Influence of Smoking on the Organism


Smoking can be dated as early as 5000 BC (Terry 5). It is an act where substances such as tobacco, cannabis and opium are burned and the smoke is inhaled. Burning helps to release the substance in the drug, making it easily inhaled into the lungs. After the gas is inhaled into the lungs it is absorbed into the bloodstream and then straight to the brain. In the country tobacco is the most widely smoked substance as it is commercially available. Other substances like heroine, opium and cannabis are not legalized and in the process not widely smoked. Smoking tools include cigars, pipes and bongs. Nowadays cigarette smoking seems to be the widely used method of smoking whereby it is either hand-rolled from unprocessed tobacco or industrially made.

Statistics shows that over one billion people are cigarette smokers. Most of these people start smoking in their adolescent stage than in their adulthood. Most smokers start smoking due to peer influence because cigarettes are taken as a recreational drug. Smoking is also done by some communities as a ritual or for spiritual purposes (Terry 7). When one smokes it is not mandatory that all the smoke will be inhaled, as some is exhaled and mostly taken by those around the smoker. These are non-smokers but when they inhale the gas they are affected in the same way as those smoking. They are referred to as secondhand smokers (CDC 5).

The aim of this research is to find out why people should stop cigarette smoking. The harmfulness of nicotine to people’s lives should prompt them to stop smoking. Cigarette Smoking has physical effects especially on the face and fingers. In addition it also causes various fatal diseases. Some of the diseases caused by smoking are lung cancer, heart attack, stroke and impotence.

Consequences of smoking

Inhaling of whatever substance into the lungs has a health effect. The substance is not be completely burnt and hence produces carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide reduces the ability of the blood to transport oxygen in the body. In addition when nicotine is inhaled for the first time it causes pressure because it triggers reactions in the nerve endings in the brain. Long term smoking becomes addictive and it is hard for one to stop (Exposure to Tobacco Smoke 4).

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

When women smoke during pregnancy it not only affects the mother but it also the unborn child. The mother is at risk of having complications during birth, having a premature birth or giving birth to an under weight child. According to Terry nicotine is also found in the breast milk of a smoking mother and can be transmitted to the child when breastfeeding which can lead to death. This is because nicotine reduces the amount of blood in the child’s body system. However those mothers who smoke during pregnancy deliver under weight children who mostly die at their infant age. (U.S. Department of health & human services 9)

Smoking affect reproduction

Tracee states that chemicals in nicotine affect fertilization and zygote implantation in women. This is because nicotine leads to separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus. In addition nicotine chemicals make the cervical fluid toxic and hence the sperms are not able to swim. This makes fertilization impossible. However in men nicotine leads to impotence and gene mutations which lead to miscarriages.

Smoking causes cancer

Statistics shows that most cancerous deaths are caused by cigarette smoking. The carcinogens in tobacco destroy the gene that controls cells growth and hence the body cells multiply uncontrollably. In addition cigarette smoking causes other cancers such as cancer of the stomach, bladder, cervical, pharynx and kidney cancer. New cases of cancer caused by smoking have been reported and they include pancreas cancer and acute myeloid leukemia. Smoking of cigarettes with low quantities of tar does not reduce the chances of getting lung cancer (Larson 7)

Smoking causes Coronary heart disease

In America most deaths are caused by coronary diseases and stroke which are consequences of smoking (Terry 7). Most cardiovascular diseases such as blood pressure and congestive heart failure are caused by smoking. Nicotine toxins cause the arteries to harden which leads to the thickening of the walls of the arteries. Heart attack and stroke are caused by clotting of blood. In addition smoking is known to cause abdominal aortic aneurysm.


According to the research smoking is a leading cause of many deaths. Smoking causes harm to everyone who inhales the toxins of nicotine inclusive of the unborn, adults, infants, children and adolescents. Smoking harms many organs of the body.

Smoking also affects the economy because the government uses a lot of money each year to provide medical services to the smokers. Therefore smokers should quit smoking immediately, especially pregnant women whose smoking habits adversely affect the future generation. The government and the NGO’S should enforce campaigns against smoking especially among the adolescents. Instead of smoking the youth should be motivated to engage in other forms of recreation activities such as playing. In addition there should be smoking zones so that the non-smokers may not be affected. There should also be rehabilitation centres for the heavy smokers who are willing to quit.

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