Cloud Storage Service Concept

Cloud storage refers to “a service that enables users through the Internet to backup, manage, supervise, keep up and access data remotely “(Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.968). There are definite gigabytes, up to 5GB, provided by the various cloud storage providers, such as Amazon, to store data (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.968).Users pay in terms of the amount of storage they need. Cloud storage differs depending on provider in terms of the features offered.

Cloud storage is made up of front end, middleware, and back-end (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.968). The middleware, on the one hand, comprises storage logic that enables it to duplicate and reduce data. The back-end, on the other hand, is for physical data. The cloud storage has a special feature that makes virtualization possible. It is based on the “storage virtualization model” (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.969) made of the connection layer, virtual storage, and rule and metadata management.

When selecting a vendor for a cloud based storage, one should consider the cost, availability, control, and efficiency of the cloud storage as provided by the vendor (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.968). Cost effective cloud storage enables the user to manage and store data at a low-cost as compared to other service providers. Readily available cloud storage is effective to the user. Availability here means that the user can access data stored anywhere at any time. An efficient cloud storage provides the services that a user or customer needs in the way they need them. For example, efficient cloud storage provides backup data saved by a customer just as saved with no alterations or changes.

I feel comfortable storing data within the cloud storage because it makes it possible to reach data anywhere at any time via the Internet. Cloud storage reduces the risk of losing data in case of a computer crash. Cloud storage services providers work on making it easier to use the service. Cloud storage assures one of data safety so restoration of backup data becomes very easy with no alterations. Cloud storage performs very efficiently by managing, backing up and storing data.

The advantages of cloud storage outweigh its disadvantages as cloud storage reduces the cost of spending on storage devices, maintenance and technical support costs as well as recovery of back up data (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.968). Cloud storage is convenient and reliable as users can reach their data anywhere by just connecting to the Internet. Most cloud storage services are low-cost and environmental friendly which saves resources. Cloud storage services also offer collaboration in that they ask for one’s permission to share data with other users. This ensures data security and safety as data can only be shared upon your permission.

The disadvantages of cloud storage vary from one service provider to the other. Some cloud storage providers are limited in storage, and a user has to pay to increase their storage space. Cloud storage does not guarantee data safety as the Internet is prone to hackers who can get access to information stored (Neelima & Padma, 2014, p.970) as compared to storing data on one’s personal computer or hard disk where only the owner can use it. Cloud storage is also limited in speed especially when one needs to upload or download large amount of data. It may take a longer time to do so unlike using the traditional methods of data storage.


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