75 Terrorism Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Terrorism Research Papers Examples

  1. Terrorism: Al-Qaeda
    Terrorism is the use of violent means or threats in order to persuade people to accept certain terms or conditions.Al-Qaeda is and has been a terrorist group or network.
  2. The 9/11 Effects on Counter-Terrorism
    Counter-terrorism refers to the military or political practices, strategies, procedures, and means adopted in response to the escalating terrorist acts.
  3. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Terrorism
    The paper analyzes the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is a terrorist group that operates in Iraq and Syria, to illustrate the extremes of terrorism in the contemporary times.
  4. Radical Islamic Terrorism Threats in East Africa
    The presence of Al-Qaida in the East African region is a threat to governments and the interests of the United States in the region owing to their ability and methods of operation.
  5. Foreign Terrorism: Al-Qaeda
    Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group that was founded by the late Osama bin Laden as an extremist group of the Sunni Islamists.
  6. Cyber Terrorism and Other Cyber Attacks
    This paper will analyze the nature of cyber terrorism in the modern world and explore the relationship between politics and this form of terrorism.
  7. Iraq 2003: War Terrorism, Foreign Invasion, and Jihad
    There is a controversy on the war of the US with Iraq. More than national security, a strong desire for oil is the motivation for America’s interest in a war with Iraq.
  8. Terrorism Using Chemical and Biological Agents
    Terrorism by the use of chemical and biological agents is unacceptable in the society and should be denounced with all the efforts available.
  9. Analyzing Terrorism and Political Violence
    Terrorism and acts of political violence are daily occurrences in the day today lives of many people around the globe.
  10. Immigration and Global Terrorism
    Immigration and terrorism are sovereign social events curtailing from desperate causes and with fundamentally various goals.
  11. War, Terrorism, and Torture in US History
    During the Geneva Convention, a panel of investigators discovered that the United States had been violating laws that protect human beings during interrogations.

💡 Essay Ideas on Terrorism

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  1. Muslims’ Treatment After Terrorism Attacks
  2. Climate Change and Cross-State Islamist Terrorism in Nigeria
  3. Effective Strategies Against Terrorism in Modern Political Science
  4. Problems and Solutions Regarding Third World Terrorism
  5. Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Analysis
  6. Canada’s Dual Citizenship and Dangers of Terrorism
  7. Nexus Between Organized Crime and Terrorism Groups
  8. International Political System, Supreme Values and Terrorism
  9. Bomb Vacations: The Impact of International Terrorism in the Travel Industry
  10. Globalization and Immigration in France the Fight against Terrorism
  11. Terrorism and the Law: Past and Present International Approaches
  12. Five Biological Killers That May Be Used for Terrorism
  13. American Policies That Provoke Terrorism
  14. French Counter-Terrorism Policy Criminology
  15. Forensic Science, Crime, and Terrorism
  16. The Connection Between Terrorism and the Media
  17. The Relationship Between the Growth of Globalization and Radical Islamist Terrorism
  18. Islamic Fundamentalism and Islamic Terrorism
  19. Protecting America From Terrorism
  20. New York Health Care Needs for the Current Terrorism
  21. Justifying the War Against Terrorism
  22. Options for Biological Terrorism Attacks
  23. Fighting Terrorism Without Invading Privacy
  24. Countering Terrorism With the Help of Information Technology
  25. Middle Eastern Conflict and Terrorism
  26. Democracy, Foreign Policy, and Terrorism
  27. Terrorism and Its Relationship With Natural Disasters
  28. Combatting Terrorism and Extremism in Bangladesh
  29. Proportionality Principle and Counter-Terrorism
  30. International Organised Crime and Terrorism
  31. Battling Terrorism and the Importance of Government Surveillance
  32. Ethnic Inclusion, Democracy, and Terrorism
  33. Preventing Terrorism Through Providing Nuclear Security
  34. Biological Terrorism National Response Planning
  35. Female Motivations for Terrorism and Gendered Counter-Terrorism
  36. Egoist and Utilitarian Responses to Terrorism
  37. New Technology and Its Effects on Terrorism
  38. Muslim Attitude Towards Terrorism Against the US
  39. Terrorism and Its Effect on Female Labor Force Participation
  40. Living With the Impact of Global Terrorism

❓Terrorism Research Questions

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  1. Does Terrorism Threaten Human Rights?
  2. Can Illegal Immigration Lead to Terrorism?
  3. How Terrorism Affects the World?
  4. Does Income Inequality Lead to Terrorism?
  5. Does Immigration Increase the Risk of Terrorism?
  6. Can the US Prevent Future Acts of Domestic Terrorism?
  7. Can State Commit Acts of Terrorism?
  8. Does Islam Promote Terrorism?
  9. Does American Foreign Policy Cause Terrorism?
  10. Does the Media Promote Terrorism?
  11. How Are Counter-Terrorism Plans Developed?
  12. Can Foreign Aid Dampen the Threat of Terrorism to International Trade?
  13. Does Terrorism Reduce Life Satisfaction?
  14. Does Economic Growth Cause Terrorism in Pakistan?
  15. How Do Government Agencies Combat Terrorism?
  16. Does Terrorism Still Need Mass Media?
  17. How Did the Terrorism of the Middle East Develop?
  18. Does the Media Encourage Terrorism?
  19. Can Democracy Stop Terrorism?
  20. Does Income Inequality Derive the Separatist Terrorism in Turkey?
  21. How Does Terrorism Affect the International Tourism Industry?
  22. Does Higher Education Decrease Support for Terrorism?
  23. What Is the Best Way to Combat Terrorism?
  24. What Is the Real Reason Behind Terrorism?

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