Islam and Its Influence on the World Society

Islam is one of the most spread religions in the world. It has its history and people being worshiping Allah. The conceptual framework of Islam included in the Koran provides a scope of values and requirements which a devoted Muslim should follow. The message in this sacred scripture has nothing to do with inimical attitudes and collisions which should be outlined within Muslims. However, contemporary observation gives points on anxiety about the peaceful development of relationships.

First of all, it is vital to point out that the Islamic flow of expansion has many similarities with other religions. The historical development of Islam was based on the sharing same beliefs among the peoples which were conquered by Arabs. The territory of the major part of Asia and some large territories in Northern Africa and Western Europe are considered to be the place of religious unity of all Muslims. It is their territory due to history.

However, the urge for military improvements among superpowers of the world did not take into account that the ideological war can grow into something dangerous. The main hazards are concerned with terrorist organizations. They pretend to provide their requirements for the world community so that to maintain the revolts and violence. This danger today is mostly considered with Islam. Muslim people today, especially in the United States, are afraid of the blame and violence from the side of Americans. Terror today is supposed with Islam. However, this religion does not teach to follow the way of revenge and terror. Hence, Muslim societies should be aware of the methods with which they can improve the situation for the better.

Some issues should be explored and followed by Muslim societies today. The hierarchy of disorders in Muslim countries begins with the elite political circles. It is the point from which terror brings its power today. Most of the political leaders in Muslim countries provoke conflicts using their radical and strident statements. Some among them are former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, the leader of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf, etc. These persons in most cases support the collision course toward the rational development of relations between Muslim and Western countries.

Second, Muslim societies should not aggravate the situation in the world by employing different manifestations and terror. Supporting this line Muslims discredit the peaceful character of the genuine religion of their predecessors and prophet Mohamed. It is the time when Muslims should demonstrate good intentions through rational dialogue with the rest of the world. It does not also mean that in Muslim countries, especially in the Palestinian region, there is no danger for Muslims themselves. It is the bilateral approach. People professing Islam should take into account that the danger of hidden terror and human catastrophes considers them also.

Sharing culture and traditions among other religious and ethnic entities of the world Muslims should follow the way of rational changes. Politics should promote friendly and close relations with the remainder of the world. This will supposedly help in making the social, cultural, and economical exchange. However, no one among world countries should ignore the significance of secret services even in Muslim countries. The danger of Islam is considered today with radical organizations and their religious leaders. Contrary to such formations of radical Islamists Muslims should follow the way which Koran admits as “divine choice”: “Peace!” shall be the word on the part of a merciful Lord” (Rodwell 179).

All in all, Muslims are the same in their feelings and their extent of humane. There should be no difference according to them. The contemporary situation in the world is not the way for inimical attitudes among all Muslims. It is the desire of some hazardous terroristic groups. Only using the efforts among Muslims in their society the situation can programmatically change starting from the inside sources. This unpopular, unfortunately, a way for the peaceful development of relations between Western and Muslim societies is still doubtful.

The Islamic world is really at the surge of clashes with the West. This assertion straightforwardly demonstrates the danger of terror. It is not surprising that terrorist acts are chosen by radical groups of Islamists because of interventions yielded by the Western world and the United States, in particular. This position of the Islamic world is concerned today with the American support of Israel in the Palestine conflict. Furthermore, it is the result of American interests in the Middle East. Most Muslims criticize various operations in the Persian Gulf. The list of the reasons for anger among radical Islamists can be continued. All in all, the Islamic world solely represents personal contradictions to the policy of globalization provided by the Western world. Also, economical, financial, and military unions in the Western world irritate Muslims. This is why the religious leaders of terroristic organizations support the line of well-designed terrorist acts using suicide bombers. It is outrageous to solve problems of global scope in such a way. However, it is not only the political and economical struggle of nations. It is the religious war that leads to nothing.

The Western world insists on the civilized and rational way for negotiations. However, the leaders of the Islamic world are trying to persuade the followers of Islam that such suggestions will only limit their freedom. This is why the fanatics occur. Their life means nothing to them because they believe in the fallacy that by utilizing such amoral and inhuman actions they will go to Heaven. Such manipulations are still strong among radical Muslims. Thus, they are dangerous for representatives of both the Muslim and Western worlds. The course of clashes with the West is supposed among such dangerous elements to be entire. The war with Disbelievers is the central notion for all terrorist acts. This conviction is growing now and then along with the growth of Muslim ethnical communities throughout the world. Governments of Western countries have nothing to choose from other than to provide military decontamination. The example of Iraq is illustrative in this respect. The world is in hindsight of terrorists now and then. The actions of the Western world today are supposed to the defensive security. It is not medieval times when the situation was opposite due to the crusades in the Middle East. Today so-called “crusades” of a hidden character are promoted by Islamists in response to the actions of the peaceful and rational world community to keep people in safety.

It is wrong for Muslim societies to follow the way of violence for the sake of so-called prescriptions of the Koran. It is a matter of peoples’ wrong interpretation of the scriptures so that to involve more and more believers into the realm of fallacy. Unfortunately, the unstable situation is still going on in the Middle East and Western countries. The number of the most radical and inimical Muslims seems to grow perpetually. It is outrageous that the organization of the greatest terrorist acts is in most cases was designed in Mosques. It is a real danger for Islam and the people who profess it. The contemporary situation shows the transformation of the religion of more than a billion people into the lodgment of violence and terror.

Thereupon, one should realize that Western countries in most points serve as the force for the arrangement of conflict. Western countries are trying to provide positive dialogue with Muslim societies. However, this initiative is cut usually by Islamic leaders at the very beginning of negotiations. It seems like the Islamic world represented by its leaders has the command to follow the side of opposition forgetting about the highest place of reason in solving problems. This is why military conflicts emerge in zones of the highest danger. It is a logical outcome because Islam like many other religions does not represent a menace for the world community. Those who on the lee of Islamic religion work out the system of paralleled beliefs intended to destruction are the real trouble for humanity. Thus, the Islamic world represents the hazards for the world society and the West, in particular. Until religious persuasion to destruct and commit terrorist acts lives among radical Muslims, the Western countries are at the surge of clashes. This situation seems to be entire, but it does not mean that terrorists should not be stopped.

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