Sex and Gender Definition Differences

Sex and gender are two words that are sometimes used to mean one or the other. Sex is different from gender. There are different definitions that have been put forward by different organizations that deal with people from different genders. Sex can simply be defined in terms of the male and female reproductive organs. The reproductive organ is different from that of a female for any animal in the universe. When a child is born, we determine whether he or she is a boy or a girl by looking at the reproductive organ. Men and women usually play different roles that are well-defined, especially in the house. The difference in roles played defines a person gender.

According to the difference made by the definition of the two terms, it is clear that sex and gender are, well explained in the subjects such as biology and sociology. In biology, human beings are classified into consideration of their biological makeup. Men and women are thus classified according to their reproductive organs. On the other hand, sociology classifies men and women in terms of their gender. The roles that the society has assigned to both men and women are different as the two genders have different capabilities. Men are masculine in nature and can carry out difficult tasks while female are feminine in nature and need to work on soft jobs. Social scientist have gone a notch higher to state that gender is the sex of mind as a role that men and women do are already in their minds.

In the modern society, the difference between sex and gender has lost its meaning of definitions. The development of technology has made it easier for a person to move from one gender to the other. In fact, it has become possible for a person to cross from one sex to the other. In other words, it does not matter anymore the sex or gender that someone is born. It has become a personal choice to belong to the one or the other. In the modern western society, technology is on top of its development. Biological activities have led to innovations in the operation system. In these countries, male sex can easily be transformed into a female one by qualified doctors and the opposite is true. Considering this achievement, it does not matter the sex that one bears anymore. What matters is the personal choice of what he or she will want to be associated with in the future.

Secondly, the definition of gender as the roles that are assigned to people of different sex by the society has also lost its meaning. In the modern western society, there has been the development of machines that have led to efficiency at the workplace. Lifting difficult and heavy loads can be easily lifted by the use of these machines. Women, as well as men, are involved in carrying out the tasks as no effort is required, but only the knowledge of operating the machines. The differentiation of tasks according to the sex that one belongs is rapidly coming to an end.

Biology and sociology are good subjects that we need to study in order to understand ourselves as human beings. We need to know ourselves as men and women, and the limitation of tasks as defined by gender. We also need to use technology in erasing the negative attitude of gender developed by the society.

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