Tourism Destinations: the Lake of Geneva Region

Feasibility Assessment of a Winter Holiday Destination


It often challenges families that are looking for a holiday destination to find a perfect tourist destination that will be suitable for family members of different ages. According to Mancini (2008), the safety and the happiness of everyone during the family holidays are two important factors when selecting a holiday destination. Finding suitable places for accommodation, finding teenage entertainment, and the expenses of the nightlife activities depend on someone’s financial stability (Patterson, 2014). This paper is a feasibility study of the Lake of Geneva Region as a tourist destination for a French family winter holiday.

Issues in a Winter Holiday

Unfavorable Climate for the Teenager’s Health

Winter tourism seasons are normally challenging because young children may face unexpected health implications (Govers, Go, & Kumar, 2007). During the winter holidays, people should imagine the extremely cold environment around the lakeside, the ice pellets that cover several kilometers, and a misty breeze that often determines the regional microclimate (Carr, 2011). Children may get colds and suffer cold infections (Carr, 2011). Such implications may further cause financial setbacks that will affect the initial budget.

Hiking Accidents and Misfortunes

Family holiday destinations in the Lake of Geneva Region may involve risky activities for the children and the adults (Hill, 2013). Tourism activities such as hiking, sketching, and horseback riding is risky activities that may result in injuries (Girardclos, Fiore, Rachoud-Schneider, Baster, & Wildi, 2005). Such injuries are capable of ruining tourism morale, increase tourism costs, and frustrate the families that are on a winter holiday.

About the Lake of Geneva Region

Tourist attractions for the aging people

Natural Tourist Attractions

In the Lake of Geneva Region, the aging people can enjoy tourist attractions such as the wild zoos where they can interact with funny and humorous animals, view the exiting natural scenery that is full of indigenous plants, the icy mountains, and enjoy an early azure sky that makes a fantastic horizon (Hill, 2013). The valleys, lakes, countryside landscapes, and several leisure parks are also favorite tourist attractions. Swimming, hiking, and leisure walks can be some important activities within such areas.

Hotel & Artificial Destinations

Hotels are favorite tourist destinations. The Lake of Geneva Region is full of modern hotels that are normally fascinating (Hill, 2013). The aging people can enjoy the superbly matured wines, watch the big 3D digital televisions in their hotel rooms, or walk around the hotel environment to enjoy a cool lakeside breeze (Hill, 2013). The Discovery Hotel, Hotel Bellarive, and Hotel Novotel Lausanne are some good hotel destinations that the aging people can enjoy.

Tourist attractions and activities for the teenagers

Natural Teenage Attractions

Identifying teenage destinations is a vital aspect of a family winter tour (Carr, 2011). The Lake of Geneva Region is full of teenage tourism destinations. There are icy mountains, sandy beaches, small hills, museums, historical monuments, religious monuments, and the elegantly designed castles. Teenagers below 15 years can also visit the animal zoos (Schneider, 2014). In terms of tourism activities, teenagers can do skiing activities around the icy mountains, horseback riding, ball sports, and play with the hot-air balloons (Schneider, 2014).

Manmade Teenage Destinations

Apart from the natural attractions, teenagers can enjoy the cool hotel serene that has several children playing zones (Lopes, 2011). The Discovery Hotel, Hotel Bellarive, and Hotel Novotel Lausanne have ample space for playing various games such as playing with the hot air balloons, and the ball sports (Samuel, 2014). The hotels and the restaurants have cool surroundings that allow the children to move around safely and freely while enjoying modern children’s foods and snacks.

The Cities of Montreaux and Lausanne

Montreaux and Lausanne are favorite tourist destinations for most of the people who are on a winter holiday. They have various destinations for teenagers and adults.

Destinations for the adults

The Jazz Town

The Jazz Town is a unique destination for the adult tourists that may have an interest in visiting Montreaux. With a budget of $30, 000, the French adults of 40 years may find the Jazz Town to be an interesting tourist destination. In the Jazz Town, visitors can visit the Chillon Castle and spend their nightlife dancing jazz during the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Adults can also enjoy traveling using a cogwheel train to have a 360 degrees view of the Lake Geneva and the Alps regions.

The Olympic Capital in Lausanne

A family trip is enjoyable when people visit exceptional areas (Govers et al., 2007). Lausanne is one of the exceptional areas, and the Olympic Capital is one of its best destinations. Visitors can enjoy seeing unique historical centers and the large castles designed from a combination of various modern arts. The Olympic Capital has an interesting surrounding.

Destinations for the youngsters

At Montreaux: Rochers-De-Naye

While planning for a family holiday destination, parents must consider the interest of the children. Montreaux offers several unique destinations for youngsters (Girardclos et al., 2012). The most interesting destination for the youngsters is the Rochers-De-Naye region, where children can enjoy traveling on a Cogwheel train and later view the lake of Geneva on a 350 degrees angle.

At Lausanne: Lausanne Roule & Les Baladeurs

Lausanne Roule and Les Baladeurs are cool tourist destinations for the youngsters. Youngsters can enjoy the freely available bike rides, comedy, music theaters, and museums that offer an exceptional adventure. Apart from the adventurous bike riding, youngsters can enjoy the fast foods that are available in several hotels around the Lausanne region.


The Discovery Hotel

After a tiring adventure day, families on a winter vacation can spend their nights in a well-equipped Discovery Hotel that offers every important need required by the visitors. Various traditional foods, entertainments, and big-screen movies are available inside the hotel’s surroundings.

Hotel Bellarive

Hotel Bellarive is a unique hotel that offers tourist accommodations (Samuel, 2014). French tourists on a family holiday trip can acquire this accommodation at affordable rates that will match their budget of about $30,000. French cuisines, the elegantly cooked fast foods, the cultural entertainments, and the hospitable workers make Hotel Bellarive an enjoyable place.


Lausanne Restaurants: Carlton Lausanne Boutique Restaurant

French Family tourists can visit the Carlton Lausanne Boutique Restaurant. This is a place where most French tourists take their Chef-cooked foods, spend their leisure time, or swim in the swimming pools that have water with well-regulated temperatures. French desserts, puddings, and toasts are available in this restaurant.

Montreaux Restaurants: The Morges Restaurant

Morges hotel is an interesting tourist destination that the French family tourists can spend some of their free time around (Samuel, 2014). The Morges Restaurant has traditional castles designed with a blend of the old English mansions and the Egyptian architectural designs (Samuel, 2014). The place is a unique destination for youngsters and adults.


Perhaps the Lake of Geneva Region will remain to be the most interesting Swiss tourist destination that people on winter family trips can enjoy. The breathtaking experiences at Lausanne and Montreaux, the uniquely designed hotels and restaurants, the natural surroundings, and the interesting towns and cities around the Lake of Geneva region are some of the memorable destinations.


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