160 Human Rights Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Human Rights Research Papers Examples

  1. History of Women’s Rights
    This paper aims to analyze critically the development of women’s rights and gender in history by evaluating the woman in different time spaces and places.
  2. Moral Issue of Same-Sex Marriages
    The author argues that supporters of same-sex marriages are wrong by considering same-sex marriages to be all about gay rights.
  3. The Rights of Same-sex Couples to Marry
    Marriage is known to be a highly important aspect of people’s lives, this is why same-sex couples are fighting for the right to be able to engage into same-sex marriages freely.
  4. People, State and Sovereignty in USA
    While the state is seen to have the sole responsibility of protecting human rights, it is ironical that different states have habitually perpetrated the violation of human rights.
  5. Justice and Gender: Sex Discrimination and the Law
    This essay will seek to explore topic of sex-based disadvantage by taking an analytical look at how the law reflects, reinforces or challenges this constant pattern of inequality.
  6. Human Rights and Violation in Islamic Countries
    The main hypothesis in this study is that Islam does not have a significant impact on the institution of human rights among other problems.
  7. United Nations and International Human Rights Law
    The paper is focused on the United Nations, its problems, limitations, and effectiveness and provides when despite regulations human rights were not protected.
  8. Human Rights Universal Conception
    Human rights are international standards that define the measures of personal freedom for every human being. The rights and freedoms of the person ceased to be an internal affair of a state.
  9. Citizenship's and Human Rights Relationship
    The forms of political interactions developed through citizenship and human rights ensure that changes and other concerns associated with all groups of people are addressed.
  10. Gays Denied Human Rights
    The author argues that supporters of same-sex marriages are wrong by considering same-sex marriages to be all about gay rights.
  11. Feminism and Women Freedom
    In the 21st century, women have been empowered to take responsibility and control their lives. This paper addresses this sensitive issue of feminism with a focus on women freedom in the society.
  12. Homosexual Relationships in the Online Media
    The articles discuss the emerging debate on homosexuality and the changing perceptions about sexual orientation.
  13. Gender Inequality and Physical Health Problems
    One of the consequences of gender discrimination is that women account for nearly half of all HIV infections in the world because of the subordinate position in life spheres.
  14. The Politics of International Human Rights Law
    Cultural specifics of the local residents coupled with the fear of changes are the key impediments to promoting the right to self-determination within the states in question.
  15. Human Rights: Freedom of Speech
    This paper is based on the topic of freedom of speech. It seeks to provide answers to the question of whether there should be limits to freedom of speech in a democratic society.
  16. The Concept of Feminism
    The following is a discussion on why feminists believe that women are oppressed. Moreover, there is an evaluation of the situation of women in Canada.
  17. Should the Right to Die be Considered a Right?
    This paper explores the issue surrounding the "right to die". It will look at the facts brought forward in favor and against euthanasia, and in the end, make an informed conclusion.
  18. Women in the True Islam Perception
    In the West, there is a general perception that the Muslim woman is inferior in the eyes of their male counterparts and is seen as male property.
  19. Human Rights, International Law and Violence
    Due to the economic inequality and diversity of humanity in terms of religious, legal, political, cultural and social aspects, the human rights should not always be universal, incontrovertible and subjective.
  20. Are Human Rights Universal? Cultural Relativism Vs. Universalism
    Are human rights universal? This essay aims to answer the question. It provides a definition of human rights and compares cultural relativism vs. universalism in this sphere.
  21. Western World's View on Muslim Women
    Middle East countries view Muslim women in accordance with the Quran. The paper explores stereotype on Muslim women by the western world and compares with that of the Middle East.
  22. Human Security & Rights in Global Peace Context
    The relationship between the rise of human security and the rise of human rights plays an important role in the creation of safe international and interpersonal relations.
  23. The Rise of the Civil Society in Cambodia
    Civil society organizations in Cambodia started in the 1990s. Various agencies that brought about the civic societies in the country include the UN Transitional Authority.
  24. Human Rights as a Universal Conception
    Contextually, human rights are the regulations of the human attitude to other people ensured by the set of laws and ethical measures.
  25. Women's Rights Movement Impact on Education.
    The women movement influenced their education throughout its development since 1849. Women got the opportunity to determine their children's education which was the role of men.

👍 Good Human Rights Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Human Rights: The Access to Information
    Discussion of arguments for and arguments against the access to information, and whether it is a human right or not.
  2. Human Rights. International Court of Justice
    The United Nations has formulated a charter by which The International Court of Justice was legally recognized. The International Court of Justice settles legal problems of the UN.
  3. Homosexuality as a Part of Human Culture
    This paper seeks to answer the following questions; should gay marriage be legalized? Do homosexuals have right? What is the place of homosexuality in contemporary culture?
  4. Human Rights and Social Protest
    The current research investigates the relationship between human rights and armed and moral conflicts and demonstrates how human rights are used to resolve them.
  5. Human Rights and Global Human Security
    Human security is one of the greatest challenges of today’s societies, and the threats that are posed to human security comprise a direct or indirect form of the rights of the people.
  6. Moral Issues and Rights of Women
    Woman's rights are about the right to vote, the right to hold public office, the right to education, the right of religion and the right to serve in the military.
  7. Human Rights Liberty and Freedom
    Human rights have an agreed international standard though a country can increase them depending on its political, social and economic status.
  8. The Historical & Political Relation Between Anthropology & Human Rights
    A historic study of anthropology has contributed a lot in getting the understanding of how human beings evolved from primitive societies to the modern person that we have today.
  9. Censorship, Freedom of Speech, and Human Rights
    This paper will seek to discuss the different arguments of different authors of different sources on the issue of censorship and violation of human rights.
  10. Public Opinion About Gay Rights and Gay Marriage
    Based on a survey carried on of public opinion in America on gay rights indicated that in five s time many American will support Gay marriage.
  11. Human Rights Violation: When Is the International Intervention Necessary?
    This paper explores the concept of human rights and public opinion and policy conflict in the context of wars. Do states have rights? Or is the rights of individuals matter?
  12. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    “All human beings are equal irrespective of race, age, gender and nationality; this is according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  13. The Significance of Human Rights
    In modern society, the significance of human rights has a great importance. The foundation of human rights conception is mostly based on the principles of democracy.
  14. Human Rights From the Perspective of Islam
    This paper will examine the human rights from the perspective of Islam and the status of women according to this religion.
  15. Women’s Reproductive Rights and Accomplished Changes
    This essay illustrates the discriminative nature of women’s reproductive rights and how it contributes to inequality.
  16. Counter-Terrorism in International Law
    The paper defines the terrorism concept and reviews the implications on human rights considering the universality and the need for non-discrimination in counter-terrorism.
  17. Fire Rescue Service Operations
    Fire Rescue Teams work towards providing fire protection to citizens at the local and international levels. They are either public or private institutions.
  18. 2008 Olympic Games in China
    The 2008 Olympics is scheduled to open this summer in Beijing, China. The Olympic Games are a global celebration which brings together athletes from allover the world.
  19. Study of China and the World
    The paper explains the factors that have facilitated China's need to maintain relations with its neighbors. The catalyst to China's interest is energy, oil, and natural gas.
  20. Women’s Rights Movements During the Reconstruction Period
    The essay argues that the era of Reconstruction was a turning and bursting point in the history of the American women’s suffrage movement.
  21. Freedom of Expression Should Be Guaranteed
    Freedom of expression is a human right, which describes the right to commune an individual’s ideas and views via the body and/or property to a receptive audience.
  22. Understanding the Human Rights
    Human rights are the fundamental freedoms and rights to which all humans are entitled to simply for being human.
  23. The Declaration of the Rights of Man
    The main idea of the Declaration of the Rights of Man was to provide citizens with a set of fundamental rights, which are granted by birth and cannot be infringed by any parties.
  24. Reform Movements and Women’s Rights
    Several reform movements emerged during the antebellum era in an attempt to restructure American society. Women were usually actively involved in the reform movements.

💡 Essay Ideas on Human Rights

  1. Teaching Political Economy for Human Rights
  2. Individual Responsibility for Implementing Human Rights
  3. Building Respect for Human Life: Psychological Perspectives
    Disrespect for human life in American society can take many forms, and the answer to it depends on the psychological perspective employed.
  4. Human Rights During the War on Terror
  5. Common-Law Protecting Human Rights
  6. Human Rights Act 1998 and Its Relationship to the European Convention
    The author states since the U.K is a member of the European Union it should embrace the human rights articles as dictated by the European Union convection into its law.
  7. Human Rights During the French Revolution
  8. Remedies for the Infringement of Human Rights
  9. The Australian Human Rights Commission
  10. The African System of Human Rights Protection
    This essay aims at outlining the issues that make the African System of Human Rights Protection inefficient and what can be done to ensure they are fully functional.
  11. Child Marriage and the United Nations Human Rights
  12. Integrating Human Rights Into Development
  13. Challenges for Human Rights in the 21st Century Philosophy
  14. Is Healthcare a Civil or Human Right?
    This paper seeks to argue out that like any other fundamental human right like food and shelter, health care is a human right and should not be considered a legal right.
  15. Understanding Human Rights and Status of Oppressed Groups
  16. Reparations for Grievous Abuses of Human Rights
  17. Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare
  18. Rights-Based Ethics in Miss Evers’ Boys Film
    The study aims to investigate the effects of untreated syphilis, and hundreds of poor African-American men suffered due to the research.
  19. Effective Practices for Infusing Human Rights
  20. The Chinese Communist Party’s Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
  21. Complying With Human Rights
  22. Adult Obesity Research: Protect Human Rights
    This paper describes various aspects of a study to be conducted on adult obesity: plan to protect Human Rights, limitations of the proposed study, and implications for practice.
  23. Terrorism, Imperialism, and Human Rights Abuses
  24. Ageing, Human Rights, and Public Policies
  25. Abortion: Human Rights and Health Concerns
  26. International Relations Theories and Human Rights
    The predominant theories of international relations explain the role of human rights in completely different ways.
  27. Counter-Terrorism Policy and Human Rights

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Human Rights

  1. Child Marriage and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  2. Canadian Human Rights and Civil Liberties
  3. Separation of Powers in Criminal Justice System to Safeguard Suspects’ Rights
    Division of powers between the institutions is an important feature of the criminal justice system in democratic societies.
  4. Human Rights Infractions Against Women
  5. Equality and Human Rights Commission
  6. Belarus and the Violation of Human Rights
  7. UAE Soft Power against Human Rights Accusations
    The term ‘soft power’ was firstly introduced at the end of the 1980s and to this day is extensively applied in the external policy discussions of issues.
  8. Agent Permeability, Principal Delegation, and the European Court of Human Rights
  9. State’s Obligations Under International Human Rights
  10. The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
  11. Texas New Abortion Law and Women’s Rights Over Their Bodies
    In an attempt to alleviate the negative consequences of abortion, the Texas new abortion law was established and has raised serious criticisms from various stakeholders.
  12. Human Rights Dilemmas Facing Social Workers
  13. China’s Position Regarding Kuwait’s Human Rights
  14. Systematic Human Rights Violations Over the Years
  15. The International Human Rights Law
    According to international law, human beings are entitled to enjoy full human rights by virtue that they have been born.
  16. International and Domestic Efforts in Human Rights Protection
  17. Equal Human Rights for Women
  18. Buddhist Views on Human Rights
  19. The European Convention on Human Rights and the the Human Rights Act 1998
    The Human Rights Act 1998 was aimed at meeting the basic requirements suggested by the articles introduced by the European Convention on Human Rights.
  20. Fighting Terrorism Without Infringing on Human Rights
  21. The International Federation for Human Rights
  22. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a major breakthrough in the history of human rights. It became the bedrock document of the international human rights system.
  23. Critical Thinking About Human Rights
  24. Human Rights During the Second World War
  25. Mental Health of Children: A Study of Human Rights Violations Through Terrorism
    It can be concluded that there is a direct interlink between terrorist acts and various mental health disorders, including those among children, who are highly prone to mental trauma.
  26. Religious Persecution and Its Effects on World Wide Human Rights
  27. Human Rights in Islam and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

📚 Human Rights Topics for Discussion

  1. The Evolution of Human Rights: From Historical Milestones to Contemporary Challenges
  2. Human Rights Violations in Conflict Zones: Challenges and Efforts to Address Them
  3. The Effect of the Cold War on Human Rights
  4. Human Rights in the Context of Armed Conflicts
  5. Obstacles to Human Rights by Cultural Diversity
  6. Women’s Rights as Human Rights: Progress and Ongoing Struggles
  7. Human Rights in the Age of Technology: Privacy, Surveillance, and Data Protection
  8. Historical Teaching of Human Rights
  9. Freedom of Speech and Expression: A Human Rights Perspective
  10. How the Pornographic Industry Violates Human Rights
  11. The Death Penalty Debate in the Context of Human Rights
  12. Examining the European Convention on Human Rights: The Main Concepts and Goals
  13. Human Rights and Racial Discrimination: Ongoing Challenges
  14. Understanding Human Rights: Labor Rights in a Globalizing World and Gender Rights
  15. Environmental Justice and Its Connection to Human Rights
  16. Universal Human Rights and Cultural Values
  17. Human Rights and Ethnic Groups in American History
  18. Gender-Based Violence and the Fight for Human Rights
  19. Comparing the Human Rights Acts of India and China
  20. How to Prevent Police Abuses of Human Rights
  21. Human Rights Education: Promoting Awareness and Advocacy
  22. The Relation Between Human Rights and the Financial Crisis
  23. Cybersecurity and Human Rights: Balancing Security and Freedom
  24. Human Rights in Times of Health Crises
  25. Access to Education as a Fundamental Human Right
  26. Human Rights and the Modern Labor Movement
  27. Political Activism and the Pursuit of Human Rights
  28. Slavery and Servitude: How Are Human Rights Abused in These Phenomena?
  29. Cultural Heritage Protection and Its Link to Human Rights
  30. Human Rights Treatment in Modern Cinema

❓ Human Rights Research Questions

  1. Does the Human Rights Act 1998 Promote or Hinder Democracy?
  2. How Do NGOs, Activism, and People Work to Defend Human Rights?
  3. When Religious Beliefs Overpower Human Rights?
  4. Does Terrorism Threaten Human Rights?
  5. Is Some Human Rights More Fundamental Than Others?
  6. Why Does China Have Such a Poor Record of Human Rights?
  7. How Has the Human Rights Act Affected Parliamentary Supremacy?
  8. Where Do Human Rights and Cultural Relativism Meet?
  9. Are Human Rights Infringed on Treatments for Mental Health?
  10. How Has Globalization Impacted Human Rights?
  11. When Religious Beliefs Overpower Human Rights?
  12. How Far Has the Government Gone to Compromise Our Basic Human Rights?
  13. Does the Terrorism Act Infringe Upon Our Human Rights?
  14. Why Was the Human Rights Act Created?
  15. What Are the Implications of Human Rights for Minerals Taxation?
  16. How Effectively Does the Human Rights Act 1998 Promote?
  17. Are Human Rights Innate and Universal?
  18. Are New Democracies Better Human Rights Compliers?
  19. Does Mental Health Treatment Infringe Human Rights?
  20. Does the Human Rights Act Protect Civil Liberties?
  21. Why Have Many Human Rights Issues Remained Unaddressed and Unresolved?
  22. Where Are the Human Rights in Libya?
  23. Have International Human Rights Really Changed Over the Last Sixty Years?
  24. Are Human Rights Practices Improving?
  25. Was Human Rights Violated during the Iraq War?
  26. Does the Canadian Charter Effectively Protect Our Human Rights?
  27. Are Human Rights Issues Valid?

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