SAP and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning


SAP and Oracle are present-day ERP solutions shaping the performance of businesses. The solutions facilitate the centralization of data within an organization besides improving overall performance. This report presents an overview of SAP and Oracle ERP solutions. The report will also elaborate on the history of the two solutions.

SAP Overview

SAP system is an ERP solution. The acronyms stand for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a solution that outlines a comprehensive array of activities that help define businesses in the management of critical parts of the organization’s core business. The Structure and the information that is accrued from an ERP system facilitate key performance required for attaining business corporate goals (SAP, 2010).

SAP is composed of three aspects; information technology, specific business goals, and business management practices. Due to its capability, SAP is designed to provide much-needed integration capability to geographically dispersed businesses across a multi-platform with its functional units (SAP, 2010).

SAP architecture or components evolved to complement a variety of services housed in its constituent programs. The different functional units of an SAP ERP system have an elaborate database and are interlinked as to work in unison under a single umbrella (SAP, 2010).

History of SAP

SAP is produced by SAP AG, a global software company headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. It has distributed offices worldwide (SAP, 2010). The company is among the largest producers of SAP solutions. Besides SAP solution, the company is known for producing SAP Business Objects Software. The concept of SAP ERP was born in 1972 when five employees of IBM founded SAP as System Analysis and Program Development (SAPD), this was in Mannheim, Germany.

Their objective was to develop and standardize market software, which could simplify business integration (SAP, 2010). The idea was hatched when they noticed a change was needed in software products rather than developing similar computer programs repeatedly. Hence, the team desired a system that would process data interactively and in real-time. These ideas significantly contributed to the inception of SAP. The company started as a small software developing company, but currently, it has become a worldwide market leader in producing ERP products (SAP, 2010).

Oracle Overview

Oracle is an enterprise solution applied in database technology and applications within an enterprise setting. Oracle products come in various names, although the approach in terms of business application differs. One of the products is Oracle Fusion Middleware. This is a product that reflects the firms’ aim of connecting all aspects of a business with an enterprise-wide technology (Oracle, 2010). The product ensures that customers can access the information they desire, to help them respond to prevailing market circumstances with agility. Oracle also produces the Sun Oracle Database Machine in collaboration with Sun systems.

The Oracle Database Machine is one of the world’s fastest machines that have the capability of handling any type of database capacity. Other important products produced by Oracle include; Oracle Applications, Sun Servers, Oracle Grid, and Computing and Oracle Storage among others (Oracle, 2010). The efficiency of these solutions shows how Oracle has endeavored to fix its business ethics of enhancing quality besides satisfying the needs of its customers (Oracle, 2010). The combination of technologies, for example, Oracle and Sun systems ensure business benefit with a complete integrated system.

History of Oracle

Oracle in the Latin language means as Oraculum which means, divine announcement. Thus, Oracle has continued to transform in its business strategies creating more innovative solutions for businesses. Oracle was established in 1977 by Lawrence J. Ellison with some of his friends. They wanted to prove that, relational databases are commercially practical thus can support enterprise businesses (Oracle, 2010).

Today, Oracle is one of the leading suppliers of refined Information management software such as Oracle9i.Oracle9i has been embraced by large companies in building websites because of its capability to work on any type of database. Besides, it is credited for being the first company to invent an Oracle relational database that sustained structured Query Language (Oracle, 2010).

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