127 Marriage Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Marriage Research Papers Examples

  1. Prohibition of Same Sex Marriage
    In the present day community which claims for the dominance of democratic principles, prohibition of same sex marriages discriminates the rights of the sexual minority.
  2. Same Sex Marriages' Recognizing
    From a human rights perspective, same-sex marriages are okay and the federal government should do its best to remove the restriction of marriage rights to heterosexual couples.
  3. Same-sex Marriage as a Religious Issue
    Same-sex marriage is viewed as one of the most controversial social issues facing the world today, probably due to the many legal and social factors involved.
  4. Case of Gay Marriage Legalization
    Legalization of gay marriages has been a subject of furious public debate for quite some time now. This essay looks into an appropriate societal response to the legalization of gay marriages.
  5. Divorce Impacts and Effects
    This paper focuses on the causes of divorce and its effects on family members: effects of divorce on husbands, wives and children.
  6. Gay Marriage Legalization Process
    Gay marriage can be termed as the union of two persons of the same biological gender. This form of marriage is legally and socially accepted in some states.
  7. Moral Issue of Same-Sex Marriages
    The author argues that supporters of same-sex marriages are wrong by considering same-sex marriages to be all about gay rights.
  8. Immigrant’s Experiences in America
    The essay presents the findings of the research on the immigrant’s experiences in terms of religion, adaptation, gender roles, racial discrimination, morality, education, marriage, and family.
  9. The Rights of Same-sex Couples to Marry
    Marriage is known to be a highly important aspect of people’s lives, this is why same-sex couples are fighting for the right to be able to engage into same-sex marriages freely.
  10. Homosexual Marriage: Arguments and Perspectives
    This research is aimed at examining the debate about same-sex marriage and conceptions of masculinity and femininity.
  11. Same Sex Marriage: Moral Arguments and Civil Unions
    This paper seeks to discuss same sex marriage. The paper will look into some of the issues, social, legal and even political surrounding same sex marriages.
  12. Debating Same-Sex Marriage: Moral and Contemporary Issues
    Gay and lesbian advocacy groups began mobilizing as early as the 1970s. The goal of the advocacy groups was to achieve equality in same-sex marriage issues.
  13. Same-Sex Marriage: The Catolic Church Views
    Same-sex marriage is one of the contemporary moral issues facing global society. The paper compares the position of the Catholic Church and the opposing view.
  14. Gay Marriage in the US
    The United States president has publicly supported gay marriages as demonstrated in a statement, explaining the considerations he made to arrive to that particular decision.
  15. Gays Denied Human Rights
    The author argues that supporters of same-sex marriages are wrong by considering same-sex marriages to be all about gay rights.
  16. Homosexual Relationships in the Online Media
    The articles discuss the emerging debate on homosexuality and the changing perceptions about sexual orientation.
  17. Chinese Population: Future Growth and Wellbeing
    The paper discusses the possible implications of relaxing the one-child policy with respect to the socio-economic wellbeing of the future Chinese population.
  18. Western World's View on Muslim Women
    Middle East countries view Muslim women in accordance with the Quran. The paper explores stereotype on Muslim women by the western world and compares with that of the Middle East.
  19. Women Status in the Arab Gulf Countries
    Women according to Koran are not blamed for Adam’s first mistake. Both were jointly wrong in their disobedience to God, both repented and both were forgiven.
  20. Homosexuality as a Part of Human Culture
    This paper seeks to answer the following questions; should gay marriage be legalized? Do homosexuals have right? What is the place of homosexuality in contemporary culture?
  21. "The Storm" and "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin
    Comparing and contrasts two of Kate Chopin's famous works, "The Storm" and "The Story of an Hour". Comparison of the two works is done by examining various themes and characters.
  22. Standing on Feminist Side in Same-Sex Marriage
    In modern world marriages of the same-sex are common in a few countries such the US, Holland, Spain and South Africa. Traditionally, marriage has been legally or socially recognized between people of opposite sex.
  23. Hamlet & Revenge
    The Ghost’s revelations make Hamlet vow to take revenge. His vow is strengthened when the play confirms Claudius’ guilt.
  24. Homosexual Marriage Legality: Discussion
    In the United States, married couples receive many legal benefits that couples who live together but are unmarried do not.
  25. Women’s Role in Society
    America is one of the most developed countries of the world now a day, where the women citizens are contributing to the society as same as men.

👍 Good Marriage Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Gay Marriages: Isn’t It Time to Allow Them Feel Happy?
    Marriage is a social institution that is based on the decision of two people to live together. Marriage is built on love, understanding, and people’s desire to spend lives together.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis of How Gay Marriage Impact Our Society
    This paper will explore the sensitive issue of Gay marriage, a comprehensive analysis of how this impact our society will be provided in this paper.
  3. Marriage in "The Awakening" Novel by Kate Chopin
    "The Awakening" is a novel by Kate Chopin is one of the greatest works in American literature which shocked readers with its honest treatment of female marital infidelity.
  4. The Debate on Proposition 8
    The debate about the absence of legally granted rights for homosexual men and women in America which allow them to marry another man and receive a marriage license.
  5. Women and Men Relationship
    The generation construct is that women are independent, confident, and successful and there are no things that men can give them which they cannot get for themselves.
  6. Disease of Marriage in "The Story of an Hour" by Chopin
    Mrs. Mallard is the main character in the short story by the title: The Story of an Hour. Mrs. Mallard has a heart problem and telling this news to her has to be very tactical.
  7. Public Opinion About Gay Rights and Gay Marriage
    Based on a survey carried on of public opinion in America on gay rights indicated that in five s time many American will support Gay marriage.
  8. Same-Sex Marriage in Modern Society
    Same-sex marriages change the traditional setting of the family, dmanding that a family should consist of a man, a woman, and their children, rather than of two men or two women.
  9. Gay Marriage-Right to Be
    In this essay, the author examines the phenomenon of same-sex marriage from different angles and considers problematic aspects.
  10. Women's Role and Status in Ancient Societies
    Women in ancient societies received cruel treatment. Many ancient societies, especially those in third world countries, regarded them as second-class citizens.
  11. Marriage and the Family: The Biblical Ideal & Modern Practice
    The culture of the individuals who are getting married determine the form of relationship that the individuals will be involved in.
  12. Parental Divorce Has Negative Effects on Children
    When parents divorce, the children are most likely to experience diminished parental care. The children do not receive the care of both parents.
  13. Family Structure and Change and Child Outcome
    Today, Canada is characterized by the diversity of family structures that are different from the nuclear family with two parents.
  14. Sociological View on Family
    In general, under the conception of family we understand the union of individuals allowing them to satisfy their emotional, social, and economic needs.
  15. The Family as an Institution in American Society
    Problems experienced by most families are separation and divorce. Separation does not necessarily mean that a couple breaks up because of their individual differences.
  16. Same-Sex Marriage and Social Impact
    The essay analyzes the issue of same-sex marriage to find out the way such individuals are treated by the government and members of society.
  17. Same-Sex Marriage in Canada as a Social Issue
    Since same-sex marriage is a social issue, this essay examines the issue in terms of homosexuality, sexual orientation, and social conflict theory.
  18. Psychological Research and Its Impact on Society
    Psychological research is deeply interwoven with the deepest interests, hopes, and passions of man and is always subject to the influence of feelings and emotions.
  19. Same-Sex Marriage as a Problem in Society
    Same-sex marriage or gay marriage has continually raised a raging debate between the proponents and opponents of this type of union.
  20. Christian Religious Fundamentalism and Family Role Identities
    Christianity has a huge influence on marriage through its strong impact on family values and gender obligations.
  21. Gay Family's Culture and Dynamics
    Permanent cohabitation of gays and lesbians with a lifestyle similar to the heterosexual family has become widespread not so long ago.
  22. Women’s Oppression in Marriage in Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”
    In her "The Story of an Hour," written in 1894, Kate Chopin sheds light on this issue and expresses her distaste for the institution of marriage.
  23. Marriage Story Film Directed by Noah Baumbach
    Marriage story is one of the most acclaimed films directed by Noah Baumbach. It addresses divorce, which is one of the most gut-wrenching topics in the current world.

💡 Essay Ideas on Marriage

  1. The Factors and History of the Evolution of Marriage
  2. Neglecting Common Marriage Problems
  3. Women Leadership Styles in United Arab Emirates
    In the UAE, the number of female leaders is significantly increasing but the number is small compared to the total number of people in the workforce.
  4. The Importance of the Religion in Marriage
  5. Factors Affecting the Importance of Marriage
  6. Myths About Preparing for Marriage
  7. Native American Marriage Customs
  8. Same-Sex Marriage and Defense of Marriage Act
    Over the years, the institution of marriage in the United States has experienced a number of changes. One element that has attracted a lot of controversy is same-sex marriages.
  9. The Plummeting Marriage Rate
  10. Marriage Strategy Among European Nobility
  11. Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
    This proposal supports the legalization of gay marriage, and points out that there is no substantial basis to continue denying the gay community a right to marry.
  12. U.S. And Mexico Marriage Practices
  13. The Reasons for Changes in the Patterns of Marriage
  14. Rescue Remedy for Financial Problems in a Marriage
  15. Marriage and Its Impact on Society
  16. Personality Psychology on Same-Sex Marriage Debates
    In the article, the author discusses how personality psychology helps to understand the different opinions people have on the same issue.
  17. Problems With Living Together Before Marriage
  18. The Main Religious Features of a Christian Marriage
  19. Effects of Stress on the Human Body
    The paper discusses the effects of stress on the human body and all spheres of life including social, emotional and private.
  20. The Causes and Solution of Early Marriage in Nigeria
  21. Marriage Between Two People With Different Cultures
  22. Primary Prevention: Public Health Concept
    Primary prevention meets its objective of promoting healthy communities, supporting education, and providing a safer environment for living.
  23. Societal Expectations About Marriage
  24. Traditional Practices Regarding Marriage
  25. Cultural Considerations in Public Health
    The descendants of consanguineous couples are at enlarged risk for autosomal recessive conditions because of their increased chance for homozygosity by descent.
  26. Marriage Success and Its Psychology
  27. The Differences Between Marriage and Family
  28. African American and Haitian Heritage and Healthcare
    Non-traditional health convictions and practices are strappingly entrenched in Haitian Americans. Nurses should identify therapies and management.

✍️ Marriage Essay Topics for College

  1. Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work
  2. The Different Factors That Make up a Happy Marriage
  3. Same-Sex Civil Rights and Domestic Partnerships
    Although the Constitution does not support discrimination, LGBT persons are denied most of the basic rights that other members of society enjoy.
  4. The Cause and Effect of a Great Marriage
  5. Economic Problems Causing Marriage Problems
  6. Discouraging Divorce With Governmental Policies
    The government can enforce policies that discourage divorce such as unfavorable child protection and divorce laws, to regulate the number of couples applying for a separation.
  7. Family Systems and Its Effects on Marriage
  8. Critical Thinking About Successful Marriage
  9. The Canadian Charter and Its Influence Over the Government
    The Charter limited the Canadian government as the practices of the parliament or legislatures can be disbanded by the Supreme Court.
  10. Relationship Between Marriage and Happiness
  11. Wedding and Marriage Customs of the Chinese Culture
  12. Importance of Conducting Effective Child Sex Education
    This essay will discuss the significance of conducting effective child sex education, and it will also discuss factors that have hampered the effectiveness of child sex education.
  13. The California Marriage Protection Act
  14. The Connection Between Love and Marriage
  15. An Understanding of Education in Four Different Areas
    Analysis and synthesis of a 500 sample dataset were done to understand education in our different areas: gender, age, marital status, and parental education.
  16. The Concept and Process of Marriage in the Victorian Era
  17. Marriage and Divorce Statistics Analysis
  18. Obtaining a Family Therapist Profession in South Carolina
    Those who decide to become a therapist are bound to prove their professional competence by obtaining relevant education and learning how to make people trust them.
  19. The Afghan Culture Marriage
  20. Idealism Transformations Over Materialism in Marriage
  21. Divorce and Its Effects on Children
    Divorce is the practice of ending a marriage or a marital union. This essay will discuss divorce and its impact on children, including emotional and psychological effects.
  22. Factors That Affect Marriage and Its Success Rates
  23. Factors That Influence Interracial Marriage
  24. The Marriage and Family Therapists: Ethical Decision-Making
    The marriage and family therapists are distinguished by an ongoing devotion to professional and ethical excellence.
  25. The Cause and Effects of a Failed Marriage
  26. The Importance of Trust in Marriage
  27. Family Psychology in an Interracial Marriage
    A 30-year-old African-American lady is seeking assistance because her American husband is physically and emotionally abusive.
  28. Women and Their Commitment to Marriage
  29. Understanding the Real Meaning of Marriage

❓ Marriage Research Questions

  1. Do Marriage and Love Come Hand in Hand?
  2. Does Marriage Make Men More Productive?
  3. Is Marriage Better Than Cohabitation?
  4. Does Patience Matter for Marriage Stability?
  5. How Can Successful Communication Make a Marriage Stronger?
  6. Gay Marriage Should Be Legal?
    Legalizing gay marriages will ensure the society accommodates different personalities, encourages civilization and promotes equality among members.
  7. Why Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?
  8. Why Do People Stop Fighting for Their Marriage?
  9. How Has Marriage Influenced by Religion?
  10. What Do the Parental Pressures Affect Desire for Marriage?
  11. What Are the Factors of Determining Societal Norms for Marriage?
  12. What Is Contemporary Hollywood Marriage Like?
  13. How Is Love Related to Marriage?
  14. What Impact Does Indian Culture Have on the Notion of Marriage?
  15. Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legalized?
  16. What Are the Positive and Negative Sides of Teenage Marriage?
  17. Should Same-Sex Couples Receive Constitutional Protection?
    The constitutional rights and principles set social order and relations inside society so that legal same-sex marriage will hurt most people’s social morals and ethical values.
  18. How Does Shakespeare Present the Theme of Love and Marriage?
  19. How Does Interracial Marriage Affect Children?
  20. How Does Same-Sex Marriage Affect Decreasing Population Growth?
  21. Is Marriage Still Important in Society?
  22. Why Does Marriage Lose Its Value?

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