Gender Studies: Should Women be Treated Equal to Men?

In most cultures, women have historically been regarded as inferior to men. However, this trend has changed considerably over the last century. Numerous actions have been undertaken, especially in the developed nations, to ensure that women gain equal treatment to men.

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These efforts have led to some profound changes in the way most societies treat their women. However, the question still remains whether this equal treatment is suitable or even necessary. This paper maintains that women should not be treated as equals to men.

One of the arguments against treating women equally with men is that men have made a greater contribution to the advancement of human civilization than women. Most of the major discoveries and inventions made in the fields of science and technology have been made by men.

Many of the renowned figures in scientific history such as Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Louis Pasteur, and Albert Einstein are men. Such individuals have made monumental contributions to the advancement of our civilization. Therefore, women should not be treated as equals to men since they have not made as significant a contribution to our race.

While men dominate the list of renowned inventors and scientists, women are not absent from the list. Women such as Mary Leakey and Marie Curie made significant scientific discoveries. The overrepresentation of men in the fields can be attributed to the limited educational opportunities that women were historically given.

Without the same chances as men in school and research centers, women could not make the huge impact that men did. However, as equal opportunities started to be afforded to women over the 20th centuries, the number of women making contributions to the advancement of the human race has increased.

Many people feel that women deserve different treatment since they rely on men for their protection. From a biological point of view, men have more muscular bodies. In addition to this, women often ask for the protection of men in case of danger. In the home setting, the man is expected to take action to defend the family in the event of a burglary attempt.

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Men also make up the larger percentage of individuals serving in our armed forces. These examples demonstrate that women view men as superior in providing safety to society. It would, therefore, be appropriate to treat women and men unequally.

In spite of the biological difference between the sexes, women are capable of providing for their own security. This is evident in the single-mother families where the woman effectively protects the family without assistance from a man.

In addition to this, there are a large number of women serving in law enforcement and the military. These women protect not only themselves but also the men who make up the communities they serve. This suggests that women should be treated as equals to men since they can look after themselves.

Another argument made against equal treatment is that men make a greater economic contribution to society. Men are universally expected to play an active role in providing for the needs of their family. They, therefore, have to obtain jobs and take care of the financial obligations of their families.

For this reason, most men concentrate on their careers and aim to attain higher positions. Men have a greater representation in the high paying jobs and top positions in organizations compared to women. In addition to this, very few men choose to stay at home and look after their children while many women take this option. The economic contribution of men is therefore greater.

Even so, women also make direct and indirect contributions to the economic growth of their communities. Just like men, many women earn an income that is used to support their families. Some women have great career ambitions and end up taking high positions in organizations just like men.

In addition to this, women who choose to be homemakers contribute to the economy by raising children who later join the workforce. Many governments recognize the important role that women play when they choose to remain home and raise their children.

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I believe that women should not be treated equally to men since they do not make the same contributions in society. This paper has presented some of the arguments made in support of denying equal treatment between men and women. They include the greater achievements made by men in science and technology, the role that men play in protecting women, and the higher economic contribution made by men.

The paper has also presented arguments in support of women being equal to men. It has shown that women make contributions to the advancement of our civilization. They are also capable of protecting themselves and make significant economic contributions to society.

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