that includes ethnic Jewish people and converts to Judaism.

If you’re looking for interesting topics in Judaism, you’re in the right place! Here, we’ve collected exciting Judaism essay examples and ideas. In this collection, you’ll find essay topics on the concept of God, Jewish symbols, beliefs, and practices.

📝 Jewish Essay Examples

  1. Religion Comparison: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
    This essay seeks to establish the similarities and differences between the religions in terms of origin, issue of salvation and creation, and their perception of God.
  2. Same-sex Marriage as a Religious Issue
    Same-sex marriage is viewed as one of the most controversial social issues facing the world today, probably due to the many legal and social factors involved.
  3. World Religions Studies and Key Concepts
    Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices that underscore the relationship between people and their God.
  4. Moses in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    The paper at hand aims at investigating the portrayal of Moses in the three Abrahamic traditions as well as pointing to specificities of his life and impact on the development of religions.
  5. Judaism Concepts
    The religion Judaism is basically followed by the Jewish people. Their basic principles are personified in the Bible.
  6. Afterlife in Different World Cultures
    Most modern religions including atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife. Atheists do not believe in a supernatural God.
  7. Islam in Today’s World
    This paper describes the true teachings of Islam and doctrines that are followed as well as explaining the pillars of Islamic faith.
  8. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism Origins and the Eschatology Each Creates
    People all over the world engage in worshiping God, the world’s major religions which include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism share their origins.
  9. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    This paper examines the characteristics of these faiths and determines that despite their dissimilarities, they have resemblances that are based on their joint background.

💡 Interesting Topics in Judaism

  1. Differences Between Christianity and Judaism
  2. Judaism’s Perspective on Domestic Violence
  3. The Death and Mourning Process Found in Judaism
  4. The Different Similarities Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  5. The Core Ethical Teachings of Judaism
  6. Cultural Heritage Assessment in Relation to Health
    Cultural heritage plays a critical role in determining a person’s health care needs and the process of receiving medical care.
  7. Judaism During the Renaissance and Reformation
  8. Jesus vs. Judaism: Comparison of the Golden Rule
  9. Attitudes Towards the Human Body in Judaism
  10. Jewish Interfaith Marriages and Its Possible Impact on Judaism
  11. Reform of Judaism in the 19th Century
  12. Jewish Community of Miami Florida: Public Health
    The aggregate discussed in this paper is the community of young Jewish adults living in downtown Miami. The paper uses presentation style.
  13. The Customs and Traditions of Judaism
  14. Ritual and Religious Understanding of Food in Judaism and Christianity
  15. Judaism vs. Christianity: Lifes Meaning
  16. Interview With Beth Cornfield: A Glance Into Judaism
  17. Judaism Sacred Stories Including Parables
  18. The Israel-Palestine Crisis and Conflict
    The paper highlights the Palestine-Israeli conflict and its policy implications for United States interests in the Middle East.
  19. Jesus’ Social Stance and Conflict With Judaism
  20. Jewish Emancipation and Reform Judaism
  21. Ancient Polytheistic Religion Compared to Judaism
  22. Judaism, Religion, Race, Culture, and a Nation
  23. Interrelationships Between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  24. The US Role in the Palestine-Israeli Conflict
    In this paper, the relationship between Israel and the US will be scrutinized to understand how Israel has a surpassing power over Palestine in the Palestine-Israel conflict.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Judaism

  1. Contemporary Catholicism and Judaism
  2. Homosexuality Between Laestadianism and Reform Judaism
  3. Israel’s Prophets and Preserving Judaism During Exile
  4. The First Monotheistic Religion – Judaism
  5. Applying the Six Dimensions to the Study of Judaism
  6. Arab-Israeli Relations
    The Arab-Israeli conflict is a confrontation between several Arab countries, on the one hand, and the State of Israel with the Zionist movement, on the other.
  7. The Assessment Muslims View Judaism
  8. Fundamental Difference Between Judaism and Christianity
  9. Judaism and Catholicism’s Impact on the Moral System
  10. The Development and Struggles of Judaism Throughout History
  11. The Basis for Proper Gender Relations Among Jews and in Judaism
  12. Cross-Cultural Management and Practices at Work
    Cross-cultural management involves dealing with people from diverse cultural groups at the workplace. This is because people have different values.
  13. The Changes That Came With the Reforms of Judaism in the 19th Century
  14. Exodus and the Relationship Between Christianity and Judaism
  15. Sexuality and Gender Within the Religions of Judaism and Christianity
  16. Animal Welfare and Judaism: Teachings on Protecting Animals and Nature
  17. The Place and Time of Origin of Judaism
  18. Palestinian Employee Relations System
    Good employment relationships are crucial components for well being of any organisation; because employees always seek to get maximum satisfaction and returns from their work.
  19. Judaism Beliefs, Holidays and Celebrations Explained
  20. Several Different Sects of Judaism
  21. Judaism as One of the Three Abrahamic Religions
  22. The Importance of Judaism in Early America
  23. 13 Faith Principles of Judaism

❓ Jewish Topics & Research Questions

  1. What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism?
  2. What Was the Temple Judaism Period?
  3. How Important Were the Views on Money in Ancient Judaism in Opposition to Rome?
  4. What Beliefs and Practices Does Islam Share With Judaism and Christianity?
  5. What is Orthodox Judaism?
  6. What is Judaism and What Do Jews Believe?
  7. Who are the Sephardic Jews? What is Sephardic Judaism?
  8. What is Messianic Judaism?
  9. What Are the Major Holidays in Judaism?
  10. What Are the Denominations in Judaism?
  11. How Christianity and Judaism Are Alike and Different?
  12. Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Male-Chauvinist Institutions?
  13. How Economics Helped Shape American Judaism?
  14. How Has Judaism Adapted Its Rituals to a Time When It Has No Temple?
  15. What Was the Role of the Temple for Ancient Judaism?
  16. What Are the Historical Roots of Judaism?
  17. How Is Judaism Linked to the State of Israel?
  18. How Judaism and Christianity Diverged?
  19. How Might Traditional Views Toward Women in Judaism?
  20. What Are the Core Ideas of Judaism?
  21. How Does Judaism Achieve Peace and Inter-Faith Understanding?

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