106 Islam Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Islam Research Papers Examples

  1. Religion Comparison: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
    This essay seeks to establish the similarities and differences between the religions in terms of origin, issue of salvation and creation, and their perception of God.
  2. Same-sex Marriage as a Religious Issue
    Same-sex marriage is viewed as one of the most controversial social issues facing the world today, probably due to the many legal and social factors involved.
  3. Al-Ghazali Philosophy
    Al-Ghazali philosophy was focused on the concept of God and his relationship with the world and his creation.
  4. Immigrant’s Experiences in America
    The essay presents the findings of the research on the immigrant’s experiences in terms of religion, adaptation, gender roles, racial discrimination, morality, education, marriage, and family.
  5. The 9/11 Attack and the Arab World
    The 9/11 attack led to the creation of the department of homeland security, which has become a big threat to the survival of Muslims and Arabs in the United States.
  6. World Religions Studies and Key Concepts
    Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices that underscore the relationship between people and their God.
  7. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Terrorism
    The paper analyzes the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is a terrorist group that operates in Iraq and Syria, to illustrate the extremes of terrorism in the contemporary times.
  8. Radical Islamic Terrorism Threats in East Africa
    The presence of Al-Qaida in the East African region is a threat to governments and the interests of the United States in the region owing to their ability and methods of operation.
  9. Moses in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    The paper at hand aims at investigating the portrayal of Moses in the three Abrahamic traditions as well as pointing to specificities of his life and impact on the development of religions.
  10. Human Rights and Violation in Islamic Countries
    The main hypothesis in this study is that Islam does not have a significant impact on the institution of human rights among other problems.
  11. Women in the True Islam Perception
    In the West, there is a general perception that the Muslim woman is inferior in the eyes of their male counterparts and is seen as male property.
  12. Western World's View on Muslim Women
    Middle East countries view Muslim women in accordance with the Quran. The paper explores stereotype on Muslim women by the western world and compares with that of the Middle East.
  13. English, Islamic and the Saudi Property Laws
    This paper compares the English Property Law, the Islamic Property Law, and the Saudi Property Law, discussing charitable trusts, mortgage, and private inheritance.
  14. Tort Law: English, Islamic, and Chinese
    A Tort Law is a collection of rights that are applied in court proceedings that are utilized to provide relief to people that have suffered from the wrongdoings of others.
  15. Common Law System in the United Arab Emirates
    The United Arab Emirates had become used to the common law system and many experts believed that it was serving the purpose needed of a proper legal system.
  16. Crusades from a Christian Viewpoint
    This essay looks into the purpose of the crusades from a Christian viewpoint. Additionally, the aftermath and relevance of the crusades will be highlighted.
  17. Women Status in the Arab Gulf Countries
    Women according to Koran are not blamed for Adam’s first mistake. Both were jointly wrong in their disobedience to God, both repented and both were forgiven.
  18. Judaism Concepts
    The religion Judaism is basically followed by the Jewish people. Their basic principles are personified in the Bible.
  19. Women in Religion: Discussion
    This paper compares and contrasts the views of Christianity and Muslim of the woman. It analysis some fundamental differences and similarities in the way the woman is portrayed by the authority books.
  20. Islam and Its Influence on the World Society
    Those who on the lee of Islamic religion work out the system of paralleled beliefs intended to destruction are the real trouble for humanity.

👍 Good Islam Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Afterlife in Different World Cultures
    Most modern religions including atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife. Atheists do not believe in a supernatural God.
  2. Islam in Today’s World
    This paper describes the true teachings of Islam and doctrines that are followed as well as explaining the pillars of Islamic faith.
  3. “Mercy the Stamp of Creation” and “One God, Many Names” Comparison
    The articles "Mercy the Stamp of Creation" and "One God, Many Names" are written by Abd-Allah Umar Faruq; they both look into the religion of Muslims.
  4. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism Origins and the Eschatology Each Creates
    People all over the world engage in worshiping God, the world’s major religions which include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism share their origins.
  5. Jesus & Mohammed: Comparison and Contrast
    Jesus and Mohammed are the two people who promoted the widely spread religions in the world. Jesus led to the spread of Christianity, while Mohammed initiated the Islam religion.
  6. Islamic Civilization: Religious Practices
    The unity of Muslims and the values of devotion and obedience to God that are adopted in Islam may have influenced this religion to become one of the most global and widespread.
  7. Women in Muslim Societies: The Kingdom of Strangers
    The empirical social science study of Muslim societies in multiple geographic regions suggests that the number of women in Muslim has grown voluminous in the past two decades.
  8. Human Rights From the Perspective of Islam
    This paper will examine the human rights from the perspective of Islam and the status of women according to this religion.
  9. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    This paper examines the characteristics of these faiths and determines that despite their dissimilarities, they have resemblances that are based on their joint background.
  10. The U.S. Health Law: Organ Donation
    Organ donation involves harvesting healthy tissues and organs from an individual. This paper explores the US health law as it governs the practice of organ donation.
  11. History of Islamic Art and Architecture
    Islamic architecture derives its style from the foundation of Islam and shows a broad range of both religious and secular styles.
  12. Saudi Arabia. Country Study
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country in Western Asia. The culture of Saudi Arabia has several vital elements.
  13. Islam and War: True Meaning of Jihad
    Post-9/11 jihad has caught popular imagination strongly. This paper endeavors to understand the true meaning of jihad.
  14. The Role of Islam in Saudi Arabia
    This essay is concerned with the role of Islam in the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia, it also examines some aspects concerning the Islamic beliefs that exist in Saudi Arabia.
  15. Comparison of Jewish and Muslim Experiences
    The paper aims to establish the existence of similarities and differences between Jewish and Muslim experiences in Europe.
  16. Islam, Terrorism, and the Spiral of Violence
    This paper seeks to critically examine the uncertainty of religious dogmas and their role in violent misconceptions.
  17. The Work of Kübler-Ross’ Grieving Process
    The paper compares and contrasts the grieving process as defined by Kübler-Ross and the story of Job with that of Islam.
  18. Researching of Malcolm X’s Life
    Malcolm X was a Black Nationalist, African American preacher, and advocate for civil rights. He has challenged black people to protect themselves from white brutality.
  19. India Independence Act 1947 and Its Failure
    This paper aims to conduct the main research on the reasons and consequences of the Indian Independence Act 1947 failure.
  20. A Conversation About Religion: Islam and Christianity
    Islam began to take shape much later than other world religions, by that time, the tenets of Christianity, has taken shape almost wholly.

💡 Essay Ideas on Islam

  1. The Attitudes of Islam to Help Infertile Couples Have Children
  2. Comparison Between Christianity and Islam
  3. Major Differences Between Islam and Judaism
  4. Women’s Rights Under Islam With a Particular Focus On Sharia Law
  5. Islam’s Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Religion
  6. Birth Rituals, Judaism and Islam
  7. Arab Life Before Islam
  8. Muslim Women During Classical Islam
  9. Biblical Theological Tensions Between Islam and Christianity
  10. Critical Thinking About Arabian Nights Magic and Islam
  11. Islam Spread Document Lands Expansion
  12. The Strong Impact Slavery Had on the Spread of Islam
  13. Jihad and the Conflict Between Islam and Christianity
  14. Islam Faith Around the World
  15. Black Muslims and Orthodox Islam
  16. Daily Rituals and Mohammad’s Importance in Islam
  17. Islam Views on the Creation of the Universe
  18. Conflict Between Sunni Islam and Kurdish Nationalism
  19. Belief Systems: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
  20. The Two Main Reasons for the Rapid Spread of Islam
  21. The United States Foreign Policy Toward Islam
  22. Political Islam and the Islamic Islam
  23. United States Aggression Against Islam
  24. The Spread of Islam Into Southeast Asia
  25. Elements of Monotheistic Religion Islam
  26. Islam’s Manifesto Against Racism
  27. Women’s Rights and Islam: Sunni vs. Shia
  28. Conflict Between Islam and Judaism
  29. Black Community and the Nation of Islam’s Lack of Impact
  30. Finding the Bridge Between Hinduism and Islam
  31. World History Before 1500: The Rise of Islam
  32. Extreme Islamic Terrorist Groups in Comparison
  33. Challenges Facing Islam and the Muslim Ummah
  34. Comparison Between Two Historical Approaches of Early Islam
  35. The Christian Church Before the Invasion of Islam
  36. The Conflict Between Islam and the United States
  37. Marginalization of the Views of Muslims Throughout the History of Islam
  38. Negative Stereotypes Against Islam
  39. Islam: Religious Attitude Towards Marriage and Divorce
  40. Rise of Islam in Malaysia

❓ Islam Research Questions

  1. How Was Muhammad Called to Be a Prophet of Islam?
  2. Does the Media Correctly Portray Islam?
  3. Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly?
  4. Does Islam Need Reformation, or Do Islamic Societies Need?
  5. Does Violence Stem From Islam?
  6. Does Islam Cause Violence in the Middle East?
  7. How Has Islam Become a Prominent Religion?
  8. Did Islam Spread Due to Force?
  9. What Does Unity Mean in Islam?
  10. Are Islam and Democracy Compatible?
  11. Why Has Islam Become So Popular Among Arabs?
  12. How Are Islam and Christianity Alike and Different?
  13. What Are Some of the Major Challenges Facing Muslims in the World Today?
  14. How Did Classical Islam View Jews and Christians?
  15. How Did Islam Reject or Transform the Values and Attitudes of the Jahili Arabs?
  16. What Were the Main Factors in the Spread of Islam After Muhammad’s Death?
  17. What Has Been the Role of Maslaha in Islamic Law?
  18. Does Islam Encourage Conflict and Terrorism?
  19. What Does Islam Say About Terrorism?
  20. What Did Medieval Europe Learn From Islam?
  21. What Figures Have Shaped the Development of Islam in the United States?
  22. Did Islam Spread Throughout Africa With the Use of Force?
  23. How Has Art Affected Islam?
  24. How Did Islam Influence Ghana Literature?
  25. Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Male-Chauvinist Institutions?
  26. What do Non-muslims Say About Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam?

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