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📝 Gender Research Papers Examples

  1. Gender, Its History and Socially Construction
    This paper discusses how gender is historically and socially-constructed; it will also take a look at the role of women between1900 and 1945.
  2. Gender Role in the Music Videos
    The modern world has brought about many changes in the way gender roles are viewed by the society. The media has a lot of influence on people’s demand for the types of music.
  3. Gender Studies: Should Women be Treated Equal to Men?
    In most cultures, women have historically been regarded as inferior to men. However, this trend has changed considerably over the last century.
  4. Stereotypes about Physical Appearance - Gender Studies
    Stereotypes are the generalization or oversimplified ideas about certain human groups based on race, nationality, tribe, or sexual orientation among other categories.
  5. Social Gender Equality Between Men and Women
    Social equality especially on gender is one of the areas that have been studied and presented in various views and theories ranging from the feminist to religious.
  6. Gender and Roles of Members in the Society
    Gender is range of social, physical and biological characteristics of an individual, which differentiate a person from masculine or fiminine.
  7. Gender Roles: Should Women Going Out to Work?
    This research supports the argument that women should be allowed go to work despite the fact that a part of society still believes that women should not work.
  8. Race and Gender Social Construction
    In the attempt to understand how social construction of gender and race is done, it is crucial to appreciate and acknowledge the difference between gender and sexuality.
  9. Offending Patterns Between Genders
    Gender is one of the major factors, which has a robust impact on determining socially appropriate behavioral patterns and developing acceptable social standards.
  10. Justice and Gender: Sex Discrimination and the Law
    This essay will seek to explore topic of sex-based disadvantage by taking an analytical look at how the law reflects, reinforces or challenges this constant pattern of inequality.
  11. Gender Roles in the Financial Sector
    The concept of gender and associated roles have undergone tremendous changes in the recent past as women attempt to make their voices heard in society.
  12. Gender Inequality: Cultural or Psychological Issue
    This paper explores whether gender inequality is a cultural issue or it is problem that is psychologically created by people such that it influences their view of one another.
  13. Gender Differences in Non- and Verbal Communication
    Communication can be defined as the exchange or passage of messages from an individual to another with the aim of creating or influencing meanings assigned to certain events.
  14. Gender Roles in Psychological and Biosocial Theories
    Gender roles, their characteristics, origin, and development are discussed in the framework of various sociological, psychological, and biosocial theories.
  15. Biology in Gender and Sexual Identity Formation
    Biology plays a key role in the formation of gender and sexual identities. However, other factors, such as environment and socialization, play a significant role.
  16. Gender Inequality and Physical Health Problems
    One of the consequences of gender discrimination is that women account for nearly half of all HIV infections in the world because of the subordinate position in life spheres.
  17. Gender Identity and Behavior: Nature and Nurture
    Psychologists examined the extent to which gender identities, behaviors (such as similar-sex friendships), and roles are influenced by nature and nurture.
  18. Gender and Equality in the Society
    Media content sways the manner in which people perceive gender and equality. There is a mismatch between how women are portrayed in the media and how they appear in real life.
  19. Ghanaian Society: Gender and Development
    Ghana is a West African country boarded by Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Togo. It has three main cities; Accra, Tamale and Kumasi.
  20. Social Construction: Race and Gender
    The perpetrators use gender and race as the main features of discrimination. The essay discusses the social constructions of gender and race, and their impact on women of color.
  21. Feminist Approaches to Gender and Science Issues
    Feminist theorists consider ways in which physical differences between men and women show that women are to be allocated inferior and degrading activities in the field of science.
  22. Gender Inequality in the Workplace
    Gender equality has been a matter of many disputes for centuries. At present, despite active steps to its elimination, gender inequality exists in diverse spheres of life.
  23. Gender Discrimination in Education and Politics
    This paper shows that the issue of gender discrimination is overrated. It examines education opportunities, political empowerment, and gender wage differentials.
  24. Gender Stratification and Inequality
    This paper reviews and evaluates the opposing views on gender stratification's functions and its links to gender inequality analyzing of various opinions.
  25. Gender Inequality and Stereotypes in the Society
    Gender inequality will persist since men have no reason to relent on their roles. It is upon the women to work against this backdrop of gender inequality and stereotypes.

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  1. Socio-Cultural Contributions to Gender Roles
    This paper aims to evaluate research evidence for the socio-cultural contribution to gender roles for males and females.
  2. Gender and Culture in Hurston's Anthropology Works
    Zora Neale Hurston lived an unusual life. Hurston discovered the idea of inner-race discrimination when class or gender become discriminating factors.
  3. Gender Inequality and Concept of Public Policy
    The problem of inequality has affected different societies for many centuries. This paper discusses addressing gender inequality using the concept of public policy.
  4. Gender Discrimination and Peace
    Gender discrimination is a socially constructed concept that has prevailed in contemporary society despite efforts to treat everyone equally.
  5. Global Gender Equality Issues
    In this paper, global gender equality issues will be explored, with a particular focus on the rights of women and representatives of gender minorities.
  6. Gender Discrimination in Business Management
    The following report is a discussion about gender discrimination within the business management system. Historically, women have been thought to be inferior with less skills than men.
  7. Differences in Digital Literacy Based on Gender and Socio-Economic Status
    The given essay will argue that gender has a minor influence on the formation of digital literacy, whereas socio-economic status (SES) has a major impact on it.
  8. Women’s Work: Social and Gender Inequalities
    Women’s work was considered less valuable because of social and gender inequalities that assigned women secondary roles and subordinate positions.
  9. Gender Inequality in Workplace
    This essay will examine a conflict perspective as one way of interpreting gender stratification in society and how the job category noted above affects occupational prestige.
  10. Gender and Racial Disparity Analysis
    Racial Disparity can be seen as a practice whereby some people assert that they deserve more social power than another group based on their race or others asserting.
  11. Reasons for Race and Gender Changes
    Changes in race and gender hierarchy have resulted from the civil war and civil rights movement, which brought about changes in the American society.
  12. Gender Communication Issues: Bra as Gender
    In case of bras, it certainly is gendered. This is because it is an object that is used only by women. There is a tendency to marginalize women in society and intellectual communities.
  13. Gender Issues in Criminal Justice
    There is available research to indicate that there are gender biases within the criminal justice system. Transsexual people are more vulnerable to violence and discrimination.
  14. Gender and Sexuality in William Shakespeare’s Plays
    The author promotes the point of view that three William Shakespeare’s plays, The Twelfth Night, Hamlet and ‘The Winter’s Tale’ share the same theme “gender and sexuality”.
  15. The Theory of Gender Intelligence
    The theory of gender intelligence was developed by Howard Gardner in 1993. The biases of intelligence on the basis of Gardners theory to gender.
  16. Observational Research on Gender Difference in Nonverbal Communication
    In day-to-day communication, males and females use different nonverbal cues, and the difference in interpretation of these cues leads to the genders not understanding one another.
  17. Gender and Global Political Economy
    Direct response by feminists to the challenges they are subjected to by corporations is bearing fruit as the justification of women as workers in low-paid service jobs vanish.
  18. Gender Identity in Orlando
    Whether gender affects the identity of a person. The transformation of Orlando’s gender into a female person clearly brings out this crisis between gender and identity.
  19. Impact of Gender in the Shakespeare's Othello
    In Othello by William Shakespeare, gender is the main antagonistic vehicle that is embraced by main protagonist to churn the main theme in the play.
  20. Gender Relations on the Example of "Trifle" by Glaspell
    The paper discusses the gender influences on characters, the instances of manifestation of different ways of thinking between men and women, the question of female solidarity.
  21. Genders, Sexuality, and Hip-Hop
    The hip-hop culture has projected women as sexual objects, and this is highly depicted in modern commercial hip-hop music.
  22. Sex and Gender Definition Differences
    There are different definitions that have been put forward by different organizations that deal with people from different genders.
  23. Gender Equality in Finland and the US
    The gender gap in leadership positions across continues, regardless of women being about 50% of the international workforce and forming a high proportion of college graduates.
  24. Gender Roles in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin
    Chopin saw the necessity for more freedoms for women, and The Story of an Hour reflected the oppression and male dominance that a typical ideal wife of that time was facing.
  25. Equal Play, Equal Pay: The Gender Pay Gap Issue
    This essay aims at reviewing an article related to the issue and discussing its social construct of professionalism.

💡 Essay Ideas on Gender

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  1. The Gender Wage Gap in the Turkish Labor Market
  2. Antigone vs. The Hunger Games: Gender Roles
  3. American and Chinese Gender Roles
  4. Exploring Native American Gender Roles
  5. Disability Insurance: Error Rates and Gender Differences
  6. Capital Market Integration and Gender Inequality
  7. Gender Stratification and Its Impact on Society
  8. Korean Culture and Korean Women’s Gender Relations
  9. Breaking Gender Barriers for Women
  10. Opinions About Gender Roles in Cultural Context
  11. Binary Gender System Within the Society
  12. Gender Stigma Behind the HIV and Aids Epidemic
  13. Feminism and Gender Roles Importance
  14. Gender Roles, Illness Orientation, and Use of Medical Services
  15. Breaking Down the Gender Wage Gap by Age and by Hours Worked
  16. Gender Stereotyping in American Literature
  17. Bridging the Gender Gap in Mathematics
  18. Capitalism and the Social Construction of Gender
  19. Flexible Scheduling and the Gender Wage Gap
  20. Distinction Between Sex and Gender
  21. Boys and Girls: Gender Roles and Identity
  22. Adolescent Resilience, Gender, and Foster Care
  23. Leadership Expectations and the Negative Impact of Gender
  24. Pushing the Gender Boundaries in Sports
  25. Breaking Cultural Rules About Gender
  26. Organizational Behaviour Gender and Communication
  27. Oppression and Gender Roles in Pre-war African American Society
  28. Broken Gender Norms With an Identity Crisis
  29. Gender Diversity Within the Workplace
  30. Cinderella Told Through the Centuries: Reshaping Gender
  31. Modern Greece Stereotypes About Gender Identities
  32. Gender Wage Gaps Across Skills and Trade Openness
  33. Gender Dominance Grip Strength
  34. Defining Manhood Through Gender Stereotypes
  35. Gender-Related Issues in Gaming
  36. Gender and Sexuality in Sport in the 21st Century
  37. Gender Discrimination in Jury Selection
  38. Gender Equality in Western Society: Achievements and Prospects
  39. Roots of Gender Inequality and Their Expression in Today’s Society
  40. Gender-Neutral Management Practices

❓ Gender Research Questions

  1. Which Gender Wage Gap Estimates to Trust?
  2. How Media and Politics Influence Gender Roles?
  3. How Do Race and Gender Affect Identity?
  4. Why Have Some Feminists Criticised the Idea of Gender Equality?
  5. How Does the Media Influences Gender Roles?
  6. How Has the Society Coined the Image of the Different Gender and Their Roles?
  7. Why Preschools Are Part of the Social Construction of Gender?
  8. How the Sandinista Revolution Changed Traditional Gender Roles?
  9. Can People and Organizations Become Gender and Color-Blind?
  10. How Do Sex and Gender Influence Sports?
  11. How Does Media Affect Our Opinions on Gender?
  12. Gender Equality: Are Women Still Being Held Back by Stereotypes?
  13. What Does Gender Inequality Cost Us Economically?
  14. State Enforcement of Gender Equality Laws: Is It Really Effective?
  15. Does Gender Help or Hinder Women in the Workplace?
  16. What Are the Main Challenges That Don’t Allow Us to Achieve Gender Equality at Work?
  17. What Can Governments Do to Close the Gender Gap at Work?
  18. Can Movies Defy Gender Stereotypes?
  19. Is There a Correlation Between the Gender Wage Gap and Sexuality?
  20. Is It Effective to Implement Rules on Fighting Gender Inequality?
  21. What Role Does Gender Equality Play in the Process of Economic Development?
  22. How Is Gender Inequality Viewed From a Psychological Perspective?
  23. What Are the Manifestations of Gender Inequality in the Modern-Day Family Unit?
  24. Do You Agree That Peace and Gender Equality Are Connected?

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