74 Hinduism Essay Topics, Examples, & Questions

Hinduism is the third-largest world religion. Along with Buddhism, it has its origins in Ancient India (Hindu). Hinduism is sometimes referred to not as a religion, but as a dharma. The latter is a philosophical concept that means universal order. If you’re looking for Hinduism essay topics, you’re in the right place. Here we’ve collected the catchiest titles and questions about Hinduism, topics for discussion, and research paper examples.

📝 Hinduism Research Paper Topics & Examples

  1. Religion Comparison: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism
    This essay seeks to establish the similarities and differences between the religions in terms of origin, issue of salvation and creation, and their perception of God.
  2. Religion in India: Hinduism and Buddhism
    This paper will focus on rituals and divine worship associated with Hinduism and Buddhism as well as their importance in both religions.
  3. World Religions Studies and Key Concepts
    Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices that underscore the relationship between people and their God.
  4. Dharma, Karma, and Samsara – Essay on Religion in India
    What is the relationship between the ideas of Dharma, Karma, and Samsara? This essay on religion in India focuses on this concept. It explains what role they play in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  5. Afterlife in Different World Cultures
    Most modern religions including atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife. Atheists do not believe in a supernatural God.
  6. Buddhism: Teachings of Buddha
    The teachings of Buddha are found in the Dhammapada and clearly states that if these laws are followed people will have peace and happiness.
  7. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism Origins and the Eschatology Each Creates
    People all over the world engage in worshiping God, the world’s major religions which include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism share their origins.
  8. Multicultural Dying: Hindu Culture Related to Death and Dying
    The manner in which individuals approach death, suffering and grief depends on their culture, spiritual beliefs and religion.
  9. Buddhism: History, Origins and Rituals
    There is contemplation that Buddhism is a philosophy, way of life, and the code of ethics, but many declare untrue to it the characteristic of a religion.
  10. Death, Views of Asian and Western Culture on Death and Dying
    The Asians receive death with happiness, and in case a person was on medication and felt the time was ready to die, one would forfeit medication to embrace death wholeheartedly.
  11. Indian Classical Dance and Social Issues Involved
    The paper states that the classical dance of India involves seven styles at once. The styles are variations of national creativity.
  12. India Independence Act 1947 and Its Failure
    This paper aims to conduct the main research on the reasons and consequences of the Indian Independence Act 1947 failure.

💡 Hinduism Essay Topics

  1. Hinduism as the Worlds Third Largest Religion
  2. Buddhism and Hinduism: Belief in God
  3. Sufi Movement in Hinduism
  4. Belief Systems: Islam and Hinduism
  5. Genetic Engineering Topic Importance in Hinduism
  6. Differences and Similarities Between Buddhism and Hinduism
  7. Origins of Hinduism in India
  8. Reincarnation Beliefs in Hinduism
  9. The Rise of Hindu Nationalism and Desecularization
    This study aims to explore the role of rising Hindu nationalism in Indian society as a threat to India’s secular roots.
  10. The Relationship Between Homosexuality and Hinduism
  11. Major Concepts Connected Hinduism’s Sacrifice
  12. Parallels Between Daoism and Hinduism
  13. Hinduism Beliefs About Life After Death
  14. The Four Stages of Hinduism
  15. History of Hinduism and Buddhism in India
  16. Comparison Between Hinduism and Buddhism
  17. Analyzing Ancient India, Religion, Hinduism, and Jainism
  18. Ultimate Goal of Hinduism
  19. Analyzing Hinduism: Tolerance and Individuality
  20. Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism in Terms of The Road to Happiness
  21. Comparing Religious Rituals: Hinduism and Christianity
  22. Bhakti Movement in Hinduism
  23. Positive World Change Through Hinduism
  24. Religious Concepts of Death in Hinduism
  25. Islam and Hinduism: Comparisons of the Afterlife
  26. Hinduism Perspective on Food
  27. Christianity and Hinduism: Life After Death
  28. Caste and Class System in Hinduism
  29. Comparison of Ancient Hinduism and Modern Christianity
  30. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism: Comparison of The Influence
  31. The Most Important Factor of Hinduism
  32. Death, Heaven, and Hell in Hinduism and Christianity
  33. Hinduism and Hindu Caste System: Main Peculiarities and Characteristics
  34. The Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism
  35. Hinduism and the Quest Escape Earthly Boundaries
  36. Hinduism About on Soul and No Soul
  37. Finding the Bridge Between Hinduism and Islam
  38. Ganesha: The Elephant God of Hinduism
  39. Marriage Rituals of Hinduism
  40. Hinduism and the Eastern Tradition of Judaism
  41. Hinduism on Life’s Meaning

❓Research Questions about Hinduism

  1. What Does Hinduism Believe In?
  2. How Buddhism and Hinduism Share a Belief That Life Suffering Is Caused by Desire?
  3. What Is Hinduism: a Religion or Way of Life?
  4. What Impact Has Hinduism Had on Modern India’s Society?
  5. Why Did Hinduism Need to Reform?
  6. What Is Not Allowed in Hinduism?
  7. What Is Hinduism and Why Is It Important?
  8. What Are the Six Major Schools of Thought in Hinduism?
  9. How Christianity and Hinduism Contribute to World Peace?
  10. What Are the four Main Beliefs of Hinduism?
  11. How Buddhism and Hinduism Are Alike and Are Also Different?
  12. How Does Sibi Reflect the Values Shown in Hinduism?
  13. How Buddhist Followers Were Influenced by the Revival of Hinduism?
  14. What Does Hinduism Say About Holy Spirit?
  15. What Are the Roles of the Female Deities in Hinduism?
  16. What Are Some Similarities Between Hinduism and Buddhism?
  17. What Is the Status of Women in the Practice of Hinduism?
  18. What Hinduism Conclude About the Afterlife?
  19. What Are the Core Moral Teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism?
  20. How Rituals Permit the Practice of Worship in Hinduism?
  21. Why Does Hinduism Have So Many Gods?

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