Medical Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

The case study under consideration provides the overview of the new tourism niche — medical tourism (MT). It comprises 2% of general World’s Tourism (Horowitz, Rosensweig, & Jones, 2007). According to Nakra (2011), medical tourism concerns people who look for treatment abroad. The Medical Tourism becomes popular due to the increasing prices for health care services in the developed countries (Carruth & Carruth, 2010). The Medical Tourism changes the nature of health care in modern urbanized societies. Researchers distinguish three primary reasons that explain the expansion of the MT. First, it is much more expensive to receive treatment in the US than in Costa Rica for the same health condition, for instance (Koster, 2009). Second, some people seek for the better service quality. Third, it can be more pleasant to stay in the exotic country. MD facilities in most countries meet the requirements of the Joint Commission International certifications. The dark side of the MT refers to the fact that only rich people can afford such treatment. At the end of the case study, the requirements for becoming successful are described, and the example related to the United Arab Emirates is provided.

My team considers that the choice of marketing strategy depends primarily on the goals of the Medical Tourism establishment. The so-called product differentiation strategy is the most significant on the current level of the development of this niche. The unique systems of services and facilities that cannot be found anywhere in the world are excellent opportunities to attract patients. Exotic countries can make use of their location or traditions to make their market attractive. It has also been noted, that the MT is for wealthy patients. Thus, some establishments can employ cost leadership strategy to make services affordable for more people and broaden the target audience in such a way.

Dubai can differentiate itself from its competitors by laying particular emphasis that it is a modern city with the best physicians and the latest technologies (Melodena, 2008).

Dubai provides its clients with the five-star medical procedures. Such medical treatment is conducted by specialists with the best qualifications and with the help of the latest technological advances. Cosmetic surgery is extremely popular nowadays, and many tourists choose Dubai for treatment.

“A late comer” to the industry will face fierce competition. Nevertheless, it is possible to gain patients’ favor. According to Todd (2015), leaders of facilities should work on the continuous improvement of their services. The latest healthcare technology and engineering are essential for those who want to be successful. Besides, it is estimated that late comers can change the direction and commence the Medical Tourism facilities that many people can afford.

The most attractive thing about Dubai is the modern and luxurious life in the city. Dubai’s MT services put primary emphasis on their uniqueness in terms of technologies and professional staff. Also, people like the idea of being treated in one of the wealthiest establishment in the world. Extreme wealth can also deter people. Some patients may do not like the idea of treatment in Dubai because of their personal prejudices.

The Medical Tourism is a flourishing and rapidly developing industry. It is the best option for those who want to combine their vacation with medical treatment. Still, it is one of the most expensive niches, and only rich people can afford it.


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