Immigrants Adaptation Issues

Assimilation, pluralism, and trans-nationalization


Assimilation is the process where a minority group gets incorporated into a dominant majority culture and becomes part of it. When a minority group migrates into a different country, it adapts to that society and eventually becomes part of the society. It has been the main ideology through which minority communities have been incorporated into American society.

Ethnic pluralism, on the other hand, is whereby the culture of immigrants to a different country is not fully integrated into the majority culture. However, they become part of the new society, but they can retain their cultural beliefs and norms. The cultures live in the same society, but they have different cultures unlike in the case of assimilation where the minority ethnic group is fully assimilated.

Trans-nationalism is whereby immigrants keep on moving across national borders, and they never settle in one country. These immigrants maintain social connections with their original country as they move across borders. They can, therefore, be involved in the activities that take place in the country in which they have settled. They are also free to participate in events taking place in their native countries.


Pluralism, assimilation, and trans-nationalism are all similar in some aspects. In the case of pluralism and assimilation, they are similar in that they entail several dimensions and forms. In both cases, there is a presumption of retention of the differences among the ethnic groups. Different cultures get integrated into the majority culture, they learn the new culture and become part of it. It is similar to trans-nationalization. Immigrants who are trans-nationalists get involved in the cultures and activities of their countries. They still maintain contact with their native nations.

The best way for immigrants to a host society

I think the best ways that immigrants should use to adapt to a host country are ethnic pluralism. The method is crucial since they can adapt to the new culture and yet maintain their native culture. America is a multicultural society. Many people have shifted to America to do business or studies while others shift in search of jobs and security.

These people help in the growth of the American economy, in one way or the other. If they have to be assimilated for them to be incorporated into society, then some of them may not shift to America since they may not be willing to abandon their cultures. If assimilation is the main way in which immigrants are incorporated in America, then many people will shun going there.

However, assimilation may be better in that it helps in the reduction of ethnic differences. It is noteworthy since it enhances the beneficial coexistence of all people from different cultures living in the United States of America. On the other hand, assimilation is likely to lead to the loss of some cultures since the majority culture dominates the others. It becomes a monotonous culture. The culture might have some values which are not acceptable by people from other nations.

Further, it might have some negative cultures, as well. Integrating the minor cultures into this culture will force them to adapt to the negative values of that society. In the case of pluralism, immigrants have the option to choose the positive values of the majority culture and leave out the negative ones as they maintain their values from their original country.

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