The Significance of Human Rights


In modern society, the significance of human rights has a great importance. Even though a notion of human rights often appears to be abstract, still, there are basic concepts that define its essential meaning. The foundation of human rights conception is mostly based on the principles of democracy. Currently, there are political regimes and social approaches that often misuse the human rights. Despite that for a quite long period of time, the life is represented as civilized, the idea concerning the rights is under the protection of the law for not too long. As it was stated, ‘particularly, since the United Nations (UN) was established in 1945, world leaders have cooperated to codify human rights in a universally recognized regime of treaties, institutions, and norms’ (The Global Human Rights Regime 2013, para. 1). Exactly because of the abstraction of the idea of human rights, it was often misunderstood, and it led to multiple horrible crimes against the humanity. Today the issue of human rights is not fully solved, although it constantly stays under the obligatory observation of many countries worldwide.


The idea of human rights comes from the very core of ethics and morality. In its turn, they promote the vision of human as an individual being, having his potential, independence, aspirations, wishes, and liberty, which are the integral parts of the personality. Therefore, they are given to a human by nature, and the right to use them is given as well. If to use a modern model of life, the human rights include the wide range of aspects, such as financial, cultural, social, political, and others. It means that in each of those, an individual is free to make his choice and act accordingly.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was created by the United Nations in the year 1948. Its creation included the representatives of many ethnical groups and cultures. Therefore, the universal complex of laws was formed, which is actual in any part of the earth globe (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2016). It could be said that the influence on the doctrine was caused by the institutions of law on different national and international scales. The main purpose of the declaration is to promote the essential things, such as freedom, equality, respect, peace, as well as the solution for a wide range of economic, cultural, political and health issues that carry an international character. The simplified version of declaration includes 30 articles. Since the United Nations were formed, the concept of a truly international set of laws began its existence. Their purpose was about regulating the relationships between the world nations based on the common standards that were fully based on equality.

First of all, the existence of human rights provides security, justice and freedom for all of the earth cultures. In this respect, the significance of human rights cannot be underestimated. The United Nations Human Rights states that all individuals were born with the rights, despite the national, residential, ethnic, sexual, racial and other aspects. Therefore, our rights are equal, free and independent (What Are Human Rights? 2016). Respectively, the human rights also exclude the flows with a negative influence, such as racism, ethnocentrism, fascism and others.

Every Medal Has Its Reverse

Unfortunately, despite all the positive features, still, there are also some hidden obstacles. According to The Guardian, there are not so many facts that human rights are successful on the international level, even if this law is considered the most important among all. However, a brand new vision concerning the human rights is not developed (Posner 2014). As an example, we could reflect some democratic countries like Brazil, South Africa, and India. In these countries, the number of murders by the police is often extremely high. It is known that the question of human’s life has the biggest significance of the human rights. However, the policemen often use the methods of torment because of the incompetency of the local courts. Besides that, there is the evidence that the idea of human rights has partially failed. Europe, along with the United States creates a fictional vision that they have got everything under control, and that the human laws are protected, at the same time when the countries of Islamic part of the world deal with the constant struggles concerning the full inequality between male and female. Most of the African countries suffer from extreme poverty, hunger and deadly diseases to this day, and for some reason, nobody is in a rush of doing something cardinal there. In its turn, today India appears to be the country of one of the biggest populations on the earth globe, what forces millions of Indians to be unemployed and homeless, as their country is not capable of providing the required number of jobs and places to live. According to the recent investigations, In each Indian city, 1 person among 100 is an outcast (Increasing Understanding of India Homeless 2013). What steps the United Nations could implement to reach the relief?


In spite of all the positive moments that are being promoted by UDHR, there is still too many inequality, suffering, struggle and the war on earth. It comes to the point that, first of all, every single person must change the world, starting from himself. That is the only way for any complex of laws to be active at all levels, in all ethnical and cultural groups. Without the active human position, the laws just continue to be the laws, without the chance to become implemented and realized. According to the Encyclopedia of Law and Society, the “human rights have become a crucial part of the agenda of international relations. Full acceptance among the community of nations requires that states comply with certain legal standards which may be enforced by sanctions or instruments of political pressure” (Clark, 2007, p. 721). This statement gives us a clear understanding that it is always difficult to introduce new things to the society, and that frequently such introductions appear to be painful for many of the people. But an acceptance of the new concepts is always the way of evolution, and everything that is unable to adapt to the new conditions most likely would become accommodated through the hard changes and breakings. Unfortunately, the modern society is not ready to live according to such high principles yet. That is one of the main barriers on the way of implementation of human rights on the deeper level. While knowing that, every one of us should make all the efforts in the self-transformation, and fully eliminate the attitude based on indifference.


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