Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Illegal


Abortion is one of the main issues being debated on by many people in various places and countries. There are many people who would want abortion to be legalized just because of the reasons that the baby and mother could be at risk. This is very wrong as it’s not all about the health of the baby and the mother but other disastrous problems which are to happen to the mother. The health of the mother could be at risk to a greater percentage after aborting since it can make them be infertile hence can’t bear children any more.

All the mothers should be at the front in supporting the life of the children who are not yet born since they should be in a position to understand the meaning of life and the challenges faced when aborting. The abortion session is so painful unlike the giving birth of the children which is always accompanied with the joy of having a new human being besides considering it as a blessing from God.

Thesis statement

Abortion should be illegal, because there is risk of women not becoming mothers again, these women are killing a human being, and being a mother is the most important thing for women. There should be great value for the children whom we are to give birth to since they are the next generation with various techniques in the attainment of the success in our society. There has been the saying that you could be killing the next president of the republic. This could be true so there is no need to abort. Killing of the innocent blood is wrong and ungodly hence there is no justification of such cases (Naden, p. 111).

Reasons why abortion should be illegal

Threat to the mothers’ health

There are a lot of health problems which comes with the abortion to the mother. The mother will always experience serious health complications in her lifetime after the abortion. The abortion procedure is crude and it leads to harming the mothers’ reproductive organs resulting to a lifetime inability to bear children. The mother will be exposed to various reproductive diseases which are more costly to treat other than avoiding the termination of the pregnancy.

The mother also is in a dire danger of being exposed to lifetime depressions as a result of the pregnancy termination. The mother is the only person who will be haunted by the terminated pregnancy especially when things don’t seem right in her life over the kids she has. This is a challenge to women that they should not have a choice to life of the children. There should be no decision on issues that relates to the death or life of the child (Berne, p. 58).

Abortion is murder

The person who undergoes abortion executes a murder and should be convicted to death for such cases in the country. Abortion is considered murder irrespective of the persons’ believe of when life begins. The life of the child is a God’s gift and blessing to us hence there is no justifiable means which will enable us accept the legalization of abortion. The life of a child as per the biblical teachings is at conception not at birth as most laws have stipulated. The unborn child is a live fetus which breaths in the mothers womb and hence any termination of such a life is considered to be murder and it’s totally against the biblical teachings. Pregnancy is a seed which God has sown and it should not be eliminated. There is a lot distress t the mother and the entire family as a result of such termination. There are guilt of the mother and the people who are around her in the arriving at the decision. The issue of abortion should be removed as it’s a means to which the society achieves peace and eliminates the complications which could have occurred.

Premarital sex and immorality

The increase in the rates of immorality is the main reason which calls for the elimination of the abortion related issues. There are many people who engages in unprotected sex without considering the implications of the pregnancies which can occur anytime to them The people engaging on such immoral acts always considers the pregnancy as a small issue. They are less bothered with pregnancies since they are aware that they can always terminate it. This has been witnessed in the countries where the abortion has been legalized.

The United States of America has been on the spotlight over their legalization of abortion as most youths now days engaged in unprotected sex. The premarital sex has increased chances of the sexual transmitted diseases which have ended the lives of many people. Moral values have been ignored at all hence there is need for the elimination of the laws which supports abortion for the sake of our children well being and moral code of conduct. There have been increased cases of divorce due to the cases related to abortions since most women would want to hide their immorality. This has been always revealed even after some years as there is nothing that a person would hide. There is always someone who knows about it. Abortion can leads to the death of the mother. The mother risks death just because of unwanted pregnancy (Rose, p. 120).

Family choice

There should be choices which are made by the family to the respect of unintended pregnancies. The choices relates to the families adoption of the children who are born without any intention. This is as per the various family planning means which does not warrant any instance of abortion but prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

The various countries such as US have legalized abortion since 1973. There have been high and worrying rate of the number of babies killed in the US as a result of abortion. There are over 4000 abortions made in the USA in a single day which translate to ungodly, immoral, and unprecedented way of handling life. There should be no acceptance for people to have choice in relation to life. People should never decide on matters which relates to life at all. Life is precious and it’s from God hence preservation of life is important.

Other countries

There should be concern of the US government over the legalization of the abortion so as to eliminate is absolutely. The high rates of death of the babies are enough to call for the scrapping of such laws. There are currently debates in Kenya over the inclusion of the legalization of abortion in the country. The new proposed constitution in Kenya has allowed abortion in the country. This has elicited opposition from various political leaders and church leaders. This is a hotly contested debate in Kenya with the people opposing the abortion not to vote for the proposed constitution in the coming referendum (Williams, p. 245).

The past

In the past, abortion was not allowed and moral values were the main key to regulating the sexual maters of the unmarried and the married people. This helped a lot in the regulation of undesired behavior of the people. There were increased secret cases of abortion by the women. These secret abortions resulted in many women being seriously mutilated and exposed to serious diseases. There were also instance of the high rates of deaths of the women who were undergoing abortion. There was also high rate of the women being separated from their families for fear of what might happen to hem since they were pregnant. The society didn’t condone any cases of immorality which was established by the serious moral values being instilled on the people. This has been so important and today it’s necessary to have moral values being the key to the elimination of the unwanted pregnancies (Alters, p. 151).


The society also should be in a position to outlaw the abortion practices so as to have people responsible for their lives. There are many ways of preventing pregnancy such as use of condoms so as to prevent the cases of pregnancy. All the people should advocate for the illegalization of abortion in the society so as to preserve life, upholds the health and to be Godly as possible. In the past, US didn’t permit any acts of abortion. Whoever engages in such acts was punished, and this included the doctors and the women as well. The pro-life group of people supports the preservation of life of the unborn children.

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