Gender Roles: Should Women Going Out to Work?

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The societal structure has been changing rapidly as the world embraces civilization. One of the main changes that have been witnessed in the modern society is the new role of women as the breadwinners of their families. In the past, women were expected to take care of their families.

They would cook, wash clothes, and attend to any other household chores within their families. They had to ask for any financial help from their husbands. Men were expected to be the breadwinners. However, this has changed rapidly in the recent past. Women are no longer mere caretakers at home. They have become very aggressive in life as they try to define their positions in the corporate world. This does not mean that they now neglect household chores.

Most of these corporate women hire house helps to take care of these chores. Some also consider addressing these chores after coming from work. However, a section of the society still believes that women should not work. This research seeks to support the argument that women should be allowed go to work.

Argument against Women Going to Work

A section of the society has held the argument that women are not supposed to go to work. They argue that in the society, it is important to have the roles for both men and women defined clearly in order to have a system that runs smoothly. Men are expected to be the breadwinners of their families, and women are expected to take care of all the members of their families.

Reversing these roles or trying to redefine them may cause chaos within the society. The events taking place in the West explains this very clearly. The recent reports show that the rates of divorce in the United States remain very high.

These reports also indicate that these cases of divorce are common among families where the couples are working. In the past, cases of divorce in China were very rare. At that time, men were the sole breadwinners of their families. However, this has changed as women have become successful in the corporate world.

A family is a very delicate fabric that should be protected from any destruction at all cost. However, this can only happen if members of the society understand the importance of one another. When women start working, the importance of men in their lives become meaningless.

They start developing a feeling that they can make it in life without their support. This is why many families in some of the leading economies such as Europe and the United States are breaking. Women should focus on addressing issues at home and let their husbands work for their families. This is the only way to maintain the respect that exists between men and women in our society. In fact, the government should come up with policies that would prohibit women from being employed.

Argument Supporting Women Going to Work

Women have all the rights to go to work and earn income for their families. Inasmuch as the recent statistics about divorce in some of the developed nations that allow women to go to work are worrying, it does not justify denying women the opportunity to be successful in life. A number of reasons exist that support the need to allow women to go to work. First, allowing women to go to work boosts the income of a family.

Instead of relying on only one source of income, the earnings from the women will be an added advantage. Allowing women to go to work is a form of giving women freedom from the male domination. Some women are forced to withstand oppressive lives because of their abusive husbands.

They live in despair because they wholly depend on their husbands. Women have equal rights in the society as men. They should be given space to display their talents and succeed in life as teachers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, business-people, or any other profession that they feel fits them.


The society is changing, and we need to find a way of changing with it. The time when women were expected to be submissive to men even when they were oppressed is long gone. It is wrong for men to deny women the opportunity to work so that they can use their status as a weapon that allows them to make selfish decisions that only benefits them.

Women just like men, have ambitions in their lives besides taking care of their children. They have all the rights to achieve these ambitions, and it is immoral to put barriers on their way because of lame excuses. Women should be given all the material and moral support so that they can succeed in the corporate world.

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