Gay Marriage Legalization Process

Gay marriage can be termed as the union of two persons of the same biological gender. This form of marriage is legally and socially accepted in some states. In the twentieth century, many countries started formalizing marriage between two persons of the same gender. It has been recognized as a civil right, political and a social issue within different nations.

In the few past years, debate over gay marriage has grown into a nationwide storm. Arguments against marriage between the same sexes have been arising in the halls of U.S congress. Also, they have been happening in the state legislatures and courtrooms. In addition, debates having been happening during campaigns at national and state levels (Masci para.1).

Family is a very important element in the building of a society. Many families are made of couples of different sex. In some families the couples belong to the same gender. Others may be polyandrous or polygynous. Some families are legally accepted by the government while others are not accepted at all (Robinson para.4).

In US, laws to protect the heterosexual couples were issued in 1997. These laws had special rights and privileges. Also they had responsibilities to the heterosexual couples. The laws did not include the gays and the lesbians denying them the benefits and protection. In most jurisdictions only individuals belonging to different sex can be allowed to marry. On the other hand some jurisdictions also consider marriages of couples of the same-sex (Robinson para.6).

Gay marriage is U.S was legalized first in the state of Massachusetts in 2004. This form of marriage is not recognized by the federal government. The Defense of marriage Act has prohibited gay marriage. In the U.S only five states offers licenses of gay marriages. Also, there are states that do recognize gay marriage but they don’t grant licenses. These states include New York, Rhode Island and Maryland. In March 2011, gay marriage was prohibited trough the state statute (Gill para.3).

Gay marriage has adverse effects to the individuals involved. These effects could be in terms of mental and physical health. Sexual activities between gays can result to several sexually transmitted diseases. The practices can also lead to physical injuries which are not recognized among the homosexual population. Also, lesbians face a very high risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Lesbians are more endangered than the heterosexual women. Gay sex may lead to high rates of mental illness.

These include drug abuse, and suicide attempts. This is evident in countries where relationships of individuals of the same gender are more socially accepted. Depression is highly linked with the dangerous sexual practices that may result to serious medical problems. The life span of gay men and the bisexual men may be reduced by up to 20 years. Dangerous sexual behavior ruins health and lead to reduction of the life span (Dailey para.5).

A good number of those who support gay marriage in US advocate that both the lesbians and the gays should have equal right as the heterosexuals. These two groups should have the right to marry just like everyone else. They also put it that they have enough reasons of fighting for the marriage equity. In addition, they put it that couple of the same sex married for along time at time live even without the basic rights. They also lack the privileges that legally married heterosexuals enjoy (Masci para.4).

In the other hand the social conservatives advocates for marriages of individuals of different gender. They argue that marriage between bisexuals leads to a healthy society. They lead to stability in families those later yield children who can be productive in future.

They also put it that by allowing homosexuals to marry will redefine marriage. In addition this will also weaken it as time goes by during the time when the institution will be in big danger. The social conservatives also argue that by allowing homosexuals to wed will offer an opportunity to individuals in the nontraditional affairs the right to marry too.

Religious communities in the US have different views over the homosexual marriages. The Catholics are having campaigning against the gay marriage. In addition, the evangelical groups have also played a greater role in campaigning against gay marriages. There has been a tug of war among the protestant churches on whether to ordain gay clergy.

Also they there has also been controversy on whether to perform wedding ceremonies of homosexuals. Ordination and wedding of homosexuals has created a gap between the liberal and the conservative groups. This is in churches like Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian (Robinson para.8).

It is almost fifty years now since the American gays started to fight for their rights to marry. This was to form more legal or formalized relationships. The marriage between homosexuals has been a national issue for the last 20 years. A statute by the federal law was formed to define marriage as a union of individuals of opposite gender.

In 1990s efforts were made to ensure that the gay’s rights were put into consideration. By the 1999 a certain court ruled that even the homosexuals had the rights to wedding and protection. Later in 2003 Massachusetts granted the gays and the lesbians the right to marry. Licenses given to those who wedded outside Massachusetts were later canceled. This was due the fact that the officials involved had no power to offer the licenses (Dailey para.6).

In the recent years, those opposing gay marriage have been lucky at the state level. Before 2004, four states agreed to make changes in the constitution. This was either making a ban on the homosexual marriage or by removing the matter from the state’s court. The states that advocated for constitution changes on the prohibition of gay marriage are in the socially conservative areas (Marriage equality USA para.5).

Several states have put in use laws that institute civil unions. These laws also establish domestic partnership. The two are aiming at giving homosexuals rights and responsibilities of matrimony. These will not grant them a right to marry. Civil unions were first formed in 1999. This was a response to the ruling made by the court in Vermont. The ruling ordered that the homosexuals should get the common benefits and protection that come from wedding (Marriage equality USA para.7).

Those advocating for gay marriage have high spirit that the victories they have made will have effect on other states. On the other hand, the opposing team has a belief that gay marriage will remain constitutionally banned. For the reforms, in 2009 president supported the amendment made on the marriage Act in 1996. Though, on the other hand he limited the benefits for the homosexual’s couple of federal workers. This is not a political issue since the federal workers don’t support marriage between same sexes (Dailey para.4).

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