Gay Marriage-Right to Be


Gay marriage refers to a marriage that takes place between people of the same sex. When two or more people of same biological sex or social gender are legally or socially pronounced as husband and wife, we say that gay marriage has taken place. Same sex marriage has been an issue in many nations all over the world. This is due to the ideological differences that have come up due to different perspectives that people have concerning this kind of marriage. There are a number of reasons that have actually led to the debate that is there at the moment: should people of the same sex be allowed to enter into marriage? Should they be allowed to use same status that allows equal rights as other marriages do? Should they have any rights at all? The United States of America is one of the nations that have conceded heated debates as concerns this issue. A section of the people is for the marriage while another section is against this act of marriage. As for me, I would consider it right for people to practice gay marriage. This is due to a number of reasons as stipulated below (Lahey 46).

Gay marriage conveys equality or right

Matrimony is an institution that should be handled with suitable esteem and dignity. When people have decided to make a lifetime commitment to shore up each other, they should be allowed to. This is because marriage is an institution that conveys admiration and honor to these people. It is appalling for people to be denied their dignity and right as long as they don’t infringe on anybody’s rights. To boost on the standards of dignity and respect for one another in the country, one should be given all the rights that he or she deserves to be given. Therefore, I support the fact that people should be given the right to practice gay marriage as they like (Fetner 79).

Love is a fundamental aspect in gay marriage

Love is a facet that has been proved to be a prerequisite for marriage. Without love, many things in the world would not be practical as cordial human relationships. Denying someone to marry a particular person is like robbing him or her rights to marry a person of his/her love. Moreover, it will involve denying an individual the right to marry a person who has decided to be committed to him or her. This is a true reflection of failed democracy in the country or in a nation that forbids gay marriage. Moreover, it is against the prevalence of justice in the country. Gay marriage is therefore a feature that is inevitable to happen in every human community (Mello 123).

Denial of gay marriage is detrimental to the life of an individual

Before people marry, it is normally presumed that they have had time to smack on every deal that touches on the fields of finances and security after they will have got married. Denying a person the right to marry a meticulous individual is of adverse effects on his or her life. This may ruin the life of an individual for a long period of time or even for the entire lifetime. The person will suffer consequences as those related to financial constrains, individual security, medical care and other privileges that come as a result of getting married. This is detrimental to the life of an individual. Moreover, the security of the children will be at stake if the couple is barred from getting married. It is therefore wrong to prevent an individual from marrying another person of the same sex (Rauch 32).

Marriage is not based on sexual acts alone

It is not true that people marry only for the sexual benefits that compile marriage in many cultures and tribes. It is very vital for people to get this thought out of their minds since it is actually making them have a negative perception of gay marriage in the society. Being gay is normally based on the aspect of love and care for one another besides other strategies of life. It is also based on whom someone loves and gets attracted to and not for sex. Many people have been practicing gay marriage and it has helped to serve many other people in the society as the orphaned children in the streets of many cities in the world. Gay marriage should therefore be legally introduced to be among the types of marriages that are recommended to the people in the world.

Gay marriage and the will of God

Many people dread the aspect of gay marriage because they have been made to belief that it is not in favor of the will of God. There are several churches in the world that have legalized gay marriage in their constitutions of marriage. This is an argument that has been on use for a long time. On behave of this argument, it is a fact that gays are of an assortment of types. There are those who have developed a brawny devotion towards the beliefs of the church and those who have decided to be atheists. This is because of the fact that believing in the principles of God entails one’s faith. This is therefore not one of the reasons that should be used against the practice of gay marriages in the world (Gerstmann 56).

Gay marriage promotes sociological normalization

There is an aspect of sociological normalization. This is based on the fact that people should learn to view events in the world as normal and natural in everyday life. As long as there are laws that allow other people to marry natives of opposite sex, there should also be a right to marry an individual of the same sex. There should be new ways of thinking that will put people in a state of neutrality and commonness in the society. This will assist people to view the society as made up of people of varied beliefs and practices.


In conclusion, marriage is an institution that has existed to govern humanity. Through marriage, individual people have been able to come together and form communities that have resulted to countries and nations of today. This means that any law that acts against gay marriage has barred the community from getting access to other principles of building the society. It is against the individual right to prevent people from getting married to individuals of their choice. Moreover, it thwarts equity and equality before the law. Gay marriage is therefore a way to be.

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