75 Buddhism Research Paper Topics & Essay Examples

Buddhism is one of the most ancient yes still popular religions in the world. It was born in India more than 2500 years ago. The followers of Buddhism believe that that good behavior, ascetic lifestyle, and spiritual practices are the means to achieve nirvana.

If you need to write a persuasive or argumentative essay on Buddhism, you’re in the right place! On this page, we’ve collected top Buddhism research paper topics, thesis statement ideas, and essay samples that focus on the historical aspects and current issues of the religion. Go on reading to find the perfect Buddhism essay topic for your assignment!

📝 Buddhism Research Paper Topics & Examples

  1. Religion Comparison: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
    This essay seeks to establish the similarities and differences between the religions in terms of origin, issue of salvation and creation, and their perception of God.
  2. Religion in India: Hinduism and Buddhism
    This paper will focus on rituals and divine worship associated with Hinduism and Buddhism as well as their importance in both religions.
  3. World Religions Studies and Key Concepts
    Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices that underscore the relationship between people and their God.
  4. Dharma, Karma, and Samsara – Essay on Religion in India
    What is the relationship between the ideas of Dharma, Karma, and Samsara? This essay on religion in India focuses on this concept. It explains what role they play in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  5. Afterlife in Different World Cultures
    Most modern religions including atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife. Atheists do not believe in a supernatural God.
  6. Buddhism: Teachings of Buddha
    The teachings of Buddha are found in the Dhammapada and clearly states that if these laws are followed people will have peace and happiness.
  7. Japanese and Chinese Culture: Comparison and Contrast
    The purpose of this paper is to contrast the mentalities, worldviews, religion, traditions, habits, and everyday routines of both Japan and China and prove that they are different.
  8. Buddhism: History, Origins and Rituals
    There is contemplation that Buddhism is a philosophy, way of life, and the code of ethics, but many declare untrue to it the characteristic of a religion.
  9. Death, Views of Asian and Western Culture on Death and Dying
    The Asians receive death with happiness, and in case a person was on medication and felt the time was ready to die, one would forfeit medication to embrace death wholeheartedly.

💡 Buddhism Essay Topics

  1. Buddhism Religion and Philosophy Founded in India
  2. Buddhism’s Spread Throughout the East
  3. The Impact Buddhism Had on Human Rights in China
  4. Analyzing Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism
  5. Buddhism as an Extensive and Internally Diverse Tradition
  6. The Second Noble Truth of Buddhism
  7. Medical and Religious Ethics in Death and Dying
    The paper is devoted to the investigation of a particular ethical dilemma presented in a patient’s case study and religious perspectives on it.
  8. Buddhism as a Faith Founded by Siddhartha Gautama
  9. The Life and Influence of Shen-Hui on Chinese Buddhism
  10. Zen Buddhism Combined With Psychotherapy
  11. Tracing Back the Origins of Buddhism and Its Main Characteristics
  12. The Role and Status of Women in Buddhism
  13. Understanding the Mahayana Doctrine in Buddhism
  14. Healthcare and Faith Diversity: Christianity and Buddhism
    This paper presents a comparative analysis of two faith philosophies towards the delivery of quality healthcare. The targeted philosophies include Christianity and Buddhism.
  15. The Spread and Emergence of Buddhism
  16. History and Comparison of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam
  17. The Teachings and Core Beliefs of Buddhism
  18. Linking Buddhism Based Charity and Philanthropy
  19. The Rising of Christianity and the Fall of Buddhism
  20. Integrating Democracy With Tibetan Buddhism
  21. Three Faiths: Buddhism, Shintoism and Bahai Religion
    This paper will investigate the religious beliefs concerning health care providers of three different religious faiths.
  22. Existence in the Buddhist Religion
  23. Repentance Between Bible and Buddhism
  24. The Middle Way According to Mahayana Buddhism
  25. How Buddhism Agrees with Science
  26. Buddhism and Shamanism Within Mongolian Culture
  27. The Link Between Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese Culture
  28. Euthanasia Debates, Death and Dying
    The issue of voluntary euthanasia elicits heated debates. The contention is usually based on religious views concerning whether individuals can decide the fate of life.
  29. The Rise and Development of Buddhism
  30. Buddhist Meditation Practice and Buddhism
  31. Holy Books of Buddhism
  32. Buddhist Teachings and Beliefs of Buddhism
  33. The Main Emotions Covered in Buddhism
  34. Incorporating Tibetan Buddhism Into Modern Psychotherapy
  35. China’s Global Business Cultural Analysis
    Global business culture aims to enhance understanding of Chinese culture and development of business strategies to improve the performance of multinationals in and out of China.
  36. Understanding the Two Forms of Happiness in Buddhism
  37. Lotus Versus Zen Buddhism
  38. Buddhism’s Life-Changing Experience
  39. Zen Buddhism From Chinese Buddhism
  40. The Rise and Enlightenment of Buddhism
  41. The First Mention of the Buddhism
  42. Supreme Being of Buddhism
  43. Twenty-First Century Challenges to Buddhism
  44. Ashoka as the Greatest Promoter of Buddhism
  45. Buddhism as a Question About Yourself

❓ Buddhism Discussion Questions

  1. How Does Buddhism Reflect the Human Understanding of God?
  2. Who Were the Founders of Buddhism in Japan?
  3. How Does Buddhism Teach Us to Experience Anger and Forgiveness?
  4. How Does Buddhism Affect Chinese Culture History?
  5. How Does Buddhism Treat Its Women?
  6. How Has Buddhism Changed Over Years?
  7. How Applied Buddhism Affected Peoples’ Daily Activities?
  8. How Buddhism Transformed and Transformed Chinese Culture?
  9. How Did Buddhism Spread Through China?
  10. How Has Buddhism Interacted With Nature and Environment?
  11. How Buddhism and Hinduism Share a Belief That Life Suffering Is Caused by Desire?
  12. What Does Buddhism Teach?
  13. How Did Chinese Culture Shape a New Form of Buddhism?
  14. What Are the Similarities Between Buddhism and Other Eastern Religions?
  15. What Are the Core Beliefs of Buddhism?
  16. When Diving Into the Depths of Buddhism?
  17. Where Buddhism Meets Science?
  18. When Buddhism Was the Dominant Tradition in India?
  19. What Role Does Karma Play in Buddhism?
  20. What Are the Main Differences Between Sikhism and Buddhism?
  21. How Was Buddhism Expressed Differently Across Cultures, Geographies, and Languages?

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