235 Ethics Essay Topics & Examples

Being the branch of philosophy that examines the principles of right and wrong, ethics is an exciting study field for high school and college students. It is a complex issue that covers many topics for discussion and presentation. In this collection of ethics essay topics, we will explore some of the most critical issues, including the basics of morality, business, medical, and media ethics. Ethics essay examples are a nice bonus. Whether you are a student, a professional, or just someone interested in exploring these questions, these topics offer a rich opportunity to delve into the fundamental questions of right and wrong. Find the perfect title for your project here!

📝 Ethics Essay Examples

  1. Google Company Social Media
    This paper looks at the usage and impact of social media on Google Company in the United States. It also compares social and traditional media.
  2. The Ethics of Animal Use in Scientific Research
    In the article “The ethics of animal research Talking Point on the use of animals in scientific research" by Festing & Wilkinson, the issue of animal research ethics is discussed.
  3. Media Ethics Research
    This research proposal describes the procedures that will be employed to come up with conclusions with regard to media ethics: questionnaires, interviews and statistical package.
  4. Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill’s Moral Theories
    Kant argues the happiness of an individual should not supersede the need to respect others. Mill explains there is no need for people to sacrifice their happiness for others.
  5. Immigrant’s Experiences in America
    The essay presents the findings of the research on the immigrant’s experiences in terms of religion, adaptation, gender roles, racial discrimination, morality, education, marriage, and family.
  6. Teaching English Language in Saudi Arabia Kindergarten
    This research will primarily explore the significance of integrating English in Kindergarten, which have started emerging in Saudi Arabia, in both private and public schools.
  7. The Impact of 9/11 on the Ethics
    The 9/11 attack had far-reaching effects on American people and the world. Many civilians died and America’s relationship with some Muslim countries became strained.
  8. English Teaching: Chinese Students Cultural Differences
    The focus was on determining how teachers can overcome cultural issues especially the influence of the first language which limits the ability of foreign students to learn English.
  9. Ethical, Security, & Legal Issues in Information Systems
    Need to write an information system essay? Get inspired by this report! It focuses on ethical, security, and legal issues in information systems.
  10. Ethical Decision-Making Models in Counseling
    Counselors can use different models whenever making ethical decisions. The role of such models is to “bring clarity and order to the decision-making process.”
  11. Animal Research, Its Ineffectiveness and Amorality
    The use of animals in research and scientific experimentation (vivisection) dates back to the early years of the 19th century.
  12. Information Systems and Collaboration in Organizations
    The paper explores information systems management, explains how strategic information systems can be used in organizations, and how IT supports collaboration.
  13. Gender and Equality in the Society
    Media content sways the manner in which people perceive gender and equality. There is a mismatch between how women are portrayed in the media and how they appear in real life.
  14. Genetically Modified Animals and Implications
    Advances in the field of genetics today are the source of the most grandiose hopes and the most intense concerns.
  15. Major Social Media Ethical Issues: Privacy and Accountability
    The history of social media can be traced back to 1969 when CompuServe became the first major public commercial internet service provider in the US.
  16. Learning by Incorporating Handheld Devices
    This research studied the incorporation of handheld devices from teachers and experts’ prospect, exploring the same concept from students point of view.
  17. National Association of Social Workers' Values and Ethics
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze and apply ethical values and standards of the NASW (National Association of Social Workers).
  18. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster: Engineering Ethics
    On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan’s eastern coast. The disaster was the worst in the recorded history of Japan.
  19. Tourism and Environment in Conflict
    Tourism and the environment are deemed to be in conflict with regard to pollution tendencies. In recent times, environmental ramifications have received critical attention with regard to the environment.
  20. E-Learning and Teaching Online
    In the context of modern education, E-learning has become one of the important concepts drawing the attention of theorists and academics.
  21. Ethical Concerns and Technological Progress
    Technological advances have contributed to several ethical concerns. These ethical concerns threatened to destroy the trust and responsibility among humanity.
  22. Qualitative Research Issues
    Qualitative research is aimed at investigations on existing relationships. Every research initiative will therefore be based on goals and reasons for making conclusions and recommendations.
  23. Ethical Theories on Abortion
    What ethical theory supports abortion? Find the answer in this free essay example. It explains the views of deontology, utilitarianism, and other ethical theories on abortion.
  24. Animal Experiments: Benefits, Ethics, and Defenders
    The use of animals for biological and medical research has advanced knowledge. But these benefits have been accompanied by the suffering and death of many of the animals involved.
  25. Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies
    The main purpose of this paper is to highlight more on the current developments and research as far as genetic engineering is concerned.
  26. Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    Cloning and stem cells and their related research and applications is complex, as the following paper discusses.
  27. Suicidal Ideation, Risk Factors for Suicidal Ideation in Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth
    The main aim behind it the estimation of the risk factors for suicidal ideation among sexual perverts including gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the contemporary social set up.
  28. Business Administrative Research – Qualitative Methods
    Coding of qualitative data entails the classification of the raw data into categories in an attempt to find existing relations among the categories.
  29. Is It Morally Acceptable to Download?
    The world is in the middle of a universal hi-tech revolution based on information technology.in recent time there's a basic question whether or not one should pay for online music.
  30. Euthanasia as Physician-Assisted Suicide
    Among patients there are people who do not recognize euthanasia. Nevertheless, we must recognize that the interruption of life is contrary to the basic tenets of Christianity.

👍 Good Ethics Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Cold War – Importance of Communication Ethics During the Conflict
    The following discussion aims to illustrate the importance of communication ethics with reference to Cold War that is an important historical event.
  2. Lifestyles in Don Giovanni and Dangerous Liaisons
    The character of Don Giovanni in Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a typical example of the aesthetic that rises above the dual characteristics of rational and material.
  3. What Is Moral Integrity in Ethics?
    What is moral integrity and why is it important? This ethics essay example aims to answer the question. It explains the meaning of the key ethical concept.
  4. Ethical Perceptions: Virtues and Character, the Obligation, Outcomes, and Equity
    The Ethics Awareness Inventory assessed has categories that apply to character traits and virtue, obligations, standards of ethics, personal morals, and society.
  5. Ethical Issues and Standards in Group Counseling
    Group counseling as a tool in counseling is relatively new. Group counseling borrows ideas from support groups but in Group counseling, a professional is involved.
  6. The Ethics of Cloning: Morality and Issues
    Based on the ethical concerns raised by those against and for cloning, the gains of cloning far much exceed the disadvantages.
  7. Waste Management: Plastic and Metal Debris
    Waste management is among the subjects making news headlines every day. It is a subject of heated debate today and a source of conflict in many regions.
  8. Environmental Ethics: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
    The environment is what surrounds us – it may be artificial like the concrete jungles in urban settings or natural like the five elements.
  9. Computer Ethic: Ethical Issues in Ethical Hacking
    The paper discusses the problem of ethical hacking and the corresponded ethical issues. And the perspectives of ethical issues are also on the agenda.
  10. Security, Privacy and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
    This study is aimed at establishing the various designs that can be set to enhance security, privacy, and ethics in using computer information systems.
  11. The Issue of Human Trafficking
    This paper presents at looking at some of the ethical and legal issues associated with human trafficking according a review of TRADE a movie focusing on human trafficking in Mexico.
  12. Stem Cell Research
    The paper shall attempt to demystify stem cell research and give reasons why stem cell research should be allowed.
  13. Significant Threats to Information Security
    The section develops a strategy for managing information security threats through a proactive incident response plan.
  14. Ethical and Moral Issues in Social Learning Theory
    To prevent children from becoming criminals when adults, it is good to monitor their behaviors and as parents, guide them in knowing the right thing and the wrong action.
  15. Ethical Issues in Research
    Racism and prejudice are critical challenges affecting different communities today. Every researcher should be aware of these challenges before undertaking his or her study.
  16. Ethical Considerations in the Use of Assistive Technologies
    Areas of ethical concerns as listed in the article by Beauchamp and Childress (2001) focus on types of telecare devices that are used for monitoring.
  17. Culture Impact on International Business
    The culture can impact international business in diverse ways. Social structure, language, communication, religion, values, and attitudes are the main aspects.
  18. The Use of Companies Big Data
    The paper concludes that with the use of big data, companies that will hire CPAs will have to apply ethical awareness frameworks and best practices to maximize its use.
  19. Euthanasia: Status and Medical Implications
    This paper presents a debate in which the idea of euthanasia is rejected with totality based on the conviction that euthanasia ignores the importance and value of a human’s life.
  20. Veils That Reduce the Heat Effects on Women’s Faces
    In recent years, a small piece of cloth has managed to cause quite a stir. The scarf or hijab that Muslim women wear on their heads is making headlines around the world.
  21. Genetic Engineering: The Various Viewpoints
    This paper is a compilation of articles written by a variety of authors that explored the various viewpoints on genetic engineering.
  22. Fire Rescue Service Operations
    Fire Rescue Teams work towards providing fire protection to citizens at the local and international levels. They are either public or private institutions.
  23. Genetic Disease Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment
    The emergence of genetic-based diseases has prompted medical practitioners all over the world to put more focus on the diagnosis, screening, and treatment of these conditions.
  24. The Study of the Social and Moral Implications of Stem Cell Research
    Stem Cell Research (SCR) using human embryos must be totally banned all over the world. But the potential to cure debilitating disease must not be set aside.
  25. Aristotle’s Virtue Theory on Euthanasia
    This paper will explore Aristotle’s virtue theory and use its concepts to discuss euthanasia, a controversial contemporary issue.
  26. Coping Strategies for International Students
    Language barriers are to lessen students’ capacity to successfully understand lectures, take notes in class, complete assessments and examinations, and engage in productive communication.
  27. Ethics in Research
    Ethics in Research defines moral and scientific principles and legal rules that researchers must follow when researching any field of study.
  28. Same-Sex Marriage as a Problem in Society
    Same-sex marriage or gay marriage has continually raised a raging debate between the proponents and opponents of this type of union.
  29. Ethics, Social Media and Cell Phone Use in Schools
    This essay explores cell phones and social media in facilitating learning and examines the ethical issues surrounding technology consumption.
  30. Natural Ethics and Individual Ethical Egoism
    Ethics is very often associated with religious principles and there are many who hold that the individual egoism of a person and ethical codes do not go hand in hand.

🏆 Best Ethics Essay Titles

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports Organizations
    The world today believes that companies have a responsibility to the markets in which they operate. Organizations have the power to influence and affect stakeholders’ lives.
  2. Lean Project Management in Different Areas
    The paper analyzes the application of lean project management in different sectors of the economy. The researcher relied on data collected from both primary and secondary sources.
  3. The Influence of Consumer Experience on Their Buying Behaviour
    The hotel industry has been performing well because of an increase in market destinations and a growing appetite for travel among young people.
  4. Utilitarianism Ethical Theory and Ethical Decisions
    Utilitarianism focuses on promoting experiences such as happiness gives it a high chance of dominating other ethical theories. It defines a right and wrong act on the consequences.
  5. Internet Ethics and Information Security
    The report emphasizes that computer and internet ethics should be learned and implemented by all users of information.
  6. The Importance of Ethics in Research
    An exploration of important ethical issues such as plagiarism, informed consent, risk assessment and privacy issues forms an integral part of this study.
  7. Major Ethical Issues on the Code of Ethics
    This paper discusses major ethical issues on the code of ethics: ACA, AMHCA, and ethical concerns highlighted in ASGW Best Practices Guidelines 2007 Revisions.
  8. Ethics: American Counseling Association Codes
    The paper presents a case, where a receptionist informs a patient’s husband that she visited her counselor. Professionals should support the confidentiality of their clients.
  9. Literary Techniques and Ethnicity Role in Screenwriting
    Modern screenwriting has become a highly complex task that stands on the border between art and academic science.
  10. Impact of Technology and Innovation on Start-up Businesses and Their Performance
    The success of start-up companies relies on the level of technological investment that has been put in to help them get a fair share of the market.
  11. The Role of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism
    In recent decades, the scope of services, shape, and external orientation of tourism and hospitality industry have notably changed.
  12. Cloud Computing and Security Measures in Business
    It is recommended that businesses adopt cloud computing and other security measures to ensure that their ethical obligations are constantly met.
  13. The Role of the Methodology Chapter in the Study
    The methodology chapter focuses on outlining how the actual research will be conducted, the chapter also describes the nature of research, in this case, quantitative.
  14. Study Design: Methodology, the Unit of Analysis
    This paper discusses the unit of analysis, sampling strategy, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods, reflects on ethical aspects and risk assessment.
  15. Gene Editing Technologies Should Be Regulated, Not Abolished
    This annotated bibliography contains a review of eight articles supporting the statement that gene editing technologies should be regulated, not abolished.
  16. Positive Genetic Test Result
    This paper will cover details concerning expected genetic and genomic assessment, ethical considerations, and theoretical foundations.
  17. How Artificial Intelligence Applies to Real Life
    This essay discusses through the lens of ethical theories the safety of AI and self-driving cars, which will require solid policy backing anchored in strict regulatory frameworks.
  18. Effective Advertising and Its Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior
    A company needs to generate sales in other to meet the operating costs to remain in business and consider the importance of sales in a company.
  19. Dangers of Social Media in the Context of Media Ethics
    This paper argues that social media became a dangerous and unethical place because of being used for hazardous purposes by society members in uncontrolled ways.
  20. Use of Social Media Profiles v. Ethical Recruitment
    This essay explores the topic of utilizing social media profiles and information and whether it hinders ethical recruitment and selection processes.

💡 Ethics Essay Topics

  1. Two Models for Teaching Business Ethics
  2. Ethics Within Rehabilitation Counseling
  3. Abortions: Legality, Moral, and Ethics
    This paper discusses the legality of abortions, additional laws and regulations for abortions, the moral of abortions, and the ethics of refusal to perform an abortion.
  4. Health Care Ethics and Confidentiality in Healthcare
  5. Understanding Virtue Ethics and Aristotle’s Theory
  6. Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of ethical leadership in criminal justice and review the traits, which are the most important to an ethical leader.
  7. American Corporations: Rising Concerns Over Ethics
  8. Relationship Between Law and Ethics in Islam
  9. Police Ethics and Misconduct
    The code of ethics is released by the college of policing. This institution is responsible for defining the ethical behavior that is expected of members of the police profession.
  10. The Ethics Resource Center as a Nonprofit Organization
  11. European Business Ethics History
  12. Business Ethics and Environmental Laws: A Case Analysis
    Business ethics are associated with meeting set standards regarding environmental, social and financial issues with major issues being, environmental pollution, etc.
  13. Applied Ethics for World Health Organization
  14. The Ethics, Regulations, and History of Medical Animal Testing
  15. Lawyers and Ethics: The Attorney-Client Privilege
    The attorney-client privilege is a legal principle that was invented with the advent of law to prevent legal counsels from making known information that was given by their clients.
  16. Managing Employee Misbehaviour for Promoting Business Ethics
  17. Social Responsibility and Ethics in Organizational Management
  18. Law Ethics: Personal Core Values
    It is important for any human being to have well-defined core values. The importance of core values to an individual cannot be underestimated.
  19. Social Performance With Regards to Business Ethics and Labor
  20. American Nurses Association Code of Ethics
  21. The Case of Delectables: Law Ethics
    The case of Delectables, a giant food manufacturing company, is characterized by poor management, lack of business ethics and morals and lastly by poor quality control system.
  22. Ethics Within the Information Technology Industry
  23. Nazi’s Human Medical Experimentation and Ethics
  24. Criminal System: The Right to Counsel and Ethics of Defending Criminals
    The right of counsel is meant to protect the accused from an unfair trial. It is guaranteed by the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution.
  25. Relationship Between Religion and Ethics
  26. American Sociological Association’s Code of Ethics
  27. Ethics in Law Enforcement
    The International Association of Chiefs of Police defines a code of ethics that all police officers must follow.
  28. Ethics Within Public Administration
  29. Relationship Between Morals, Ethics, and Qualities
  30. Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ethical Issue
    This paper discusses the controversial ethical issue about the research whereby, the discussions will focus on the supporting and the opposing views that relate to the issue.

🎓 Simple Research Topics about Ethics

  1. Environmental Factors That Influence the Code of Ethics
  2. Relationship Between Islamic Ethics and Ethical Frameworks
  3. Ethical Issues in Police Departments
    Loyalty versus integrity has become one of the most disturbing ethical issues in the police department that continues to rouse a lot of debate with time.
  4. The Ethics Behind Patient Safety
  5. The Dilemmas Concerning Ethics in Information Technology
  6. The Quality of Ethics in Police Work
    Often racial profiling, corruption, and rampant violence spoil an overall image of trustful and fair relationships between police officers and ordinary citizens.
  7. Ethics Development Differences Between Work and Professional Settings
  8. The Ethics Surrounding Nuclear Energy Politics
  9. Discussion of Intelligence & Ethics in the USA
    Stating the Constitution is not a suicide pact and advocating the limitation of certain rights to counter threats during a crisis is a fairly reasonable approach.
  10. Managing Company Ethics and Social Responsibility
  11. The Problem With International Business Ethics
  12. Aristotelian Ethics: Theory Discussion
    Virtue ethics is one of the three existing approaches to normative ethics that focuses on the development of an individual’s moral character.
  13. The Ethics Behind Publishing Graphic Images of Natural Disasters
  14. Influence of Business Ethics on Business Operations
  15. Professional Psychology and Counseling Ethics
    The willingness to become an ethical specialist is what becomes the foundation of practice among numerous psychologists willing to support their professional vocation.
  16. External Factors Affecting Health Care Ethics
  17. Personal Integrity and Its Relationship to Business Ethics
  18. Florida Department of Education Code of Ethics & Principles of Professional Conduct
    The “Florida Department of Education Code of Ethics & Principles of Professional Conduct” currently represents the foundation for promoting ethics in the academic setting.
  19. Ethics of Putting up Residential Buildings in Fragile Ecosystems
  20. The Ethics Principle Around the Idea of Pleasure
  21. Ethics in Psychology: Stanford Prison Experiment
    The selected experiment for this analysis is the simulated prison experiment of 1971 by Philip Zimbardo, famously known as the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE).
  22. Emerging Technologies and Ethics: A Race-To-The-Bottom or the Top
  23. Situation Ethics and Its Relationship to Idolatry
  24. Ethics in Special Education
    The authors of the article in question concern themselves with reviewing and discussing some of the existing research on ethics in special education.
  25. Understanding the Concept Behind the Feminist Ethics
  26. The Principles and Obligations of the Florida Code of Ethics
  27. Ethics in Professional Helping (SOWK 270) Course Reflection
    The Ethics in Professional Helping class was a real solution to my current issues of social awareness and morality; I was able to draw the line between personal and alien.
  28. Social Contract Theory, Utilitarianism, and Kantian Ethics
  29. Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, Criminal Law and Torts

❓Ethics Questions to Explore

  1. How Are Diversity and Ethics Interrelated?
  2. What Are the Main Concerns About the Environment in Business Ethics?
  3. Good Ethics vs. Bad Ethics: What Are the Societal Views?
  4. What Are the Implications of Teaching Business Ethics in College?
  5. How Do Medical Ethics Confront Religious Beliefs?
  6. What Should Doctors Do When Medical Ethics Are Non-existent?
  7. What Is the Relationship Between Ethics and a Person’s Education?
  8. What Ethics Should Every Presidential Candidate Observe?
  9. What Is the Relationship Between Ethics and Philosophy?
  10. What Is the Impact of Ethics on Education?
  11. Why Are Ethics and Leadership Important in Policing?
  12. How Does Virtue Ethics Inform Medical Professionalism?
  13. Does the United States Government Have Environmental Ethics?
  14. How Professional Values and Ethics Influence Career Success?
  15. How Are Ethics and Politics Related to Aristotle’s Philosophy?
  16. Does Virtue Ethics Give Adequate Action Guidance?
  17. What Are the Business Ethics Related to the Sale of Marijuana?
  18. Why Are Ethics Boards Required in Tech Companies?
  19. How Has the Media Trained People on the Ethics of Cloning?
  20. How Are Ethics Different From Moral?
  21. Does Ethics Improve Stock Market Resilience in Times of Instability?

🏦 Business Ethics Research Topics

  1. Corporate social responsibility in business
  2. Ethics of global supply chain management
  3. Cultural differences and business ethics
  4. Ethics in the Workplace: Correctional Facilities
    Correctional facilities can prevent unethical behavior in the workplace by hiring people whose primary motivation is not personal gain, and giving satisfactory wages.
  5. Ethical limitations in marketing
  6. Should businesses protect consumer data privacy?
  7. Business Administration Profession: The Code of Ethics
    In the business administration profession, a code of ethics is essential in avoiding compromises when making a firm’s decisions.
  8. AI in business: potential ethical implications
  9. Ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  10. Apple Inc.’s Business Ethics in Communication
    This paper summarizes Apple Inc.’s current ethical issues while addressing the impacts of ethics in business, and highlights the influences that ethics have on communication.
  11. Corporate culture and ethical behavior within a company

🪖 Military Ethics Paper Topics

  1. Ethics in military leadership
  2. Drone warfare: ethical considerations
  3. Military Ethics and Decision-Making
    This paper highlights the complexities that influence ethical acting and the process of decision-making within a military system.
  4. Should military personnel always follow orders?
  5. Targeted killing and its ethics
  6. Communication, Ethics, and a Command Decision
    The concept of ethics is a system of norms of moral behavior and responsibilities of people about each other and society as a whole.
  7. Going to war: how to justify this action?
  8. Military interventions in humanitarian crises
  9. Cultural and moral relativism in military decision-making

📡 Media Ethics Research Topics

  1. Media and its role in shaping public opinion
  2. Must journalists always report accurately and fairly?
  3. Sensationalism in news reporting: ethical implications
  4. Is the use of anonymous sources ethical?
  5. The role of media in promoting diversity and inclusion
  6. Sponsored content and native advertising: ethical limitations
  7. Must social media platforms regulate harmful content?

📿 Christian Ethics Topics for Essay

  1. The role of faith in decision-making
  2. Christian ethics and social justice: is there a relationship?
  3. The role of forgiveness in Christian ethics
  4. How to apply Christian ethics to business?
  5. Cultural norms and Christian ethical beliefs
  6. The role of selflessness and humility in Christian ethics

💊 Medical Ethics Topics for Essay

  1. Assisted suicide and euthanasia: ethical implications
  2. Informed consent in medical treatment
  3. Abortion Regarding Nursing Code of Ethics
    The solution to the ethical dilemma of abortion is supporting a rigid code of ethics in nursing. It must be formulated based on consensus from both sides of the abortion viewpoint.
  4. Care for underserved populations
  5. Rationing healthcare resources
  6. Ethics of Medical Education Programs Evaluation
    The ethical violations in the evaluation of medical education programs can be a distortion of results in favor of one stakeholder and disclosure of confidential information.
  7. Cultural influences on medical decisions
  8. Reporting colleagues’ unethical behavior
  9. Researching of Nurse’s Personal Ethics
    Many lives depend on nurses, and therefore the requirements for their ethical commitment, values, and beliefs are incredibly firm.
  10. Medical research involving human subjects
  11. Autonomy in medical decision-making
  12. Protecting patient privacy

⭐ Ethics Topics for Discussion

  1. The Importance of Ethics in Everyday Decision-Making
  2. Environmental Ethics: Balancing Human Needs and Ecological Responsibility
  3. Personal Identity as a Principle of Biomedical Ethics
  4. Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility and Profit Maximization
  5. Ethics vs. Morals: What’s the Difference?
  6. The Role of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  7. Principles of Clinical Ethics and Their Application to Practice
  8. Ethics in Journalism: Objectivity, Sensationalism, and Accountability
  9. Exploring the Connection Between Ethics and a Person’s Education
  10. Professional Ethics in Law Enforcement: Balancing Justice and Integrity
  11. The Ethics of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide
  12. Ethics in Politics: The Moral Responsibilities of Elected Officials
  13. How Personal Ethics Reduces Environmental Pollution
  14. The Ethics of Animal Testing in Scientific Research
  15. Medical Ethics and End-of-Life Decision-Making
  16. The Impact of Negative Emotions on Ethics
  17. Business Ethics in the Age of Globalization: Exploitation or Fair Trade?
  18. The Ethics of Using Social Media in Political Campaigns and Elections
  19. Environmental Ethics and the Ethics of Consumption
  20. The Ethics of Capital Punishment: Human Rights and Legal Justice
  21. The Nursing Ethics in Patient Advocacy
  22. Genetic Engineering and Ethics: Are We Ready?
  23. The Role of Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Allocation
  24. Personal Ethics: Your Behavior Defines You
  25. Ethics in Education: Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Integrity
  26. The Role of Ethics in Technological Innovation: Responsibility and Accountability
  27. The Nexus Between Organizational Culture and Ethics
  28. Ethics and Culture: Is There a Relationship?
  29. The Ethics of War: Just War Theory and International Conflict
  30. The Role of Ethics in Social Media: Privacy, Misinformation, and Online Behavior

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