77 Discrimination Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Discrimination Research Papers Examples

  1. Discrimination of African-Americans
    To preserve the rights of people in a democratic nation, the United States can resolve to enhance the affirmative action as a set of policies that help redress racial discrimination and prejudice.
  2. Discrimination against Asian Students on Campus
    Racial discrimination among college students is an issue that is raising concern in our modern society. This study investigates whether there is discrimination against Asian students on campus.
  3. Justice and Gender: Sex Discrimination and the Law
    This essay will seek to explore topic of sex-based disadvantage by taking an analytical look at how the law reflects, reinforces or challenges this constant pattern of inequality.
  4. Prejudice and Discrimination: Types and Causes
    Discrimination refers to the act of behaving or acting negatively toward someone because of their sexual, racial, or social class affiliation.
  5. African American Women's Discrimination and Violence
    In the recent past, limitations of race and gender have eliminated the possibility of associating domestic torture with that of the public one.
  6. Gender Discrimination in Education and Politics
    This paper shows that the issue of gender discrimination is overrated. It examines education opportunities, political empowerment, and gender wage differentials.
  7. Social Discrimination of Irish-Americans in the US
    For many Irish-American families, the story begins in a tragedy when famine struck Ireland in the decade of the 1840s. They mark the event by calling that period in history as the Great Famine.
  8. Discrimination Against African Americans in the US
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the prevalence of discrimination against African Americans in the United States and how it can be eliminated.
  9. Gender Discrimination and Peace
    Gender discrimination is a socially constructed concept that has prevailed in contemporary society despite efforts to treat everyone equally.
  10. Gender Discrimination in Business Management
    The following report is a discussion about gender discrimination within the business management system. Historically, women have been thought to be inferior with less skills than men.
  11. Diversity & Discrimination of Women in the Workplace
    Working women are faced with a multitude of challenges. On top of balancing their duties and responsibilities, they need to be efficient workers.
  12. Employment Discrimination
    There are basically two theories of discrimination that assist in determining the plight of the victim in racial employment discrimination cases.
  13. Hostility and Discrimination Between Arabs and American
    The immigrants are discriminated depending on their race, religion, sex, and country of origin with Arab immigrants experiencing it most.
  14. Discrimination in the 21st Century for African Americans and Minorities
    USA as a country has made great steps in addressing the disparity and inequality among the various groups since the period of Civil Rights movements.
  15. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975
    The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 was a landmark law in the history of the United Kingdom. The UK is indeed a progressive society and willing to embrace the idea of equality.

💡 Essay Ideas on Discrimination

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  1. Bundling Without Price Discrimination
  2. Age Discrimination and Downsizing
  3. Anna Knight’s Enduring Obstacles During the Years of Savery and Discrimination
  4. American Racial Discrimination Against Middle Easterners
  5. Employment and Age Discrimination
  6. Monopoly Price Discrimination With Constant Elasticity Demand
  7. Muslim Discrimination Against Muslim Women
  8. Dynamic Price Discrimination With Asymmetric Firms
  9. Business Ethics and Gender Discrimination
  10. Dynamic Price Discrimination With Customer Recognition
  11. American History Immigration and Discrimination in the 1920s
  12. Australia Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
  13. Direct Variable Selection for Discrimination Among Several Groups
  14. Business Ethics Discrimination and Affirmative Action Set Aside Programs
  15. The Pros and Cons of Age Discrimination in Employment
  16. The Journey Through Racial Discrimination
  17. The Policies Against Institutional Discrimination in the United States
  18. Automotive Sales Pricing Discrimination
  19. Bathroom Discrimination Against the Transgender Community
  20. Affirmative Action Discrimination President Programs
  21. Combating Mental Illness Discrimination
  22. College LGBT Students’ Discrimination in Employment
  23. Emancipation Proclamation and Discrimination
  24. Dynamic Repeated Random Dictatorship and Gender Discrimination
  25. Monopoly Pricing Structures With Imperfect Discrimination
  26. Sexual Orientation Based Discrimination
  27. Discrimination Towards the Elderly Community
  28. Discrimination Through Versioning With Advertising in Social Networks
  29. Equal Pay Discrimination Against Women
  30. Correlation Between Religion and Discrimination
  31. Muslim Extremismsts and Islamic Discrimination
  32. Discrimination Towards the LGBT Community
  33. Native American Mascot Discrimination
  34. Discrimination in the Workplace Based on Marital Status, Education, Religion, Political Opinion
  35. Discrimination Toward Obese Individuals
  36. Barter for Price Discrimination
  37. Defining Human Rights, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Racism
  38. American Cities and Racial Discrimination
  39. Chinese Indonesian PeopleТs Discrimination
  40. Monopsonistic Discrimination and the Gender-Wage Gap

❓ Discrimination Research Questions

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  1. How Disparate Impact Discrimination and Disparate Treatment?
  2. Can Social Media Lead to Labor Market Discrimination?
  3. Does Discrimination Against Body Modifications Still Exist?
  4. How Can Discrimination Take Place Around the World?
  5. Does Religious Discrimination Really Exist in Today’s America?
  6. Are HIV/Aids Carriers Suffering From Discrimination?
  7. Does Large Price Discrimination Imply Great Market Power?
  8. Can Social Contact Reduce Prejudice and Discrimination?
  9. Does Widespread Age Discrimination Exist in the UK?
  10. How Did Jackie Robinson Overcome Racial Discrimination in Sports?
  11. Does Third Degree Price Discrimination Reduce Social Welfare?
  12. What Is Discrimination for Women Mean?
  13. Does Work Experience Mitigate Discrimination?
  14. Does Competition Eliminate Discrimination?
  15. How Does Discrimination Affect People With Mental Illness?
  16. Are Gender Rights and Gender Discrimination Global Issues?
  17. How Do Immigrants Deal With Discrimination?
  18. Does Market Liberalisation Reduce Gender Discrimination?
  19. Can Minorities Escape Wage Discrimination by Forming Firms?
  20. Are Transgenders Protected From Discrimination in the Workplace?
  21. What Are the Different Types of Discrimination?
  22. Can Racially Unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination?

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