Same-Sex Marriage and Social Impact


Cultural beliefs and practices determine how individuals view societal issues. The issue of sexuality is influenced by both cultural and religious beliefs in society. Society determines the acceptable sexual orientation for individuals in the community. The following discussion analyzes the issue of same-sex marriage to find out the way such individuals are treated by the government and members of society. In addition, the paper analyzes the public policies, scientific knowledge, and cultural effects of the same-sex-marriage.

Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage

In the past gay individuals were regarded as social outcasts due to their sexual orientation. Most of them faced physical and psychological abuse from the community members. The most difficult part of their lives was informing their families about their sexual nature. This is because some parents distanced themselves from their kids, which led to loneliness (Beckwith, 2013). Some of these issues have changed in the modern world due to the realization that people are different. Hence society values and practices should not limit any society member’s feelings or practices.

The government has adopted various laws to govern the issue of same-sex marriage. The aim of these laws is to prevent discrimination or abuse of gay individuals in the community. However, despite the legal changes, gay individuals still suffer discrimination, especially in their workplace and in social activities. Despite the various laws restricting discrimination, the government lacks the political will to enforce them to protect such persons from being threatened. Religious beliefs and practices also affect the freedom of gay people to interact or form relationships. This is because most religious beliefs teach that marriage ought to be between a woman and a man (Beckwith, 2013). They consider those involved in same-sex relationships to be immoral; hence they do not deserve to be a part of society. There have been cases where gay individuals were physically abused by society due to their sexual orientation.

The development of scientific knowledge has enabled people to understand the need for supporting gay individuals. Some scholars argue that gay people have hormones that predispose them to have a sexual interest toward members of their own sex in society. This has been helpful since most people understand and respect personal sexual orientation. Despite the improvement of scientific knowledge, societies are yet to change their views about gay individuals due to their traditional beliefs. Traditions determine people’s activities, beliefs, and practices (Beckwith, 2013). It is difficult to change tradition since it develops over time and is reinforced by actions carried out by the community.

Recommendations on Public Policy

Based on the examination of the current state of society and its beliefs regarding same-sex marriage, it is important to change some issues. Religious beliefs should be changed to accommodate gay individuals in the community. For instance, churches should allow their members who are gay to carry out their wedding ceremonies in the church. The change of religious beliefs will improve the confidence and freedom of gay people. The drafted government policies should be enforced to protect the interest of same-sex marriages. Individuals who discriminate based on a person’s sexual orientation ought to be punished. In addition, society needs to change its cultural beliefs to accommodate the new behavior in the community. They should recognize that people are born different. Hence it is impossible to force someone to behave in a certain way. This will enable same-sex couples to interact freely without being afraid of societal prejudice or stereotypes.


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