George Washington: Life, Presidency, Challenges as a Commander

George Washington Life

George Washington was one of the greatest leaders in America; he was the commander in the American army, before becoming the president of America. In addition before becoming the president, he used to like farming and doing business. For example, when his tobacco crops were not doing well (making the grade), he exchanged high-tobacco crops on his farm for more diversified crops like buckwheat, hemp and alfalfa. George Washington discovered 300 uses of peanuts and other uses of soybeans and pecans when he was an agricultural chemist in the United States. To the southern farmers, he helped them economically, by encouraging them to grow: chill sauce, instant coffee, and talcum powder.

George Washington was a respected leader because he guides the American troops to many victories, although without modern knowledge of germs, Washington made sure cleanliness among his soldiers was maintained, he even threatened his solder who disobeyed him, in maintaining cleanliness with the court marshal. During his free time, George Washington was a fine horseman; although he likes to knit in private, he did not want his friend to know that his secret hobby.

Challenges as a Commander

George Washington had many challenges when he was the commander of the American army. He faced many difficulties in trying to keep the United States army intact despite the problems which the army was going through, for example, lack of weapons and ammunition. George Washington knew Revolution against the British in the United States could succeed because they were weak, so ambition was to keep the America army intact. During the dark days of defeats, George Washington had to appease the Congress and jealous State governments, to offset the shortage in material and arms support that was needed during the war. Sometimes George Washington had to deal with impulsive subordinate commanders in his army who did not have self-discipline. Self-discipline in the army was important to George Washington, but most of the solders in his army lacked self-discipline which was important in winning wars. There was a problem in solders, in term of making sacrifices to the country. Washington believe one has to make sacrifice in order to win any war; also he believed solders should be patriotic to the country and not the army, and he wanted the solders to do that.

President George Washington

England in 1793 did not want to follow the Treaty of Paris, until the United State paid all the debt to British. The British army started to seize the America ships which were operating in the Atlantic Ocean. As a result of that there was civil disorder in the American cities due to lack supplies in those cities. George Washington was able to avert the war, when he sent the Chief Justice John Jay to negotiate with the British on the action the British has taken. A treaty was signed and it was known as Jay Treaty.

In 1758, George Washington was elected to the House of Burgess in the United States. During his time in that house, he pressed strongly against England, also in that House he was First and Second Continental Congress. At first, George Washington supported agreement that will bring cooperation between America and British. But when he reach a certain time he was able to change because he believe that cooperation was not there between the two countries.

George Washington when he won elections to become the president of America. His cooperation among his workers and his fellow cabinet member made him popular; it is believe his cabinet appointments were not challenged before the House because of his popularity. During his tenure as the president, he faced two major battles. The first problem was concerning the interpretation of the American Constitution, he had opposition. Secondly during the war between British and France, the opposition took sides, but as for him he did not take any side.

In 1789 ‘reservation’ where created in America so that Indian tribes were assigned the land, so that to get those tribes out of the way of onrushing settlers in America. These reservations provided legal justification for Americans to grab lands from the Indian tribes who were the native on most of land in America. The Indians were given land which where considered to be less desirable by the Americans of European descent. During his presidency, George Washington was able to increase these reservations to include many Indians.

George Washington and Slavery

George Washington’s attitude on slave changed when he was elected to be the president. When he was the president of the United State during the America Revolution. As he and fellow patriots strove to liberate the Slaves that were there in America. George Washington’s became increasingly conscious on the suffering slaves were going through. Washington feared by abolishing slavery in America, it will tear the country apart. He led by example by giving freedom to his slaves under his possession.

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