Christian Worldview in a Counselor’s Profession

How Adam demonstrated the use of the concept of classification Genesis 2:19 – 20

Adam is believed to be the first man that ever existed on the face of the earth. He was created by God and basically given the authority over every leaving creature. One of the responsibilities that he was given was to name the leaving creature that existed. He had to use the wisdom that he had been given and the behavior of the animals in naming them. He may have classified the animals in accordance to the environments in which they stayed and what they enjoyed most. In categorizing what birds were, he considered the fact that they had wings and had the ability of flying. Hence any creature that had wings that enabled it to fly was classified as a bird. When it comes to naming the fishes, Adam considered the fact that they did not only have the ability to stay in water but that also had the ability to swim (Bruce & Pyrczak, 2005). Their livelihood is based in the waters and they can not survive anywhere else. The same criterion was used in naming the other living creatures.

How Noah demonstrated the use of the concept of measurement Genesis 6:12 – 22

Noah was instructed to build an ark that would be able to accommodate a pair of every species of the living creature that existed on the earth. He was given the measurements which he had to use to design the rooms where the animals would be accommodated. In designing the ark, Noah had to put into consideration the different species of animals that existed and construct appropriate cells for them. For the birds he had to ensure that there was an ample space that would enable them fly in and around the ark. He was also to note that there were other animals in the ark that would be a nuisance to the others and place then in their rightful position. The measurement of the ark was hence to be done in a way to maximally utilize the space and at the same time to ensure that the animals comfortably fit in the cells. Apart from designing cells for the animals, he also had to design stores where the food needed by the animals was to be kept. The food stores were to be located in areas that would not only be reachable but also where they would not be wasted. This was to be done in consideration of the forty days and nights that had been predicted for the rain.

How Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, demonstrated the concept of program evaluation Exodus 18:13 – 27

Jethro considered the busy schedule that Moses had with the people that made him really uncomfortable. He could not stand to see Moses being crowded by many people that sought his counsel. Every day, they gathered around him from morning to morning with issues that they needed him to intervene on their behalf to God. Jethro found out that some of the issues presented to Moses on a daily basis were almost similar in nature and also very petty (Pyrczak, 1995). He hence advised Moses to ease the work by training some of the men in the group and entrusting them with the responsibility of solving such petty issues. He was made to realize the importance of imparting what he had to other people who would lessen the pressure and the burden that he was exposed to everyday. He was only to deal with issues that were complicated in nature which he was to receive from the men that he had appointed. This is a programming concept that had not been thought of by Moses before.

How Daniel and Melzar demonstrated the following: the use of a stated or implied research question and/or hypothesis; the use of one or more aspects of research methodology (participants, instruments, procedures). Daniel 1:1 – 21

Daniel had developed such a strong confidence in God and understood the ability that he had to make him what he wanted to be. It is basically because of such confidence that he stood on his teachings and purposed not to be involved in anything that would compromise his relationship. When he and his friends were called upon to go to the palace, they choose to live a different lifestyle that was contrary to the palace requirements. The confidence that Daniel and his friends had towards their maker was based on a research they had personally carried out and the past experience that they had. They must have seen God intervening in most of their situations and believed beyond any doubt that he would be able to give them the physique and the knowledge that was required for them to handle the affairs of the palace (Pyrczak, 1995). True to their confidence, they were able to outsmart their colleagues that lived in accordance to the decrees of the palace both in their performance and physical appearance.

Speculation on the specific type of research design that Daniel used to conduct his study Daniel 1:1 – 21

The research design that may have been employed by Daniel was qualitative and quantitative analysis. There was quality that was attached on following the right procedure. He had known a secret the enabled hi9m to obtain anything that he needed. He did not have to eat the perfect dishes to enhance his vitality and increase his knowledge. The prior knowledge that he had about God enabled him to employ the right procedure that yielded him results. To obtain quantity results, then Daniel had to live a quality life as per biblical requirements. His study that was basically based on experienced revealed to him that there is something special about dedicating your life to God that is able to grant the favor needed.

In relation to the counseling profession

In consideration to the above biblical teachings, the counseling profession can derive a lot of teachings and lessons from the same. For instance, there is the Jethro procedure of delegating responsibilities. A counselor will not necessarily need to handle all issues that pertain to individuals. They can basically pass on the skills to their clients which they will utilize in solving any such issue. Looking at the classification that Adam used to classify the animals, councilors can also use the same procedure to classify and name some of the issues that have been identified among their clients. This will make their work easier by giving them the ability to make references and effectively helping them out. The concept of Daniel is based on the confidence that one has through their experience. When one has seen certain results, then they need to instill a similar confidence among their clients that all shall be well. The measurement concept that was used by Noah to build the ark cab be used by councilors in planning their work and employing right procedures. This will save them any inconveniences that may come and enable them to effectively handle their clients.

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