Social Media Usage and Impact on Society


Modern society is highly resourced with a variety of technological advances that facilitate interaction between people and ease the busy lifestyle. One of these achievements includes social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others that turned into time-consuming activities in everyday schedule. Furthermore, social media has rapidly transformed into informative and business platforms, which only leads to the increased metrics of its usage and even to addiction. With that said, the fundamental role of social media, as the evolving technology, leads to both beneficial and harmful outcomes that directly affect modern society.

Causes of Social Media

Social media is primarily a source of a significant amount of information, which leads to its predominant role in modern life. Besides, it is used to replace the everyday face-to-face communication that has both positive and negative outcomes. As a global networking platform, social media facilitates new connections and opportunities for cooperation as of personal interest and business targets or marketing. According to Akram and Kumar, “web-based social networking moreover changes the lifestyle of society”, which highlights its strong impact (351).

Every social media platform is as well the fastest means of spreading the news and valuable information, which promotes proper awareness of current events or latest trends in any field. Furthermore, online networking has rapidly developed into a critical stage of marketing since this business platform is easy to create, advance, and use for both the entrepreneur and the consumer. However, social media is used mostly to fill up the spare time, as some users require attention or approval of themselves from the cyber community, which leads to a greater need for the notifications signals.

Effects of Social Media Usage

One of the most significant effects of social media implies its full-scale access to the latest information, along with sharing and monitoring it. Such an opportunity increases personal awareness of news and discoveries from all over the world. Moreover, online marketing and advertising helps to understand customer requirements better and might become a successful online enterprise supporting worldwide connections (Akram and Kumar 349). Another important effect is that social media contributes to sharing the knowledge and serves as a proper self-education platform to update the particular information base of oneself.

Social media is highly time-consuming, which has several negative outcomes, including the lack of human contact that results in the socialization issues, specifically amongst adolescents. Following the ideas of Akram and Kumar, the unnecessary use of social media makes students “lazy and unmotivated to make contact with the general population face to face” (351). Besides, spending more time online is primarily focused on enhancing creative writing skills that overshadows language and basic conversational skills, which should become a public concern. The equally important and negative impact is also on mental as well as physical health that affects the educational system.


To conclude, social media is an integral part of modern technology-based society and affects almost every area of life, including personal life, business networking, and education, as well as physical and mental health. Therefore, analyzing its causes and effects makes its users more mindful of the possible negative outcomes since social media addiction leads to serious mental health problems. Considering a major difference between distant interpersonal communication and real life, it is vital to be fully aware of new technological advances, although one should still stay a prudent user of any social media platforms.

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