83 Substance Abuse Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Substance Abuse Research Papers Examples

  1. Employer and Employee Relationships - Labor Law
    This discussion has dealt with employer-employee relationships with particular focus on the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East.
  2. Treating Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the Family
    In this paper, the author will develop a case study of addiction to marijuana and alcohol in a family. The study will evaluate the best treatment and intervention measures.
  3. Adolescent Substance Abuse Factors and Treatment
    Adolescent substance abuse is a serious problem. This paper covers three most common factors as well as the most effective type of treatment for substance abusers.
  4. Female Offenders' Recidivism
    This paper presents an analysis of female offenders’ and parole/probations officers’ perspectives concerning their interactions, which may have a vital effect on their recidivism.
  5. Female Offenders’ Recidivism Factors
    Certain behaviors and attitudes of parole/probation officers may have a significant effect on female offenders’ recidivism.
  6. Drug and Alcohol Effects on Emotional Intelligence
    This paper includes a brief review of peer-reviewed articles concerning the effects of alcohol and drug use on emotional intelligence.
  7. Controlled Substances Act and Its Amendment
    Despite having medicinal purposes, marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the USA. There exist regulations to govern its use even for medicinal purposes.
  8. Female Offenders and Probation Officers' Interactions
    This qualitative study focuses on the analysis of female offenders' and parole/probation officers' perspectives concerning their interactions.
  9. Lowering the Legal Drinking Age
    For the past years, there has been a quiet movement that is being done in order to lower the legal drinking age to 18.
  10. Drug Abuse as Voluntary Suicide
    Drug and alcohol abuse is like voluntary suicide. The effects of substance abuse are vast and problematic in every society. Substance abuse aids the spread of AIDS, pun intended.
  11. Effects of Substance Abuse Amongst the Military
    Soldiers have over the years continued to test positive for drugs during the normal urine tests that are done in the military despite the measures that are put into place.
  12. The Substance Use Group
    The proposal provides a rationale for the group type, its basic characteristics, applicable theories and techniques, engagement strategies, and ethical considerations.
  13. Description of the Williams Family Problem
    The problem of the Williams family is that the parents are unable to devote enough attention to their children, which leads to them being left unsupervised and in danger.
  14. Drug Abuse in Adolescents: The Causes
    Scientists estimate that about one in two American teenagers has at least the initial experience of using narcotic illicit substances.
  15. Do Violent Video Games Influence Violent Criminal Acts Committed by Juvenile Offenders in Comparison With Other Facts
    The social causes of crimes committed by children constitute the various theories, which are established by sociologists and criminologists.
  16. Substance Abuse Among Adolescents
    The paper discusses the issue of substance abuse among adolescents. It highlights the prevalence of the problem in society and the need for parents to take up an active role.
  17. Sticks and Stones: The Effects of Teasing and Name Calling on Children
    The paper discusses the effects of teasing and name calling on children. The paper then offers suggestions on how incidents of verbal aggression can be reduced.
  18. Substance Abuse Problem Overview
    Substance abuse is a social problem that permeates every aspect of human nature in society. This study looks at the issue of substance abuse and the problems of addiction.
  19. Role of Family and Social Network Support in Mental Health
    Peers and families play pivotal roles in enhancing the recovery of substance abuse and mental health patients.
  20. Substance Abuse Intervention for Family
    It is estimated that more than eight million children in the USA live in families with at least one drug or alcohol-addicted parent.
  21. Literature Review on Juvenile Delinquency
    Family factors can also be blamed for juvenile delinquency. This includes poor parental care that results to poor emotional, psychological and physical development of the child.
  22. Effectiveness of Prison Substance Abuse Treatment
    The criminals with drug abuse related problems who are released from prisons without undergoing proper treatment and counseling continue abusing drugs as soon as they are set free.

💡 Essay Ideas on Substance Abuse

  1. Substance Abuse Clients and the Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
  2. Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse and Mental Health
  3. Substance Abuse Group Therapy Issues
  4. Defining Substance Abuse and Substance Use Disorders
  5. Substance Abuse Within the Community
  6. Treatment for Substance Abuse and HIV
  7. Relationship Between Personality and Substance Abuse
  8. Teen Substance Abuse: Pediatric Health Promotion
  9. The Parental Substance Abuse Effect on Children
  10. Preventing Teen Substance Abuse Within Rural Areas
  11. Substance Abuse and the Drug Rehab System of San Francisco
  12. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy
  13. Business Cycles and Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment
  14. The Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
  15. Behavioral Therapy for Substance Abuse
  16. Criminal Offenses and Substance Abuse
  17. Treating Adolescents With Substance Abuse Disorders
  18. Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Dental Care
  19. Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorder
  20. Trauma and Substance Abuse in Refugees
  21. Correlation Between Aids and Substance Abuse
  22. The Definition and Identification of Substance Abuse and the Role of Leadership and Family
  23. Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention With Hispanic Populations
  24. Possible Group Therapy Activities for Substance Abuse Treatment
  25. LGBT Substance Abuse Treatment Best Practices
  26. Battling Substance Abuse During the Army
  27. Problem With Substance Abuse in a Childhood
  28. Traumatic Histories and Substance Abuse
  29. Dealing With Substance Abuse Amongst Nurses
  30. Attachment Disorder and Substance Abuse
  31. Anger Management Techniques for People with Substance Abuse
  32. Substance Abuse-Induced Dementia and Insanity
  33. The Science of Drug Use and Addiction: The Basics
  34. The Elderly Population and Substance Abuse
  35. Correlation Between Poverty and Substance Abuse
  36. Step Down Continuing Care in the Treatment of Substance Abuse
  37. Dealing With Substance Abuse in Mentally Ill Patients
  38. Substance Abuse Triggers Analysis
  39. Screening and Assessment for Substance Abuse
  40. The Innovative Substance Abuse Prevention Education

❓Substance Abuse Research Questions

  1. What Programs Are Used to Curve Substance Abuse in the Navy?
  2. How Has Substance Abuse Become a Worldwide Public Health Problem?
  3. What Are the 6 Types of Substance Abuse Disorders?
  4. How Does Substance Abuse and Poverty Affect Individuals?
  5. What Is the Difference Between Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse?
  6. How Does Substance Abuse Effects Parents and Children?
  7. How Can Substance Abuse Be Harmful to the Society?
  8. How Does Substance Abuse Affect the Body?
  9. How Psychologists Define and Explain Substance Abuse?
  10. What Behavior May Be a Symptom of Substance Abuse Disorder?
  11. How Substance Abuse Affects Youngsters Article?
  12. How Substance Abuse Negatively Affects the Baby While During?
  13. How Is Substance Abuse Prevented?
  14. How Does Substance Abuse Affect the Family Unit?
  15. How Can Substance Abuse Addicts Benefit From Art Therapy and Spiritual Nourishment?
  16. Is Substance Abuse Group Therapy Effective?
  17. What Are the Causes and Risk Factors of Substance Abuse?
  18. What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse?
  19. What Is the Treatment for Substance Abuse?
  20. How Can You Prevent Substance Abuse?
  21. What Is the Prognosis for Substance Abuse?

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