Modern Technology’s Influence on Our Minds


It is imperative to mention that the impact of modern technologies on minds of the population is a topic that has been actively discussed over the last few years. The introduction of such communication tools as the Internet and social media was vital and has changed the way people exchange information. Technologies have already left a lasting impact on the society as a whole, but it is believed that they may hurt the ability of individuals to communicate with each other. The influence of modern technologies on minds of the population needs to be explained because it is believed that they affect interpersonal communication, social media may complicate relationships, and there are negative effects of multitasking.

Technology and Interpersonal Communication

It is paramount to understand that the way people interact on the Internet and in real life is quite different, and behavior of an individual may also be affected. The way technologies have impacted communications is quite noticeable, and many individuals are frequently distracted (Keller, 2013). It is expected that it may lead to lasting changes, and it already can be seen that social interactions are not the same as they used to be in the past. People are inclined to interact with others with a use of social media, but may prefer to avoid face-to-face conversations in some cases. Furthermore, communication styles are also slightly different, and some individuals may try to act the way they do on social media in real life. On the other hand, it is necessary to note that new technologies can be used by individuals that suffer from social anxiety to communicate with others without having to leave the environment that is comfortable for them. However, the problem is that many individuals are incredibly dependent on the Internet, and would not be able to perform their day-to-day activities without it. Overall, it is understandable that this form of communication is incredibly convenient, but social skills are impacted significantly most of the time.

Social Media and Relationships

The way modern technologies have affected relations between the people also needs to be discussed. The ability to share information with other users, and make posts that are available for everyone to see at any time with a use of smartphones and laptops is also intriguing, and has changed the way interactions on the Internet are perceived. One of the studies suggests that the numbers of messages that are sent are lower on particular dates, and it indicates that users prefer activities that would help them to relax over communication with a use of the Internet. Such results are intriguing, and one of the benefits of social media is that individuals may choose the exact time when they want to communicate, and may ignore messages from some users if they think that it is necessary. Another aspect that is worth noting is that social media can be used to establish valuable relationships with customers, and many companies have tried to take advantage of this fact (Baird & Parasnis, 2013). The fact that it may help to start a career also should be mentioned, and it may be possible to develop a particular network that would be helpful in future business (Cole, 2015).

Effects of Multitasking

Many individuals think that the fact that technologies allow performing several tasks at once is a significant benefit that needs to be utilized. It may seem incredibly efficient, but the problem is that the quality of operations suffers most of the time. One of the most significant issues that should not be overlooked is that it is could lead to depression and anxiety, and it should be regarded as a critical problem in the workplace (Becker, Alzahabi, & Hopwood, 2013). The time that is lost when switching tasks cannot be recovered, and it hurts productivity in the long-term. Results of one of the recent studies are fascinating, and they indicate that media multitasking does not improve an ability of an individual to perform several tasks at once because human brains have several limitations. On the other hand, testing of the reaction to some types of video games has given results that are opposite, and there may be a need for future research (Cardoso-Leite, Green, & Bavelier, 2015). Moreover, this could be viewed as an excellent topic for studies, and this area is relatively not explored. Overall, the issue is that reliable approaches to improve multitasking with a use of new technologies have not been developed yet, but it may change in the coming years.


In conclusion, it is evident that new technologies have numerous advantages, but downsides are also quite significant and should not be disregarded. The fact that many individuals cannot improve their interpersonal communication skills because of new technologies needs to be viewed as an enormous problem because it may lead to numerous difficulties in the workplace. It is understandable that the Internet and social media have become critical parts of modern society at this point, but one should understand that interactions between the people are necessary for everyone who wants to develop as an individual.


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