75 Christianity Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Christianity Research Papers Examples

  1. Evangelical Theology: Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ was the true epitome of a perfectly ethical human life, he is the “firstborn” in the sense that he provided an example of how humanity should co-exist.
  2. Same-sex Marriage as a Religious Issue
    Same-sex marriage is viewed as one of the most controversial social issues facing the world today, probably due to the many legal and social factors involved.
  3. World Religions Studies and Key Concepts
    Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices that underscore the relationship between people and their God.
  4. Moses in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    The paper at hand aims at investigating the portrayal of Moses in the three Abrahamic traditions as well as pointing to specificities of his life and impact on the development of religions.
  5. Crusades from a Christian Viewpoint
    This essay looks into the purpose of the crusades from a Christian viewpoint. Additionally, the aftermath and relevance of the crusades will be highlighted.
  6. Women in Religion: Discussion
    This paper compares and contrasts the views of Christianity and Muslim of the woman. It analysis some fundamental differences and similarities in the way the woman is portrayed by the authority books.
  7. Conceptions of Christ
    The discussion of the changing conceptions of Christ throughout the centuries, starting with the period of the Middle Ages and up to these days.
  8. Ethical Life Issues in Works by Cicero and C.S. Lewis
    The issue of the establishment of ethical life in the community in accordance with the moral laws can be traced in the literary works by Cicero and C.S. Lewis.
  9. Afterlife in Different World Cultures
    Most modern religions including atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife. Atheists do not believe in a supernatural God.
  10. “Mercy the Stamp of Creation” and “One God, Many Names” Comparison
    The articles "Mercy the Stamp of Creation" and "One God, Many Names" are written by Abd-Allah Umar Faruq; they both look into the religion of Muslims.
  11. Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism Origins and the Eschatology Each Creates
    People all over the world engage in worshiping God, the world’s major religions which include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism share their origins.
  12. Jesus & Mohammed: Comparison and Contrast
    Jesus and Mohammed are the two people who promoted the widely spread religions in the world. Jesus led to the spread of Christianity, while Mohammed initiated the Islam religion.
  13. Relation Between God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit
    The concept of the Trinity is the relationship between God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This concept was only accepted in the third and fourth centuries.
  14. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    This paper examines the characteristics of these faiths and determines that despite their dissimilarities, they have resemblances that are based on their joint background.

🏆 Best Christianity Essay Titles

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  1. The Universal and Inclusive Message of Christianity
  2. Things That Globally Changed With the Advent of Christianity
  3. Biblical Theological Tensions Between Islam and Christianity
  4. Rational Reason for Divorce in the Views of Christianity
  5. Christianity Versus Boethian Philosophy
  6. Doctrinal Development vs. Abiding Truth of Christianity
  7. The Unlikely Concord Between Paganism and Christianity
  8. Essential Similarities and Differences Between Judaism and Christianity
  9. Preparation for Early Christianity
  10. Martin Luther and His Concept of Christianity
  11. The Birth and Development of Christianity Throughout History
  12. Paul’s Teachings and His Impact on Christianity
  13. Major Problems Facing Christianity
  14. Finding Common Ground for Christianity and Science
  15. Finding the Genuine Happiness in the Religion of Christianity
  16. The Life and Impact of John Calvin on Christianity
  17. Middle Age Religion Beliefs and the Existence of Christianity
  18. Defining Faith and Its Importance in Christianity
  19. Principal Teachings About Peace in Christianity
  20. The Admirable Sides and Flaws of Christianity
  21. Medieval Christianity and Its Influence on Society
  22. Concept of Suffering in Christian Philosophy
  23. Christianity Versus Evolution Theory of Earth
  24. The Most Common Christianity Dominations Around the World
  25. Imperial Attitude Towards Early Christianity
  26. Parallelism Between the Matrix and Christianity
  27. Interactions Between Christianity and Islam
  28. American Christianity and the Drive of Conviction
  29. The Three Main Divisions of Christianity
  30. Biblical Foundations of Christianity
  31. Constantine the Great and His Influence on the Spread of Christianity
  32. Tracing Christianity Throughout Western Europe
  33. The Relationships Between Christianity and Charity
  34. Studying and Examining Reformation and Christianity
  35. The Unity of American Christianity
  36. Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism as the Main Branches of Christianity
  37. Ancient Christianity in Academic Writings
  38. Communicating Christianity From the Beginning of Time
  39. Understanding the Modern State of Christianity
  40. The Truth About Orthodox Christianity

❓ Christianity Research Questions

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  1. Was Christianity the Key to the Downfall of the Vikings?
  2. How Has Christianity Influenced Society Throughout History?
  3. How Did Scholars and Theologians Motivate the Creation of Modern-Day Christian Doctrines and Church Programs?
  4. How Christianity and Hinduism Contribute to World Peace?
  5. What Does Christianity Teach About Human Life?
  6. How Christianity Influenced Art in the Middle Ages?
  7. How Christianity and Science Can Go Together?
  8. How Does Christianity Interacts With Other Religions?
  9. Does Being a Christian Make You Answerable to the Teachings of the Bible?
  10. Are Americans Over-Influenced by Christianity in Society?
  11. How Did Christianity Become a Major World Religion?
  12. What Does Christianity Effect on Western Culture?
  13. How Christianity Influenced the Roman Empire History?
  14. The Most Common Christianity Dominations Around the World are All Christians Working Towards the Same Goal: Living a Happy Life After Death?
  15. Can Christianity and Business Coexist?
  16. How Has Advanced Technology Positively Impacted Christianity at Different Levels?
  17. How Has Christianity Helped Control the Potential Effects of Advanced Technology?
  18. How British Literature Affected Western Christianity?
  19. What Does the Christianity Say About Capital Punishment?
  20. What Are the Primary Goals and Purposes Played by Christianity Dominations?
  21. What Is the Role of Christianity in Shaping Modern Society?

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