The Issue of Having a Gun

Statement of the Issue

The world has been characterized by conflicts for many years. Sometimes the conflicts have escalated into a war that has forced the use of guns as weapons to fight the opponents. Moreover, nations, kingdoms, regions, groups, and even individuals all have to resort to acquiring guns for protection, defense, sports, and hobby purposes. Therefore, the gun issue has become a debate to both international and national experts, both expressing their varying views on the issue.

Human society and the environment do vary in nature and function. The difference has created a scenario whereby understanding the perception attached to the possession and use of guns does greatly vary. To some societies the issue of having a gun is almost taboo and therefore seriously condemned; but to others, it is a necessity to survive in the harsh environment characterized by crime. Therefore, to adequately understand or deal with the moral issues of guns, there need to be case studies into the various societies or groups in the communities specifically on the need to control or regulate distribution and possession of guns and the impact it will have on the individuals and also the wider society.

Brief History on the Gun Possession

The Gun possession debate has been around for a relatively long time, especially in the history of the USA. Historically, the debate on the issue of the gun has mainly centered on; whether to control the access and distribution of guns, what the constitution says about guns and guns rights, the constitutional powers to limit the government control on the use and possession of guns, how safe it can be to live with the right to own guns and if gun control policies can work. Guns continue to be part of people’s lives and the widespread usage is explained by the desire on the part of many people to own the objects for various reasons and purposes (Lunger, 2002, p. 11).

Listing Of Main Positions on the Issue

Gun-control position

According to the proponents of gun control, possession and use of a gun are provided for in the constitution. They argue that the state must regulate gun possession and use through the directions of the Second Amendment of the constitution as well as legal precedents or judicial interpretations. This control has been observed in California where a law was passed to force all gun owners to register and get a license to own the gun (Hornberger Para. 1).

Gun rights position

The proponents of gun rights position are opposed to any action aimed at controlling individuals’ right to own guns. They refer to the Second Amendment of the constitution which provides that although the state-owned militia is obliged to possess and use guns for the security of the state, people’s rights to own and use guns should as well not be infringed.

Proponents for the Respective Positions

Guns-control proponents

  1. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: this group petitioned the Supreme Court in 2009 in a bid to ensure proper interpretation of the Second Amendment as a way of instituting reasonable gun laws.
  2. Violence Policy Centre: A not-for-profit agency whose main duties include creating awareness on gun possession and violence as well as aiding in firearm policies.
  3. Million Mom March: It’s an organization that aims at protecting the public against gun abuse as well as providing support to those who have directly or indirectly suffered from gun-related incidences.

Guns rights proponents

  1. National Rifle Association: A non-profit organization that aims at protecting the rights of the people to possess guns mainly for self-defense, as well as creating awareness about firearm safety in society.
  2. Citizen Committee for the Rights to Keep and Bear Arms: A non-partisan agency that makes reference to the Second Amendment and educates lawmakers on the significance of protecting individual gun ownership rights.
  3. Gun Owners of California: they refused to comply with the law that required them to register their guns with the state (Hornberger Para. 1).

A Listing of the Various Arguments

Gun-control argument

The proponents believe that there should be a national licensing requirement for handgun possession, increase the federal firearms fee and that all ammunition dealers be licensed (Wilson, 2007, pp 143).

Gun-right Argument

The right to self-defense, the proponents believe that an individual being unjustly assaulted has the right to use deadly force to preserve his or her life (Carter, 2002, pp 500)

Subjective Opinion on Gun Rights position

The cosmopolitan nature of our society, the presence of different social classes, attachment to particular beliefs all are going to play a great deal in society. The recent and also historical evidence of gun disasters cannot be wished away. But again profound evidence shows that individuals have fallen victims to criminal gangs with no such effective defense tools they have died or been, disabled. Therefore, we should look at the issue of individual security and the existing environment in which the individual life is endangered and truly understand the need for appropriate defense. Any debate on the gun issue should broadly and extensively analyze security issues, not to the disadvantages of the majority who are threatened by criminal gangs.

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