America’s War on Terror and Countercriticism

I totally disagree with Professor Chomsky’s postulation that America’s war on terror is distorted and that it demonstrates the hypocrisy of Americans and its leaders. Chomsky does not bring out the real danger facing the American nation that threatens the security of Americans both at home and abroad. Chomsky’s postulation is based on theatrics and unfounded philosophies that cannot be used to argue a matter of great importance, such as national security. Already many young American young men and women have lost their lives in the fight against terrorism in areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Critics have always held the notion that America cannot completely justify the extent of its involvement in the war on terror because the danger does not really exist. However, the September 11 2001 bombing of the twin towers brought with it the realities that terrorism is a real danger facing the American nation. Such attacks have also been directed at countries that are deemed supporters of the US. The attacks include the 1997 twin bombings of Nairobi and Dare salaam in East Africa, frequent attacks on Israel, and terrorist attacks in Britain. The government of America has the right to use force within its capacity to fight against terrorist groups that spread terror across the globe. The war on Iraq and Afghanistan was declared after the U.S. government realized that the leaderships of these countries were funding and harboring terrorist groups.

The capacity of a nation to protect its people does not only depend on how it reacts to acts of enemies but also how it anticipates the probable steps that the enemy might take. In fact, the latter approach is more effective because it can save lives. America made the same mistake before 2001 by waiting for the terrorist groups to attack Americans on American soil before taking action. The extent of damage was unthinkable, and the scar that the September 11 attacks left on the souls of Americans might take very long to heal.

The American nation has constantly been targeted by terrorist groups because it takes a strong stance against acts of injustices happening in other nations. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent end of the Cold War, the U.S. became the de facto world superpower. In view of this fact, it is only natural that the U.S. has taken up the role of world policing to ensure that there is peace, democracy and cohesion in all parts of the world. The American nation has continuously advocated for peace, democracy and cohesion through sanctions against countries that do not uphold these virtues. In very rare occasions has America resorted to military intervention. One such instance was the military intervention of the U.S. Army in the Somali Civil War that had lasted for years and the situation had become humanitarian.

The American war on terror is real and justified. Prior to the September 11 attack on U.S. soil, one could have approached the issue with some doubts. However, the enemies of Americans demonstrated that they were serious about their threats towards America and its people.

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