Human Rights and Global Human Security


Each state should consider the desirability of coming up with a plan for themselves, which promotes human rights or at least conserves the prevailing human rights in the masses. Human security is one of the greatest challenges of today’s societies, and the threats that are posed to human security comprise a direct or indirect form of the rights of the people.

Components of Human Security

  • The different initiatives concerning human security issues include land mines, small arms and child soldiers.
  • These elements should be supported to the maximum by strategies that are made to excel in a global political culture that is fundamentally dependent on human rights.
  • The current human security plans are comprised of the promotion of human rights and the resolving of conflicts in a peaceful manner.
  • For this, the typical human rights education provision is insufficient. Rather, behavioural patterns need to be considered, along with political values and societal skills at national and international levels help in carrying out the developmental plans.
  • Human rights education and awareness should be given at each level of the parliament, as well as all government and private organizations.

Global Human Security

  • The global human security plans currently prevalent focus on the rights of each individual citizen, rather than a whole nation.
  • It is said that the individual citizen is responsible for being both the “actor” and the “victim” in any new set of rules given to follow.
  • There are numerous new challenges to face by the people, for which the military-based security is inefficient, and the government is also inadequate to handle. They include,
    • exploitation of women,
    • use of drugs,
    • environmental damage,
    • corruption,
    • terrorism,
    • small and large arms trade.
  • There is a threat to human security because of the dissolution of society and state institutions.
  • The foremost human rights include human security of the individual person, and encourage the right to human life and the liberty of all individuals to do as they please.
  • Lots of plans for the development of human rights and endorsement of human security are made by the international pacts signed by various organizations, for acquiring global peace.
  • The crises related to human security needs the cooperation of people for subsiding, and global security can be attained only through shared values.

Required Action

  • The introduction of human rights into a society involve the following phases,
    • Making the rules of the setup
    • Establishing structures for the processes to be carried out
    • The right of the individual to know his own acts and the consequences, and this is also dependent upon the previous two points.
  • The national action plans that are made are of equal importance in conserving human rights and security (“Handbook on National Human Rights Plans of Action”).


The United Nations is one such organization in the world that addresses issues such as human rights and security, and has always come up with the best possible strategies for better living internationally. It is thus essential for us all to follow the steps laid before us, for an improved standard of living.


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