127 Food Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Food Research Papers Examples

  1. Fast Food and Culture
    Fast food is used to refer to the food that is prepared and served within a short period of time which is sold in a restaurant or store.
  2. Obesity Problem in American Schools
    American schools are in a unique position to help improve youth dietary behaviors and prevent cases of obesity.
  3. Nutrition: Childhood Obesity and Sustainability Problem
    This paper is aimed at discussing the relationship between childhood obesity and sustainability. There are many problems that attract much attention of the mass media.
  4. Technology Development Influence on People’s Life
    Technology has its positive and negative influence on people, society and environment, however, its impact on our lives is determined by the way we use it.
  5. Preventing Eating and Weight Related Disorders
    Eating disorders are a group of psychological and medical conditions in which abnormal eating habits like overeating or starving are practiced with the aim of controlling body weight and shape.
  6. Arabian Restaurant Business' Organization Project
    This paper discusses a business plan about an Arabian restaurant located in Irvine, orange, USA. The restaurant will be a well-being company aimed at improving the lives of its customers.
  7. Childhood Obesity Prevalence
    The paper explores the prevalence of childhood obesity, examines the effects of child obesity on health, and recommends the approaches that can aid in solving theproblem.
  8. What Are Genetically Modified Foods?
    Food is one of the most important resources. This paper will set out to shed light on the topic of genetically modified foods by explaining what they are, their issues, and their benefits.
  9. The Effects of Media on Child Obesity
    This paper will demonstrate that the media has contributed to the prevalence of childhood obesity in the country by highlighting the effects that the media has on child obesity.
  10. Child Obesity in the United States
    The number of overweight children in most of the states has been on an upward trend despite the increased media campaigns sensitizing the public on this health condition.
  11. Impacts of the Biofuel Industry on the Food Systems
    This essay focuses on the influences of biofuels on the food system and provides potential solutions to notable issues.
  12. Chinese Spring Festival
    Celebrations and festivals make an important aspect of the traditional Chinese culture. Throughout the traditional Chinese calendar, a number of festivals and celebrations are evident.
  13. Reasons behind Fast Food Addiction in the UAE
    This research is significant due to the fact that the UAE today is at a stage where people prefer fast food without knowing its implications.
  14. Hispanic Adolescents' Obesity and Fast Food Consumption
    The current study sought to establish the relationship between Hispanic adolescents and fast food consumption.
  15. Fast Food and Financial Impatience
    The roots of fast food come from North America, where people often eat out and have a much more hectic lifestyle.
  16. Home Environment and Obesity in Preschool Children
    Østbye et al. affirm that though obesity in children has an intricate etiology, the home setting controls the weight of children through shaping their physical exercise.
  17. Problem of Hunger in Modern World
    The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed discussion on hunger. The discussion will begin with an overview of the state of hunger in various parts of the world.
  18. Agriculture and Global Warming Effects
    Climate change affects agricultures in ways that include changes in rainfall amounts and distribution, rise in temperatures, and shifts in weather patterns.
  19. Genetically Modified Organisms in Farming
    The use of genetically modified organisms in farming should be supported since it helps in boosting productivity that is necessary because of the soaring population.
  20. Genetically Modified Animals and Implications
    Advances in the field of genetics today are the source of the most grandiose hopes and the most intense concerns.
  21. Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian Agriculture
    This paper analyzes the potential benefits and concerns over the safety of GMOs to clarify their place in Canadian agriculture.
  22. Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies
    The main purpose of this paper is to highlight more on the current developments and research as far as genetic engineering is concerned.
  23. Poverty and Children in the United States
    Discussing the issue of the present day chronic cycle of poverty, it would be relevant to mention that children might be regarded as the most unprotected social group that suffers form the above mentioned problem.
  24. The Fast Food Industry: Negative Impacts Review
    The fast food industry is one of the largest businesses in the world. Fast food has been recognized to be a large area of assets concerning food.
  25. Satire by Swift: A Modest Proposal
    The essay had painted a live picture of the tremendous poverty of Irish people in the early eighteenth century.
  26. Howard Lyman – The Lawsuit about Food Libel
    In the year 1998, there was a lawsuit that surrounded Oprah Winfrey and one of her guests Howard Lyman where they were prosecuted in the Texas description of a food libel law
  27. Marketing to Children Overview
    This paper will explore how big advertising companies transform kids into consumers and explain why marketing to children may represent a significant social problem.
  28. Technological Change and Global Food Security
    The contemporary world faces significant challenges in terms of food security due to numerous factors: growing population, poverty, conflicts, difficulty in food access, and climate change.
  29. BEA19 Technologies Ltd: Use of Drones as Problem-Solving Solution
    The agricultural sector is considered one of the most crucial areas that require many varieties with multifunctional facilities to address the challenges that farmers face.
  30. Genetically Modified (GM) Foods
    Insect-resistant GM crops have the capacity to establish sustainable crops and increase the scope of integrated pest management.
  31. Effect of Television Marketing on Children’s Choice of Food
    The impact of television advertising on children’s choice of food can be minimized through self-regulation, responsible marketing, education programs, and governmental control.
  32. The Idea of Genetic Engineering
    Genetic engineering uses science to combine the phenomena that cannot be combined and create something new in the process of shuffling cells or genes

👍 Good Food Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Food Anthropology as the Study of Food in Diverse Cultures
    The main focal point of this study is investigation within both cultural context and cross civilization of how food was made by men and women both in the past and present times.
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Carb Diets
    A low-carb diet restricts caloric intake by decreasing the consumption of food that is rich in carbohydrates. In general, in such a diet carb is reduced to 20 to 60 g per day.
  3. Impacts of Fast Foods on the Economy and People
    Schlosser is right about the addictive nature of eating fast foods by Americans who are already addicted to this diet.
  4. Genetically Modified Food: Main Issues
    People have consumed genetically Modified foods over a relatively long time without any noted detrimental effect. No epidemiological research has shown that these foods cause harm.
  5. Genetically Modified Foods: Effects on Human Health
    This paper is an in-depth investigation of the effects that genetically modified foods have on human health, and the legislative issues surrounding genetically modified foods.
  6. Obesity Issue in Society: A Growing Concern
    The paper focuses on obesity, reveals its prevalence in society, identifies solutions, and concludes by showing measures to be taken in controlling this condition.
  7. Healthy Eating. Genetically Modified Organisms
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss Genetically Modified Organisms and their effects. Genetically modified crops have greatly influenced human nutrition.
  8. “The Omnivore's Dilemma” by Michael Pollan
    The paper will provide an opportunity to read some current nutrition literature and make some connections to people’s life and nutritional habits.
  9. Genetically Modified (GM) Foods
    According to the World Health Organisation, GM foods are derived from organisms whose DNA has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally.
  10. Genetic Engineering: Genetically Modified Foods
    Genetic modification is a technological process that involves altering the genetic structure of organisms like animals and plants.
  11. Popular Diets, and Their Benefits and Concerns
    A proper diet should contain all required nutrients, including energy, vitamins, and minerals, and it should be easy to ingest, digest and absorb.
  12. PCR Based Diagnostics for Pathogens in Food
    The purpose of this paper is to summarize the various PCR diagnostics approaches of detecting pathogens in food.
  13. Preparations of a Food and Nutrition Policy
    This paper discusses regulating food advertising to children, obesity as a strong health concern, children’s obesity statistics, television ads and child obesity.
  14. Genetically Modified Food: Good or Bad?
    The essay researches how genetic modifications used in food and plants in modern times can lead to unforeseen consequences.
  15. McDonald's Entry into Africa
    McDonald’s already has limited business in South Africa as well as some few countries in the northern parts of the continent.
  16. Production of Fuels From Grains
    Production of fuels from grains presents a competing option for food grains, either by raising the price or making the available quantities not enough.
  17. Fast Food’ Effects on Children
    This is a research paper on the effects of fast food on the society, but specifically, more emphasis is put on the younger generation, the children.
  18. Argument for and Against the Fast Food Industry in USA
    Fast food has quickly gained preference in modern society becoming a major source of nutrition in many countries among different demographics and cultures across the world
  19. Factors Influencing Food Supply and Demand
    This paper will describe and evaluate some of the major factors that have influenced supply and demand for food in the recent past.
  20. Health Effects of High Fructose Containing Sugars
    Studying the health effects of high fructose corn syrup will enable the adverse effects of HFCS to be identified and allow for their prevention and management.
  21. High Fructose Corn Syrup Intake Health Outcomes
    This paper focuses on the cultural prevalence of consumption of high fructose corn syrup as well as its physiological and pathophysiological effects on the health of consumers.
  22. Food Safety and Food Standards in Australia
    The food safety standards in Australia replaced the local, territory, and state government guidelines that were generally contradictory, dictatorial, and outdated.
  23. Dietary Intake and Nutritional Assessment Methods
    The objective of this paper is to determine the appropriateness of a 24hr recall, and 3 days approach from a selected individual by comparing it to Australian dietary guidelines.
  24. Food Poisoning in Saudi Arabia
    Contamination of food that has led to food poisoning, in recent years has been attributed to contamination by bacterial pathogens, protozoa, and enteric viruses.
  25. Genetically Modified Food: Safety and Regulations
    Genetically modified foods have certain importance to human health, although opponents argue that they can cause health hazards, such as cancer and allergic conditions.
  26. Sunshine Wok Chinese Take Away: The Food Hygiene Inspection
    This essay offers a critical analysis of Sunshine Wok Chinese Take Away premise and an assessment of the influence that it could pose on food safety.
  27. Nutritional Brochure for Pregnant Women
    Nutrition brochure allows pregnant women to make proper decisions on what they should eat, how to eat, and what kind of foodstuff is to be avoided completely.
  28. Fast Food Companies Should Not Advertise Children
    Exposing juveniles to processed food has a negative impact on their dietary preferences. Fast food mostly has high fat and artificial sweetener content
  29. The Food Truck to Serve Disadvantaged Children’s Needs
    The current paper's mission is to provide children and teenagers in Macomb County, Michigan, with more accessible food services.
  30. How Food Insecurity Affects Children’s Education
    Food insecurity can also be harmful to academic performance. As a result, a poorly-educated individual has low income and continue suffering from world hunger.
  31. The Case of Delectables: Law Ethics
    The case of Delectables, a giant food manufacturing company, is characterized by poor management, lack of business ethics and morals and lastly by poor quality control system.
  32. Case Report: Loving Organic Foods
    The paper utilizes linear regression analysis to assess the possibility of age being a factor that contributes to the motivation to buy more organic foods.
  33. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
    This research assesses the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), their production, those it affects, and possible negative consequences of their consumption and production.

💡 Essay Ideas on Food

  1. Closing the Cereals Gap With Trade and Food Aid
  2. The Effective Methods of Organizing Food in the Fridge
  3. Bangladesh National Food Policy Plan of Action
  4. Preferences for Regional Brands of Food Products
  5. America’s Food Consumption Trends
  6. The Wireless Revolution: Fast Food and Smart Technology
  7. Cereal Production and Food Security in South Asia
  8. Problems With Modern Food Production and Consumption
  9. China Canned Sea Food Manufacturing Industry
  10. The History Of The Food Choice Negotiations
  11. Food Science: A Quantitative Analysis of Modern Nutrition Supplements
  12. The Truth About Food Industry
  13. Causes and Effects of Food Poisoning
  14. Chinese Frequent Food Safety Incidents
  15. Problems With Nutritional Food Labels
  16. Beginning Farmers and Local Food Systems
  17. Promising Weedicides for Use in Food Crops
  18. Emirates Food Bank System Engineering Management Plan
  19. Eating With the Help of the Food Guide Pyramid
  20. Ameliorating Food and Nutrition Security in Farm Households
  21. America’s Eating Habits: Food Away From Home
  22. Bangladesh Pure Food Ordinance
  23. Behavioral Economics, Food Assistance, and Obesity
  24. Constitutional Reforms and Food Policy
  25. Eating Well With Canada‘s Food Guide
  26. The Relationship Between Food and Mental Health
  27. The Major Obstacle to the American Food Industry
  28. The Impact of Biofuels on the Food Industry
  29. E-Commerce Ideas for Food Products and Markets
  30. Asymmetric Information Along the Food Supply Chain
  31. Ethical Practices Used During Commercial Food Processing Industry
  32. Cleanliness and Other Food Handling Considerations
  33. Problems Associated With Senior Hunger and Food Insecurity
  34. Chinese Food Security and Climate Change
  35. Problems Associated With Food Shortages
  36. Consistent Comparative Statics for the Food Industries
  37. Food Epidemic in America
  38. Ethics and Economic Policy for the Food System
  39. China’s Food Economy and Its Implications for the Rest of the World
  40. Banning Junk Food Advertising

❓ Food Research Questions

  1. What Is Organic Food Production?
  2. Can Food Influence Our Thinking and Ability to Sleep?
  3. What Are the Benefits of Organic Food?
  4. Is Genetically Modified Food Safe for Consumption?
  5. What Are the Motivational Factors for People to Purchase Organic Food?
  6. How Can Socioeconomic What Be the Main Causes for Food Insecurity Today?
  7. What Does Affect Your Food Choices and Eating Behaviors?
  8. What Is Global Food Security?
  9. What Are the Symptoms of a Food Allergy?
  10. Are Genetically Modified Food Harmful to Human Health?
  11. Why Does the Ingestion of Food Increase the Body Temperature?
  12. Can Food-For-Work Encourage Agricultural Production?
  13. Which Are the Most Well-Known Stereotypes About Food?
  14. How Can Food Influence the Psychological State of a Person?
  15. Does Labeling Affect Consumer Choices When Purchasing Food?
  16. What Are the Most Important Types of Food to Help Body Development?
  17. Is It Safe to Use Food Supplements to Help Bone Density?
  18. How to Effectively Reduce the Risk of Food Allergies?
  19. What Happens to Stored Foods?
  20. What Are Immune-Boosting Foods?
  21. What Causes Raised Acid Levels in the Body?
  22. Why the Humble Lentil Is Considered a Superfood?

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