Islam: Outsider’s and Insider’s Perspectives

An Outsider’s Perspective

Three major monotheistic faiths in the world are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Many of the same sacred places as Jerusalem, and prophets like Abraham, are common. Such three religions are called Abrahamic since the creation of these religions is considered to be essential for Abraham and his family. According to Valkenberg, “many believe that a highly publicized struggle between Christians and Muslims in some parts of the world is inevitable today” (2017). Islam started with Muhammad the Prophet. Islam means “giving up,” and its principal premise is giving up the will of God. His main religion item was “there is no deity save God and Muhammad is his messenger.” Muslims are termed the followers of Islam. It is believed to be Muslims who follow the same tradition as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, Judeo-Christians before Mohammed believed to be great prophets. Islamic supporters are committed to a life of total obedience to Allah. They believe that without Allah’s permission, nothing can happen, yet people have free will.

I was unaware that Christians were interested in the religion of Muslims. Christianity was born of Jewish heritage, while Islam developed both Christianity and Judaism. Although there were distinctions among these religions, there was great cultural interaction between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Islamic Spain and elsewhere over a century. It explains the fact of interest in another religion. No accident, at least for the faithful, were religious and political duties. They were supposed to be interwoven with one man’s leadership. Second, the Quran is God’s direct and literal talk to Muslims, rather than just the word of God. The significance of divine authorship is impossible to overestimate.

An Insider’s Perspective

Islam is different from any other religion, as it is not only a belief that one clings to but rather an entire way of life. Muslims exercise their faith every day. In all areas and activities of life, Islam gives instruction. Moreover, the name is unlike any individual, tribe, location, or culture. It is unique. The faith in God alone, Allah, and the obedience to His will is termed after Islam. Muslims place the will of Allah in front of themselves, in other words. According to Valkenberg, “the central theme of Islam is God, which appears in the first pillar of Islam, the shahada” (2017). In the century, Allah has adapted His laws somewhat to reflect them.

In addition, humanity changes and grows with time. Therefore, while the message of divine unity has been identical with Allah since the start of times, with the entrance of every new prophet, his Holy Law has been abolished and changed. Muhammad’s Holy Law (peace be upon him) is the final form of the laws of Allah, which apply to humanity until the last day.

If we fulfill Allah’s instructions, Islam gives us eternity in Paradise. Allah benefits nothing from it regardless of whether we believe in Him, obey His guidance, do good and prohibit evil. We profit by surrendering ourselves to His Will. Likewise, Allah is not hurt for a little by our actions if we refuse to believe, do evil, and obstruct well. Instead, we alone are affected by our sins.

It was unknown that Islam accepts everybody. Islam provides advice to every human race, culture, degree of education, gender, and financial condition. Through Islam, we can reach peace with ourselves, Allah, our fellow human beings, and the environment so that we are in harmony with the whole world according to God’s purpose.


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