Prohibition of Same Sex Marriage

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Despite the increasing acceptance of homosexual relationships in the community, the debates concerning the legal permission for gay couples to marry remain rather intense.

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Same-sex couples should be allowed legally marry so that to avoid the discrimination of the minorities by providing all citizens with the marriage benefits and increasing the rate of child adoptions at the same time.

Prohibition of legal marriage for same-sex couples is the violation of their natural rights and the discrimination of the minority. At present, a homosexual relationship is perceived by the major part of the community as an accepted lifestyle.

There is evidence supporting the claim that the physical attraction to the representatives of the same sex has biological causation. One of the strongest arguments of the proponents of this view is the cases of homosexual relationships in wild life.

It contradicts the widely spread view that homosexual attraction has a sociological and psychological origin. In the present day community which claims for the dominance of democratic principles and freedoms, prohibition the of same-sex marriages discriminates the rights of the sexual minority.

The inability of gay couples to marry legally violates their natural rights and freedoms that is a significant gap in the current legislation which should b filled in the nearest future.

Along with the legal arguments for permitting same-sex marriage, this solution would have positive social implications.

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With the present-day rate of divorces and domestic violence, it can be stated that love, mutual understanding, and care, are much more significant than gender, race or other parameters.

Providing more couples with marriage benefits, including those of joint ownership and opportunities for medical decision making, society could make people happier.

The increase in the number of happy people in society would be helpful for improving the social well-being of the community in general. Loneliness is one of the most topical problems of the present day community which hurts social anthed psychological well-being of separate individuals.

Taking into account the variety of present-day sociological problems, it is important to handle at least those which can be solved by imposing more or less complicated measures, such as legalization of the same couple marriages, for instance.

One of the most significant positive sociological implications of permitting the legal marriage of same-sex couples is the increase in the child adoption rate. Not able to pro-create, homosexual couples have strong family values and want to bring up children.

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Though this willingness was criticized by the opponents of child adoptions by same-sex couples, the arguments of these critics are insufficient for depriving the orphans of an opportunity to be brought up in a full family.

Besides, the main arguments of the critics include the negative impact of homosexual surrounding the child’s psychological well-being.

However, taking into account the view that homosexual attraction has biological causation, the significance of the effects of the surrounding and parents’ behavior models is questionable.

In other words, legalization of the same couple marriages and child adoption would have a positive impact upon not only these couples’ well-being but also the welfare of the adopted orphans and community in general.

As it has been mentioned above, the legalization of same-sex marriages would have positive implications for the social and psychological well-being of the present day community, including those of observing the rights of the minorities by providing them with marriage benefits and increasing the rate of child adoption.

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