Same Sex Marriage: Moral Arguments and Civil Unions


Same sex marriages involve unions of individuals of same sexes adopting a marriage life just like the normally realized heterosexual marriages. This paper seeks to discuss same sex marriage. The paper will look into some of the issues, social, legal and even political surrounding same sex marriages.

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Same sex marriages

The subject of same sex marriage has been a popular issue in the United States for decades and has raised different opinions across the board. The difference in views over same sex marriage has been significantly realized among politicians with heated debates and exchanges over legislations to either completely ban same sex relationships and marriages or legalize them. This has led to occasional motions and counter motions from either side of the political divide. The difference in opinion over same sex marriage has also spilled to religious leaders with some radicals holding the opinion that same sex marriages should after all be recognized by religious groups. Strong opposition is however still being realized over the official recognition of same sex marriages with morality being the key factor to the rifts (Topics, 2011).

Summary of the article and the video

In an article titled ‘marriage is a mixed blessing’ which was posted in the New York magazine published in June 2011, Frank K. expressed her opinion as a member of the same sex community over the debate of legalizing same sex marriages. She recognized that there are differences in treatment that people in same sex relationships and marriages are accorded as compared to individuals in straight relationships and marriages.

Though she was impressed with the changing social environment that had seen people adjust to accepting those in same sex relationships and the almost successful efforts that politicians are making towards legalizing same sex marriages, she was equally worried at the fact that marriage is associated with responsibilities and obligations that most same sex people do not want. Though she identified some benefits that are only accorded to married individuals, she held the opinion that domestic set ups in which partners are not considered to be married should be recognized and accorded benefits just like marriage set ups are (Frank, 2011).

The video, ‘vows: state of the unions’ revealed information about Daniel and Steven who were the first to have a same sex marriage. Though they were initially disregarded by the society, there was a change as they were later accepted and understood. One of the partners for example told of how his mother was embarrassed to tears on their wedding day. The couples however held the opinion that such marriages should be legalized and considered moral as they treat each other just as straight couples would do (Vows, 2009).


Though the issue and topic of same sex marriages has been more popular with time, it is reported that same sex relationships have not been on the increase but rather their popularity and acceptance in the society. Parrella, a professor in religious studies also held the opinion that people in same sex relationships are actually not interested in marriage and calls for religious acceptance of these individuals (Parrrella, 2004). Different organizations have also expressed the need for respect and acceptance for people in same sex relationships (Somerville, 2003).


The fact that gays and lesbians are not interested in marriage raises concerns over social stability with respect to ethics. It can however be argued that people be legally allowed to associate at their will and seek for their happiness.

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