93 Immigration Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Immigration Research Papers Examples

  1. Illegal Immigration: Birthright Citizenship
    This paper is an in-depth analysis of the issue of illegal immigrants and their need to acquire birth right citizenship of the nation they settle in.
  2. Social Issues and Effects of Immigration
    This paper explains why immigration is a social issue and how it affects both the host country and the immigrants. It also proposes how immigration can be a positive phenomenon.
  3. The US Immigration Policy's History and Current Issues
    The US immigration policy changed overtime due to challenges such as terrorism and drug abuse. This paper explores its history and examine current issues.
  4. Mexican Immigration in the United States
    There are social, cultural, financial issues caused by Mexican citizens in the USA because the immigrants reduce labor wages for the American population.
  5. The Immigration from Mexico to the US and Its impacts
    This paper will argue that the immigration from Mexico to the US, which has been promoted by globalization, has had a negative impact on the social and economic life of people in the US.
  6. America and Immigration: Arguments For and Against
    This paper looks at different issues regarding immigration in the United States, in particular, arguments for/against and effects of immigration on the US Economy.
  7. Undocumented Immigration in the USA
    Undocumented immigration is a contentious issue in the US. This paper explains why President Obama should stop the deportation of undocumented immigrants.
  8. Immigration's Impact on American Workers
    In spite of the numerous advantages provided by immigrants to the development of the USA, the problem of illegal immigration is the reason for serious debates.
  9. The Immigration Law: How It Needs to Be Modify?
    Immigration reform does not have to mean that the gates are open but that all those that enter the USA feel that they are in a country that respects basic human rights and equality.
  10. Labor Immigration in the USA: History, Visas and Compensation
    The paper reveals the history and current status of immigration in the US, describes available work permits, impact of workers with and without a work visa on compensation.
  11. Immigrants and Immigration Policies: Women and Migration
    International laws have a provision that mandates states to draft immigration policies. Immigration laws and policies of the US have failed to uphold the rights of immigrants.
  12. The Impact of Illegal Immigration on American Society
    The United States of America has remained very attractive to the illegal immigrants who believe that this is a land of opportunities.
  13. The Documentary "Immigration Battle"
    The documentary Immigration Battle deals with the story of the Dream Act. This paper explores the way the documentary shows the Dreamer movement and the Congress’ failure in not passing the Act.
  14. Immigration Effects in US
    The macro perspective in this case focuses on the opinion that immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are actually taking jobs away from American citizens.
  15. Immigration to the United States
    The USA is one of the primary hosts of immigrants from various countries. In the vast majority of cases, immigrants come from developing countries.

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  1. Illegal Immigration and American Economy
    This paper examines how illegal immigration has become an economic burden on America by causing job losses as well as higher crime rates by reviewing articles.
  2. The United States' Immigration Policy Alternatives
    Most illegal immigrants are people who are looking for opportunities that they can exploit to better their lives. But some have been found to engage in illegal activities.
  3. Benefits of Immigration to the United States Economy
    Immigration is one of the hottest topics in the USA nowadays. Be it for patriotic or economic reasons, every US citizen has an opinion about non-native-born employees.
  4. Chuck Hanrahan’s "Stop Illegal Immigration - Arrest Illegal Employers"
    Chuck Hanrahan’s article "Stop Illegal Immigration - Arrest Illegal Employers" is an excellent piece of writing about the problem of illegal immigrants in the United States.
  5. Illegal Immigration Process Analysis
    Illegal immigration refers to migration across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country.
  6. The Implication of Immigration Reforms in America
    The continuous influx of immigrants was resented by some political groups because they feared that immigrants would take away the jobs from them.
  7. Illegal Immigration Control in the United States
    Illegal immigrants cross the boundaries into the United States in search of jobs in focus to improve their standards of living.
  8. The United States Immigration Debate
    The arrival of the new immigrants to USA is generating a backlash of opposition, for reasons that are both economic and cultural.
  9. Impact of Immigration Reforms in the United States
    This paper aims to look into the nature and status of illegal immigration in the United States, more importantly on the presumed need for reform, the type of reform, and its consequences.
  10. Illegal Immigration Through Mexico and Canada
    Illegal immigration represents a potential threat to national security because of the possibility that terrorists or agents of hostile governments can enter the United States.
  11. Illegal Immigration in the US and Its Causes
    There is an opinion among many American politicians and sociologists that illegal immigration is the underlying cause of many problems that the United States experiences now.
  12. Illegal Immigration and It's Impact on the USA
    This is called illegal Immigration, in other words, people who do not have work permit or any kind of permission from the government to come and stay in that particular country.
  13. Immigration Debate: The Immigration Issues in the US
    This essay discusses the immigration issues in the US in an argument of whether the immigration reform is a necessity or a campaign tactic.
  14. Values of Illegal Immigration
    Illegal immigration is the instance of movement of individuals from one nation to another through a process or modes; that infringe the immigration laws of the country.
  15. Immigration and Global Terrorism
    Immigration and terrorism are sovereign social events curtailing from desperate causes and with fundamentally various goals.

💡 Essay Ideas on Immigration

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  1. The Border Security and Illegal Immigration Controversy
  2. German Immigration Into the United States
  3. The Parent and Grandparent Immigration Program in Canada
  4. Undocumented Immigrants and Illegal Immigration
  5. Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Welfare State
  6. Refugee Immigration and Public Finances in Sweden
  7. Public Attitude Towards Immigration
  8. Health Care Utilisation and Immigration in Spain
  9. Alternative Solutions for Illegal Immigration
  10. Ellis Island and Angel Island Immigration
  11. Immigration Laws and Immigration Policies in the US
  12. President Bush’s Immigration Plan: Compassionate or Ridiculous
  13. Immigration, Skill Heterogeneity, and Qualification Mismatch
  14. Top Myths and Fallacies Regarding Immigration
  15. Illegal Immigration: Too Large a Burden on America
  16. The Influences and Impacts of Legal and Illegal Immigration
  17. The Anchor Babies Problem in the Immigration Systems
  18. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility
  19. Positive and Negative Effects of Immigration
  20. The Outdated United States Immigration System
  21. The System of Taxation for Immigrants in the US
  22. The Influence of Latino Immigrants on the Religious Beliefs of Americans
  23. African American Migration and Foreign Immigration
  24. Business Innovation and Investment: Immigration to Australia
  25. Immigration Laws and the Law Enforcement
  26. The Origins of the Growth of Illegal Immigration in the US
  27. The Views of Donald Trump on Immigration
  28. The Effects of Border Control on the Us Immigration Policy
  29. The Influence of Latino Immigrants on the Religious Beliefs of Americans
  30. Economic, Legal, and Social Issues Surround Illegal Immigration in the US
  31. The Peculiarities of Immigration Reforms Under Jim Crow
  32. Third World Immigration as a Threat to the Us and Other Developed Countries
  33. The US Immigration Policy in Regards to Discrimination
  34. Immigration Affect on Life and Academic Performance of International Students
  35. Unchecked Immigration as One of the Reasons for the Resurgence of Diseases
  36. The Immigration Rates Before and After the Civil War
  37. Concepts of Melting Pot and Salad Bowl in the Context of Immigration
  38. The Impact of Immigration and Religion on Cultural Conflicts in the 1920s in the US
  39. Border Blues: The Dilemma of Illegal Immigration
  40. Economic and Cultural Assimilation and Integration of Immigration in Europe

❓ Immigration Research Questions

  1. Can Immigration Reduce Imbalances Among Labor Markets?
  2. What Are the Origins of the Growth of Illegal Immigration in the US?
  3. Why Has Immigration Reform Been Criticised?
  4. Should Immigration Laws Be Revised? Why?
  5. Does Europe Need Mass Immigration?
  6. Can Immigration Compensate for Europe’s Low Fertility?
  7. How Has Immigration Created Diversity?
  8. How Unification and Immigration Affected the German Income Distribution?
  9. Does Immigration Hurt American Workers?
  10. What Are the Five Myths of Immigration?
  11. Does Immigration Induce Urban Sprawl in the US?
  12. Can Selective Immigration Policies Reduce Migrants’ Quality?
  13. Does Immigration Hurt African-American Self-Employment?
  14. How Has Immigration Shaped the Australian Identity?
  15. What Drives Immigration Amnesties?
  16. Does Illegal Immigration Empower Rightist Parties?
  17. Why Do Americans Think Immigration Hurts the Economy?
  18. Did Obama Achieve Objectives in Immigration Policy?
  19. Do Immigration Laws Infringe the Rights of Legal Immigrants and American Citizens?
  20. How Does Capitalism Affect the Global Problem of Immigration?
  21. How Does Immigration Labor Benefit the UK?
  22. Does Immigration Affect the American Economy?
  23. How Does Immigration Help the United States?

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