Genetics of Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation has become a major topic of interest in the current society. Normally, humans are considered to be normal if their sexual orientation is heterosexual. Those with bisexual, homosexual, or asexual orientation are considered to be abnormal and mostly taken as outcasts.

Though it is clear that certain humans prefer a given sexual orientation, the actual reason why they do so cannot be established clearly. Scientists use genetic studies to establish certain genes that are thought to dictate the sexual orientation of a given human being in an attempt to explain the root cause of this difference. However, these studies have elicited lots of controversies about whether they should go on or not, owing to the sensitivity of the issue. In this essay, I will explain why these research studies should go on uninterrupted.

In the current society, any other sexual orientation apart from heterosexual is considered abnormal. In certain countries, laws against gay and lesbianism have been developed. As a result, gays and lesbians living in such countries live in fear of harassment and arrest, as well as total rejection by the entire society. Even in countries where the law permits such acts, gays and lesbians are naturally marginalized and never accepted in the society as whole human beings. The psychological trauma and torture associated with this vice is intolerable. Therefore, these people must be helped through genetic studies.

Normally, help is never useful, unless the actual cause of the problem is known. Therefore, such abnormal sexual orientation, just like any other problem, is not exceptional. Environmental exposure has been blamed, yet the change of environments has not yielded any ray of hope. Instead, the number of gays and lesbians is increasing day by day. A ray of hope brought about by genetic studies set in, just when the society was losing hope about the issue. It is, therefore, only logical that such findings should be welcomed and supported. It is a fact that members of the society who are gay or lesbian are naturally tortured psychologically. Consequently, any act that appears to bring hope should be supported.

I believe that these findings are only the beginning; further studies will follow aimed at establishing how to correct the defective genes. If such research is successful, then I foresee a lesbian and gay free society. Similarly, if mothers can screen their embryos and eliminate the “wrong” genes to have a lesbian and gay free society, then the initiative should be supported. It is clear that, though we champion for the rights of these people, we never wish any of them to be our own siblings.

If this trend continues, then there will be no gays or lesbians to talk about, as procreation may eventually stop. For these reasons, I once again confirm my support for these genetic studies. I urge all the scientists to do more, precisely describe the genes, as well as develop mechanisms on how to correct these “wrong’ and unwanted genes. As a society, let us support these efforts so that we can realize a gay and lesbian free society.

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