78 Slavery Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Slavery Research Papers Examples

  1. Human Trafficking as a Modern Day Slavery
    Human trafficking refers to the transportation, recipient as well as conscription of persons through the means of force, threat, abduction, fraud and deception.
  2. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain: Injustice of Slavery and Racism
    Twain depicts the gross injustice of slavery and racism by portraying the relationship between a young white boy and a black slave.
  3. Slavery in the United States
    The most convincing evidence to the fact that African Americans ended slavery in the United States is that they themselves stood up for their freedom and social equality.
  4. Slavery Was Not the Cause of the Civil War
    It is evident that slavery and its abolition were the main causes of the war and thus the abolition of slavery catalysed the eruption of the war.
  5. History of Slavery in the United States of America 1619
    The first step on the road of slavery took place by the arrival of 20 Africans to Jamestown in 1619 ("Timeline"). They were transported by a Dutch ship all the way from Africa.
  6. How Slavery Has Shaped the Lives of African Americans
    Slavery had cultural, political, social as well as economic effects on the lives of Africans. Those effects have consequently shaped the lives of African Americans up-to-date.
  7. Slavery, Three Fifths Compromise and U.S. Constitution
    In the history of the U.S, the institution of slavery has always been addressed to Africans who had fallen victim to the slave trade.

💡 Essay Ideas on Slavery

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  1. Slavery and Colonial Rule During Colonialism
  2. Slavery and Economic Policies as Causes for the Civil War
  3. Pre Slavery and Post Slavery America and Religion
  4. Abolition of Slavery and the United States of America
  5. Race Relations, Slavery, and the U.S. Civil War
  6. Racial Equality and the Abolition of Slavery in France
  7. Slavery and Indentured Servants of British North America
  8. Sectional Challenges and Congressional Challenges to Slavery
  9. George Washington and Slavery of the Allegheny River Valley
  10. Colonial Cuban Sugar Production: Impacts on Slavery and World Relations
  11. Frederick Douglas and the Effects of Slavery on Society
  12. Prison for Profit: Modern Day Slavery
  13. Racial Issues and Slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
  14. Frederick Douglass and His Movement Against Slavery
  15. Abraham Lincoln’s Opinion and Action on Slavery
  16. Religious Slavery and Freedom of Personality in the Brothers Karamazov
  17. President Abraham Lincoln and His Great Effect on Slavery
  18. Human Trafficking and 19th Century American Slavery
  19. The Christian Principle and Views Against Slavery
  20. Reasons, Causes, and Details of Plantation Slavery
  21. Black Families During Slavery and the Role of Black Women
  22. Abraham Lincoln and Slavery During the Civil War
  23. Legitimating Conquest and Slavery in the New World
  24. Mr. President and the Slavery of Our Children
  25. American Slavery and Its Impact on American History
  26. Holy Warriors: The Abolitionists and American Slavery
  27. Abraham Lincoln’s Political and Moral Slavery Dilemma
  28. Black Slavery Among the Cherokee Indians
  29. Relationship Between Black Slavery and White Freedom
  30. Colonialism and Slavery During the Times of Slavery
  31. Abolitionists and Their Plea to End Slavery
  32. The Cause and Effect of Slavery in the United States
  33. Libertarianism, Slavery, and Just Taxation
  34. Slavery and Emancipation: Identifying Republican and Liberal Discourses
  35. George Washington’s Feelings About Slavery
  36. Slavery and Political Systems of the Romans
  37. George Washington: Slavery and the Hypocrisy of the War for Liberty
  38. Relationship Between Christianity and Slavery in America
  39. Cotton Gin and Perpetuation of Slavery in the U.S.
  40. Abraham Lincoln Slavery Congress President

❓Slavery Research Questions

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  1. How Conspiracy Theorists Are Disrupting Efforts to Child Sex Slavery?
  2. How Has Slavery Impacted the Culture of My Family?
  3. What Was the Oppression of Slavery in the 19th Century?
  4. What Was Slavery Like and How Is It Today?
  5. What Does Voluntary Child Labor Constitute Slavery?
  6. Was Slavery the Main Cause of the Civil War?
  7. What Were the Differences Between Indentured Servitude and Slavery?
  8. Did Slavery Create More Benefits or Problems for the Nation?
  9. How Did Music Enhance the Experience of Slavery?
  10. What Created the Differences Between the North and South With Respect to Slavery?
  11. How Did American Slavery Begin?
  12. What Historians Can Learn From Slavery?
  13. How Did Race Translate Into Political Power During Slavery?
  14. How Were African Americans Treated During the Slavery Period?
  15. What Degree Did Slavery Really Play in the Civil War?
  16. Did Slavery Destroy the Black Family?
  17. How Did African American Slavery Help Shape America?
  18. What Impact Did Slavery Have On 19th Century America?
  19. Did Racism Precede Slavery?
  20. How Slavery Was Abolished in Law but Not in Practice?
  21. How Slavery Impacted the Development of the United States?
  22. Has Slavery Changed Since Ancient Times?
  23. How Did Slavery Affect the Spirit of the Enslaved the Enslavers?
  24. Was the Civil War Fought Over Slavery?
  25. Was Slavery Reason for Civil War?
  26. How Did Colonization Along the Atlantic Contribute to Slavery?
  27. How Slavery Improves the Condition of Women?
  28. What Are the Characteristics of Slavery in the New York?
  29. Have Historians Over-Emphasised the Slavery Issue as a Cause of the Civil War?
  30. How Did African American Women Deal With and Survive Slavery?
  31. Did Thomas Jefferson Want to End Slavery?

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